Teodósio, Prince of Brazil

Teodósio, Prince of Brazil

The Infante Teodósio, Prince of Brazil ("Teodósio de Bragança"; pron. IPA2|tiu'dɔzio) was a Portuguese infante son of John IV of Portugal (first king of the House of Braganza) and his wife Luisa de Guzmán (Luísa de Gusmão). In 1645 he was given the title of Prince of Brazil, a new crown-princely position thus created. Also, his father granted him the duchy as 10th Duke of Braganza, presumably after his uncle Duarte died in 1649.

He was born on February 8 1634 in Vila Viçosa and was the heir to the throne of Portugal since then until his death on May 13, 1653 only 19 years old. His next brother, the medically and mentally problem-ridden Infante Afonso, succeeded him as Prince of Brazil, Duke of Braganza and heir-apparent of the kingdom.

D. Teodósio was a very gifted young man. He knew Greek and Latin, was keen on philosophy and well respected amongst the great intellectuals of the time. Although 16 he took part in the State Council's reunions. His death was a devastating blow for his father and for the country.

A gossip says, once in Évora, without informing his father, the Prince was summoned by the king for "he missed his absence as father and feared it as King".

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