The Soghain were a people of ancient Ireland. Their main homeland was in Tir Soghain, later annexed into the kingdom of Uí Maine in what is now County Galway. They consisted of seven cenels, or kindreds.

They were located in what is now the central northern part of County Galway; north of the towns of Athenry, Loughrea and Ballinasloe. Descendants of the Soghain are still found in great numbers in County Galway, bearing names such as Mannion, Ward, and Gillian.


* "The Senchineoil and the Soghain: Differentiating between the pre-Celtic and early Celtic Tribes of Central East Galway," Joseph Mannion, Journal of the Galway Archaeological and Historical Society, Volume 58, pp.165-170, 2006.

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