English and British Queen mothers

English and British Queen mothers

] it is possible that she would be given the title of Queen mother. However, she would not fit into the accepted definition (not being a Queen Dowager), and there is no precedent for this. Otherwise, assuming that Charles succeeded through her death, he would of course have no mother alive.

If either Prince William of Wales or Prince Harry of Wales were to succeed to the throne (subsequent to Charles or directly), they would have no mother alive, as Diana, Princess of Wales predeceased them in 1997. Their stepmother Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall would presumably not be eligible for the title, since no stepmother has held it before.

William's future wife could become the next Queen mother, by surviving him and having an heir on the throne. It is also possible that if someone else were to succeed, then an existing member of the Royal family would become Queen mother. For example, if Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex succeeded to the throne, and were then outlived by his wife and succeeded by his own child, his wife Sophie, The Countess of Wessex would be Queen mother.


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