A majordomo is a person who speaks, makes arrangements, or takes charge for another. Typically, the term refers to the highest (major) person of a household (domo) staff, one who acts on behalf of the (often absent) owner of a typically large residence. Similar terms include castellan, concierge, chamberlain, seneschal, Mayor of the Palace, maître d'hôtel, butler and steward. The term also refers, more informally, to someone who oversees the day-to-day responsibilities of a business enterprise. [1] The term is also used in some small Roman Catholic churches in New Mexico USA. A majordomo sets up the church for Mass and other events, and often cleans and maintains the facilities.



The etymology is from Spanish "mayordomo" or obsolete Italian "maiordomo", from maior domus (Latin); similarly in French "majordome", in Catalan "majordom", in modern Italian "maggiordomo", in Portuguese and Galician "mordomo", in Romanian "majordom".


The majordomo is responsible for the management of a household or business. Majordomos were common in Europe until the landed aristocracy weakened and no longer had the means to employ them.

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