John Stevenson (politician)

John Stevenson (politician)

John Stevenson (12 August 1812 – 1 April 1884) was the first Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario from December 27, 1867 to February 15, 1871 and served as Conservative MPP for Lennox. He served from 1867 until he left the legislature in 1871.

Born in Albany, New York, Stevenson's family moved to New York State (likely to the Albany, New York area and finally to Upper Canada. Steveson worked in various trades before entering politics:

* flour mill operator
* foundry owner
* axe shopkeeper
* brush factory owner
* lumberman
* shipping company owner

After his defeat in 1871 (he ran as an independent), he tried to run for office in 1878, but was defeated. He died in Napanee, Ontario in 1884.


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