Lecture Notes in Computer Science

Lecture Notes in Computer Science

Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) is a series of computer science books that has been published by Springer Science+Business Media (formerly Springer-Verlag) since 1973. It reports research results in computer science, especially in the form of proceedings, post-proceedings and research monographs. In addition, tutorials, state-of-the-art surveys and "hot topics" are increasingly being included. "Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence" (LNAI) and "Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics" (LNBI) are two sub-series of LNCS. The editorial team for LNCS was originally based in Heidelberg, Germany, but much of the work has since been outsourced to India. As of 2008, more than 5000 LNCS volumes have appeared and an online subscription to the complete series costs nearly 23,000 euros per year. LNCS is among the largest series of computer-science conference proceedings, along with those of ACM, IEEE and USENIX.

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* [http://www.springer.com/dal/home/default?SGWID=1-40356-69-173621324-0 About LNCS]
* [http://www.springeronline.com/sgw/cda/frontpage/0,11855,1-40356-72-1181004-0,00.html About LNAI]
* [http://www.springeronline.com/sgw/cda/frontpage/0,11855,1-40356-72-2390690-0,00.html About LNBI]
* [http://cs.smu.ca/~jamuir/crypto_springer.php LNCS Cryptography Volumes]
* [http://www.springeronline.com/ Springer online]

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