Unbiseptium (pronEng|ˌʌnbɨˈsɛptiəm) is an unsynthesized chemical element with atomic number 127 and symbol Ubs. It is beside element 126, which is thought to be the most stable element in the island of stability.


The name unbiseptium is used as a placeholder, such as in scientific articles about the search for element 127. Transuranic elements beyond plutonium are always artificially produced, and usually end up being named for a scientist or the location of a laboratory that does work in atomic physics.

See systematic element name.

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* [http://www.apsidium.com/elements/127.htm Likely propeties of Unbiseptium]

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* Americium
* Eka-plutonium — Eka-americium — Eka-curium
* Unbihexium – Unbioctium

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