Rock 'n' Roll High School Forever

Rock 'n' Roll High School Forever

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name = Rock 'n' Roll High School Forever

caption = original movie poster for "Rock 'n' Roll High School Forever"
producer = Don Daniel, Bruce Stubblefield
director = Deborah Brock
writer = Deborah Brock
starring = Corey Feldman, Mary Woronov, and Sarah Buxton
distributor = Live Entertainment 1990 - 2003, Umbrella Entertainment 2004 - Present
runtime = 94 min.
language = English
released = May 23, 1991 (VHS) and April 14, 2004 (DVD)
preceded_by = "Rock 'n' Roll High School"
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"Rock 'n' High School Forever" is a 1991 movie and sequel to the movie "Rock 'n' Roll High School". The film (unlike the original which starred the Ramones) stars Corey Feldman, Mary Woronov, and Sarah Buxton.

Plot Synopsis

The movie begins on May 14, also known as Rock 'n' Roll High School day at Ronald Reagan High. The students decide to play a prank on the faculty of the staff, flushing all of the toilets in unison and causing the faulty pipes to burst (yet again), causing for widespread mayhem in the school, as other students leave their classrooms and run rampant down the hall with the perpetrators who organized the entire thing: Jesse Davis, Jones, Mag, and Stella, four members of the band known as The Eradicators. During the confusion, their friend (and the fifth band member) Namrock rides through the halls on a dirt bike as well.

Having had enough, the board of trustees tell Principal McGree that he is a failure as a disciplinarian, and that he is incapable of handling the school by himself. They tell him they're going to bring in someone new. The next day, an all black car seeping smoke from the insides arrives in the parking lot of the high school, and out steps a figure wearing a suit. Jesse, meanwhile, makes an encounter with Rita, a substitute teacher filling in for "Mrs Poindexter," the music teacher. After being chastised and asked to correct his behaviour, Jesse becomes smitten with her.

After viewing the personal ads, they find someone advertising the sale of their refrigerator, and pile into their car to go to the appropriate location, posing as the "Luthuanian Church of Applicance Worship", meanwhile Vadar (the new vice principal) makes a new announcement for her entrance to Reagan High. Later that night Jones rigs a device to continually dial the same number over and over again to 1-900-976-ROCK to enter a contest and nominate their band The Eradicators as local heroes, in order to win tickets to go see a concert performed by The Pursuit of Happiness, before they perform a show at Reagan High to both make some money, and get their band better known, before thrashing the show after being insulted by the debutante Whitney and her friend Margaret.

Apprehended by Vadar's hall monitors "Dale" and "Roy" at the conclusion of the dance, they are chastised by Vadar and their classes are changed to no longer coincide with one another's schedules. Further, their lunch schedules are changed as well, making it impossible for them to practice any longer. In their new lunch period, they encounter a shut-in by the name of Tabatha, the supposed daughter of a witch, who believes that the four basic food groups are Sugar, Salt, Fat, and Booze. This doesn't curb their behaviour, however, and they continue with their troublemaking in a business as usual fashion, mentally traumatizing Mrs Grossman in the process (something that enrages Vadar moreso), which leads to Vadar implementing a new operation known as 'Reagan High Super Secret Security Program'.

Mag makes friends with Tabatha at this point, after a misunderstanding and they begin to hang out together. However, in the new RHSSS program, the school is made into (as Vadar describes it) a school-wide detention hall. Their efforts to get the Pursuit of Happiness tickets are made useless, as Vadar and her monitors assault Screaming Steve and the Rock TV crew. Then, as punishment (for nothing at all it would seem) they are given four days of detention. At this point, Jesse is infuriated by the sentence, and vows revenge on Vadar, spurring The Eradicators to begin fighting back to protest, and they vow to play at the prom.

Enlisting the help of Eaglebauer, a business man who seems to work out of one of the bathrooms in the school to disrupt the school in any way possible, such as selling test answers and other services that clearly violate school policy. He rigs the auditions for the school prom, and they enact his plan, winning the audition in the absence of Vadar. Thinking they're on drugs, Vadar institutes drug tests which provides no solution to dealing with the Eradicators. However, they are set up by Vadar, Whitney and Marget and made unable to participate through vandalism of school property (and planting Evidence in the lockers of the four).

Vowing to get even, they go to even greater lengths than before to get vengeance, and use video cameras this time around, taping numerous embarrassing situations, such as Bob and Margaret cheating on Whitney and Donovan, Whitney projectile vomiting on a teacher, Donovan posing with women's underwear, and Vadar having an intimate moment with a submissive slave in her office. They also trick the band Zillion Kisses, getting them to set up and wait in the school's storage room during the prom. The Eradicators make their appearance at the prom, meanwhile. Upon the appearance of the Yupettes, the Eradicators begin playing the video tapes that they've managed to record over the previous week.

Severely embarrassing (and causing infighting among the Yupettes) the Yupettes and Vadar, the situation causes Vadar to go on a homicidal rampage. Driving her car through the school grounds, she has no regard for the safety of anyone on the school grounds. During the aftermath, she tries to kill The Eradicators, as well as Eaglebauer, and even substitute teacher Rita. Not so easily defeated, however, the Eradicators continue to fight back even against the vehicular attempt at manslaughter, and slick a section of the school with chemical extinguishers, which cause Vadar to crash into the school, causing it to explode, and the school catches fire for the second time in 12 years.

During the final sequence, when everyone is witnessing the destruction of the school something emerges from the fire, which quickly turns out to be a flaming tire (which no one attempts to stop, and continues rolling even after the credits finish rolling).


* Corey Feldman: Jesse Davis, a troublesome teenager and the frontman of the Eradicators. He does main vocals for the Eradicators. Of his groups, he would be considered the leader most of the time.
* Evan Richards: Mag, a nervous teen who strives for something more in his life. He plays the drums for the Eradicators. He befriends Tabatha, who plays a vital role in the final scenes of the movie.
* Patrick Malone: Jones, a mechanical-minded individual. He plays the keyboard for the Eradicators.
* Liane Curtis: Stella, the only female member of the Eradicators. She plays the guitar for the Eradicators. She and Namrock are a couple.
* Steven Ho: Namrock, the martial arts expert of the team. He plays the bass guitar for the Eradicators. He and Stella are a couple.
* Sarah Buxton: Rita, a substitute teacher at Ronald Reagan high. She teaches music class.
* Mary Woronov: Vadar, the new Vice Principal, and disciplinarian of Ronald Reagan high. She is an amputee and has three prosthetic hands, those being a gloved hand, a metal claw, and a whip.
* Brynn Horrocks: Tabatha, the daughter of a woman who is supposedly a witch, And believes that the four basic food groups are Sugar, Salt, Fat, and Booze.


* The DVD release of this film is on a Red Carpet double feature with South Beach Academy, another film starring Corey Feldman.
* The school in this film is renamed as "Ronald Reagan High School" named after the former president of the same name. Fact|please provide a verifiable source for this assertion.|date=October 2008
* There are numerous Star Wars references throughout the film, Vadar's name for example, which is pronounced the same and changed by one letter from Darth Vader's name. And the tonfa fight scene between the two security guards, they quote the battle between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader during their fight on Cloud City.
* Vadar's license plate reads as "D Vadar" which can be taken as either "Darth Vadar" or "Dr Vadar," depending on whether or not one is interpreting the Star Wars motiff.
* Just as in the previous film, the school explodes in the end of the movie. However, unlike the previous movie, this movie does feature a single fatality in the form of Vadar.
* Two of the staff of Reagan High have normal names. However, the rest of the staff have names that are cliché and actual obscene nicknames students give to their teachers.

Featured Music

Note: All songs by The Eradicators are covers of existing songs.
* Jesus Jones - Bring it on Down
* The Lunar Twins (feat Captain Strobe) - I Yi, Yi, Yi, Yi (I like you very much)
* Corey Feldman & The Eradicators - I'm Walkin'
* The Pursuit of Happiness - I'm An Adult Now
* Corey Feldman & The Eradicators - Tutti Frutti
* The Divinyls - Dirty Love
* Will & The Bushmen - Dabble On
* Corey Feldman & The Eradicators - Riot in the Playground
* Corey Feldman & The Eradicators - Dare Dreamer
* Corey Feldman & The Eradicators - Rock Us Danny
* Jean Beauvoir and Dee Dee Ramone - Cut me to Pieces
* Mark Governor and A Zillion Kisses - Love at the Laundromat
* The Pursuit of Happiness - Rock and Roll High School Forever
* Mojo Nixon - High School is a Prison
* Eleven - You are Mine
* Will & The Bushmen - Very Scary
* Mister Mixi & Skinny Scotty (feat Dizzy D) - I can handle it
* Mister Mixi & Skinny Scotty (feat Dizzy D) - Now get wild
* Tackhead - Leave me alone
* The Ventures - Theme from Hawaii Five-o
* Geusch Patti & Encore - Dans L'enfer

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