; Cognitive science and the philosophy of mind
* Embodied cognition (or the embodied mind thesis). A position in cognitive science and the philosophy of mind that emphasizes the role that the body plays in shaping the mind. Closely related ideas include situated cognition and enactivism.

; Computer science, robotics and artificial intelligence
* Embodied approaches to robotics and artificial intelligence emphasize the importance of sensorimotor skills to general intelligence. Articles discussing these approaches include behavior based AI, situated robotics, the situated movement, nouvelle AI, embodied Embedded Cognition, embodied agent, embodied cognitive science

; Philosophy and feminism
* Embodiment (or "corporeity") is the subjective experience of having and using a body. For phenomenologists like Merleau-Ponty, this subjective experience is a fundamental aspect of reality.

; Religion
* A divine principle or being becomes embodied when it takes physical form.

; Resource economics
* Embodied energy
* Embodied water

; Psychology and dreams
* Embodied Imagination

; Music
* Embodied music cognition

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