Static has several meanings:

* Static electricity, a net charge of an object
** The triboelectric effect, "e.g." from shoes rubbing carpet
* White noise, a random signal with a flat power spectral density
** Noise (radio), a type of radio interference
** Noise (video), the snow seen on a TV screen
* Statics, a branch of physics concerned with physical systems in equilibrium
** Fluid statics, the science of fluids at rest
* Static spacetime, a spacetime in which the geometry does not change
* Static character, a character who does not undergo significant change during the course of a story

In computer science

* Static code analysis is a set of methods for analyzing code without running it
* Static linking, where identifiers are associated with data or sections of code during linking not run-time
* Static IP address, an address configured on a device which does not change.
* Static logic, digital logic which does not use a clock signal
* Static method, a method of a class that does not need an explicit object reference
* Static random access memory, a type of semiconductor memory which retains its contents as long as power is applied
* Static typing, where type checking is applied at compile-time not run-time
* Static variables may be constants, local function variables, or class variables depending on the context,variables that are common to all objects.

In popular culture and the arts

* "Static", a 1988 funk music single by Full Force and James Brown
* Staticicity , An English Alternative Rock Band
* Static-X, an American industrial metal band
** Wayne Static, co-founder, front-figure, vocalist and guitarist of Static-X
* Static (bass player), bass player in the band Anyone
* Static (Ditko), a superhero created and owned by Steve Ditko
* Static (film), a 1986 cult movie directed by Mark Romanek
* Static (musician), Australian drum & bass producer
* Static (comics), a Milestone Comics superhero
* Static (The Twilight Zone), second season episode 20 of The Twilight Zone broadcast on March 10, 1961
* Steve "Static" Garrett, member of R&B group Playa and songwriter for Aaliyah and Ginuwine
* Static (DJ), a Danish DJ and hip hop producer
* Static , a British stencil artist & graffiti writer
* Eat Static, UK Alien themed Techno music pioneers formed from former members of UK underground legends Ozric Tentacles
* "Sleep through the static", Jack Johnson (2007)

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