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population_as_of =2005
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population_total =14000
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audio|Lillestrom.ogg|Lillestrøm is an unincorporated city in the municipality of Skedsmo, Akershus, Norway. The municipal administration is located in Lillestrøm.

Facts: (2005) Number of jobs in the municipality: Ca. 20,000
Distance to downtown Oslo: ca convert|18|km|mi|abbr=on
Travel time to Oslo airport, Gardermoen: Train ca. 9 min. Car ca. 30 min.

Facilities in Lillestrøm include hotels, Norway trade fairs, a brand new cinema, a mall, Lillestrøm torv, restaurants, a high speed commuter train to Oslo and Oslo airport Gardermoen (Gardermobanen), a community cultural house (kulturhus), and a community outdoor swimming pool complex. At Kjeller, just outside of the city, there is a military airport (1912) and several research institutes.


The meaning of the name is 'the little/"lille" (part of) Strøm' - and Strøm is the name of an old and large farm (Norse "Straumr"). The name is identical with the word "straumr" m 'stream (in a river)'.

Lillestrøm's history dates back to the times river powered sawmills came into use for the production of building materials. Later Lillestrøm got its own steam sawmill which laid the base for the development of the area which became the town. The area was, by and large, a moss covered swamp-like area, at the time considered almost uninhabitable. However, the almost non-existent property values were judged to be a fair exchange and so the workers started living and settling in the area around the sawmill, and Lillestrøm was born.Fact|date=February 2008

On 1 January 1908 Lillestrøm became a municipality of its own, having been split from Skedsmo. At that time Lillestrøm municipality had a population of 4,351. On 1 January 1962 the two municipalities were reunited under the name Skedsmo. Before the merger Lillestrøm municipality had a population of 10,840. [cite paper | author=Dag Jukvam / Statistics Norway | title=Historisk oversikt over endringer i kommune- og fylkesinndelingen | date=1999 | url=]

As of 1997, Lillestrøm is a city in its own right. Since then, Lillestrøm holds an annual 4 day city fair, which is entirely free of charge. It includes music by high profile Norwegian artists on several outdoor stages, food, retail business exhibitions and thrill rides en masse. Everything is held in Lillestrøm's main street and the connecting streets, which is reserved for pedestrians for the occasion.

In 2002 Norway Trade Fairs moved from Skøyen to Lillestrøm. [ [ Norway Trade Fairs] ]


Lillestrøm train station was built in 1854, in the grounds of, and named after, the farm Lille Strøm in the neighbour municipaplity of Rælingen , as part of the first Norwegian railway between Oslo and Eidsvoll. Later the railway station was moved across the river to Skedsmo.Fact|date=February 2008

Kjeller has an airport.


Two of the primary/lower secondary schools here are Volla Ungdomskole and Vigernes Ungdomskole.Fact|date=February 2008 There are two upper secondary schools in Lillestrøm. One of them is Lillestrøm upper secondary school which offers the International Baccalaureate Programme. Another one would be Skedsmo upper secondary school, located a 10-minute walk from the train station.


The local football team, Lillestrøm SK, plays in the Norwegian Premier League. Their home ground is Åråsen stadion.

The nearby Lillestrøm stadion is used for training, and was an ice hockey venue at the 1952 Winter Olympics. There are also two indoor arenas, one multi-purpose (Skedsmohallen) and one for football (LSK-Hallen), and in 2007 a track and field stadium Romerike friidrettsstadion was built as a cooperation between the municipalities Skedsmo, Rælingen and Lørenskog. [cite news |url= |title=Jubel for bane uten ball |date=2 September 2007 |work=Romerikes Blad |language=Norwegian |accessdate=2008-04-04]

The local track and field club is named Minerva. Athletes such as Hanne Haugland and Håkon Särnblom have represented the club.

People from Lillestrøm


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