Fukuoka Prefecture

Fukuoka Prefecture

Infobox Prefecture Japan
Name = Fukuoka
JapaneseName = 福岡県
Rōmaji = Fukuoka-ken
Symbol = Symbol of Fukuoka Prefecture.svg
Capital = Fukuoka (city)
Region = Kyūshū
Island = Kyūshū
TotalArea = 4,971.01
AreaRank = 29th
PCWater = 2.3
PopDate = July 1,2004
Population = 5,057,932
PopRank = 9th
Density = 1,017
Districts = 13
Municipalities = 65
ISOCode = JP-40
Website = [http://www.pref.fukuoka.lg.jp/somu/multilingual/english/top.html www.pref.fukuoka.lg.jp/somu/
Flower = "Ume" blossom ("Prunus mume")
Tree = Azalea ("Rhododendron tsutsusi")
Bird = Japanese Bush Warbler ("Cettia diphone")

Governor = Wataru Aso
nihongo|Fukuoka Prefecture|福岡県|Fukuoka-ken is a prefecture of Japan located on Kyūshū Island. The capital is the city of Fukuoka.


Fukuoka Prefecture includes the former provinces of Chikugo, Chikuzen, and Buzen.

Fukuoka Prefecture has signed Friendship Agreements with Bangkok, Thailand, Delhi, India, and Hanoi, Vietnam.


Fukuoka Prefecture faces the sea on three sides, bordering on Saga, Ōita, and Kumamoto prefectures and facing Yamaguchi Prefecture across the Kanmon Straits.

Fukuoka includes the two largest cities on Kyūshū, Fukuoka and Kitakyushu, and much of Kyūshū's industry. It also includes a number of small islands near the north coast of Kyūshū.


Twenty-eight cities are located in Fukuoka Prefecture:



* [http://www.fukuoka-art-museum.jp/english/index.html Fukuoka Art Museum] - In Ohori Park; contains a wide selection of contemporary and other art from around the world.

* [http://faam.city.fukuoka.jp/eng/home.html Fukuoka Asian Art Museum] - contains art from various countries of Asia.

* [http://museum.city.fukuoka.jp/english/index_e.html Fukuoka City Museum] - displays a broad range of items from the region's history, including a spectacular gold seal.

* [http://www.yokanavi.com/eg/data/kihon.asp?tourokuno=000013 Genko Historical Museum] (Museum of the Mongol Invasion) - In [http://kyushu.com/fukuoka/places_to_go/higashi_koen/1,city_parks,0,,1,1,0,,x.shtml Higashi Koen (East Park)] ; displays Japanese and Mongolian arms and armor from the 13th century as well as paintings on historical subjects.

* [http://kyushu.com/fukuoka/places_to_go/folk_museum/1,museums_galleries,0,,1,1,0,,x.shtml Hakata Machiya Folk Museum] - Dedicated to displaying the traditional ways of life, speech, and culture of the Fukuoka region.


The sports teams listed below are based in Fukuoka.

Football (soccer)

*Avispa Fukuoka (Fukuoka city)


*Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks (Fukuoka city)


*Fukuoka Rizing (Fukuoka city)


*Coca Cola West Red Sparks (Fukuoka city)
*Fukuoka Sanix Blues (Munakata)
*Kyuden Voltex
*Sanix World Rugby Youth Tournament


The most popular places for tourists are Fukuoka City, especially at the time of the Dontaku festival, and Dazaifu, although Kitakyushu has also tried to attract tourists.

Sister regions

*Flagicon|United States Hawaii, United States
*Flagicon|China Jiangsu Province, China
*flagicon|India Delhi, India
*flagicon|Thailand Bangkok, Thailand
*flagicon|Vietnam Hanoi, Vietnam

Miscellaneous topics

Since 2003, Fukuoka Prefecture has had the highest frequency of youth crime among all of the prefectures of Japan. [ [http://kyushu.yomiuri.co.jp/magazine/rupo/0709/ru_709_070913.htm 非行防げ、捜査員奮闘…少年犯罪全国ワースト1の福岡] - Yomiuri Shimbunjp icon]

*Kokura prefectural office
*New Kitakyushu airport


External links

* [http://www.pref.fukuoka.lg.jp/somu/multilingual/english/top.html Official Fukuoka Prefecture website] en icon
* [http://2016fukuoka.com Official website of the Fukuoka 2016 Olympic Bid Committee] en icon
* [http://www.fukuoka-tourism.net/e/index.html Official Fukuoka Tourism Association website] en icon
* [http://www.kyushu.com/fukuoka/ Fukuoka information homepage] en icon
* [http://diddlefinger.com/m/fukuokaken/, English labelled map of Fukuoka Prefecture] en icon
* National Archives of Japan [http://jpimg.digital.archives.go.jp/jpg_prg/jgmWeb?%TmpFileDisp%env=jpeg2k_images/ezu/fukenchizu/029_fukuoka_e.env ... Fukuoka map (1891)]

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