Healing factor

Healing factor

A healing factor is a term used to describe the ability of some characters in fiction to recover from bodily injuries or disease at a superhuman rate. The term itself is most commonly applied to comic book characters in the Marvel Universe, although other quickly-regenerating characters exist.

Artistic license

The efficiency of a character's healing factor, as with all "powers", varies frequently, depending on the situation and the writer writing it, with, as a story is being told, drama being the key factor.

Broad displays of artistic license have often led to debates among fans of particular comic book characters that have superhuman rates of healing, such as Wolverine, Deadpool, Sabretooth, Hulk, "et cetera", as to which comic characters heal faster, or what the ultimate extent of their healing factors might be.


Marvel Comics

There are numerous characters within the Marvel Universe that possess some form of accelerated healing ability. The source of these "healing factors" ranges from genetic mutation to artificial enhancement to magic. The exact limits of some character's healing powers is often a source of debate among fans since many of their healing powers have appeared to fluctuate in efficiency. Marvel continuity has also established that all mutants heal slightly faster than normal humans. ["Uncanny X-Men #210"]

Marvel Comics characters known to possess a "healing factor" include:


* Sludge [ [http://www.marvunapp.com/Appendix3/sludgeuv.htm Sludge (Ultraverse character) ] ]

DC Comics

* Amazo ["Justice League of America (Vol.2) #24]
* Creeper [ Showcase #73 (April, 1968)] , [ [http://spider-bob.com/heroes/dc/CreeperI.htm Creeper I ] ]
* Deathstroke [ http://img441.imageshack.us/my.php?
* Doomsday [ "The DC Comics Encyclopedia" ]
* Flash [Cite comic | Story = Flash | Title = The Flash | Volume = 2 | Issue = 1 | Date = June, 1987 | Publisher = DC Comics | Page = 19 | Panel = 4 | ID = ]
* Hawkgirl (All versions due to Nth Metal) [ "Hawkman" (Vol. 4) #21 ]
* Hawkman (All versions due to Nth Metal) [ "Hawkman" (Vol. 4) #21 ]
* Hawkwoman (All versions due to Nth Metal) [ "Hawkman" (Vol.4) #21 ]
* Hourman ["JSA: Justice Be Done"]
* Lobo [Lobo #27 (1997)]
* Manhunter (Both Paul Kirk and his clones) ["Detective Comics #437-443 (1973)" #1 (Oct. 2000)] , [ [http://www.dcindexes.com/planet/weeklyplanet.php?issue=38 Mike's Amazing World of DC Comics ] ] , [ [http://www.comicbookdb.com/character.php?ID=928 Comic Book DB - Manhunter (02 - Paul Kirk) ] ]
* Martian Manhunter ["JLA: Classified" #3]
* Orion [ "Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe" (Vol. 1) XVII ] [ "Jack Kirby's Fourth World Omnibus" (Vol. 4) ] ["JLA: The Ultimate Guide to the Justice League of America"]
* Supergirl [ "Supergirl" (Vol. 5) #4 ]
* Superman [ "Wonder Woman" (Vol.2) #219 ]
* Swamp Thing [ [http://darkmark6.tripod.com/swampthingind.html Swamp Thing index ] ]
* Vandal Savage ["JSA: Classified"]

Topcow Comics

* Witchblade [Witchblade #3 (1996)]

Image Comics

* Hellspawn [Spawn #6 (1992)]

Outside of comics

Non-comics characters who can heal rapidly in one manner or another include:
* Adam Monroe [From the Heroes television series,"Four Months Later..." 2nd season episode, original airdate of September 24, 2007]
* Alchemy Warriors using their kakuganes [Buso Renkin chapter 14: The Midnight Run]
* Alien Bounty Hunter [From the television series The X-Files episode The Unnatural, original airdate April 25, 1999]
* Angels [From the anime and manga Neon Genesis Evangelion, anime episode 1 "Angel Attack" original airdate 10/04/1995]
* Arvin Sloane [ From the television series Alias, "All The Time In The World" season 5 episode, original airdate May 22, 2006]
* Arcueid Brunestud [From visual novel, manga and anime "Tsukihime"]
* Bobby Pendragon from the Pendragon Adventure book series by D.J. MacHale.
* Ciel [From visual novel, manga and anime "Tsukihime"]
* Claire Bennet [From the Heroes television series,"Genesis 1st season episode, origial airdate of September 26, 2006]
* The Creeper ["Jeepers Creepers", 2001 horror film and it's sequal "Jeepers Creepers II" released in 2003]
* Dante [From the "Devil May Cry" video game series]
* Dorian Gray [ The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen]
* Elder Toguro [From the anime and manga Yuyu Hakusho, manga chapter 131: Principal Pursuit release date December 2, 1993]
* Freddy Krueger ["A Nightmare on Elm Street" film series, "Freddy vs. Jason"]
* Godzilla [""]
* Grim Reapers [From the television series Dead Like Me, episode 10: "Business Unfinished" original airdate August 29, 2003]
* Hugo Danner ["Gladiator", a science fiction novel written by Philip Wylie in 1930 and one of the earliest examples of a superhuman "superhero" character in American literature.]
* Homunculi [From the anime and manga Fullmetal Alchemist, manga chapter 38: Signal to Strike]
* Immortals from the "Highlander" television series and films ["Highlander film released circa 1986, "" released in November of 1991]
* Jack Harkness [From the Torchwood television series,"Everything Changes (Torchwood) 1st season episode, origial airdate of October 22, 2006]
* Jasmine [Angel, episode "Shiny Happy People" original airdate April 9, 2003]
* Jason Voorhees ["Jason X", 2002 science fiction/horror film in which his regenerative powers are first mentioned throughout the Friday the 13th film series.]
*Jenova [From "Final Fantasy VII" and its various spin offs.]
*Jin Kanzaki/ZET [From the manga Zetman, chapter 95]
* Koshaku Chono and his fellows Homunculus [From the anime and manga Buso Renkin, manga chapter 10: Vs Washio]
*Max Evans [From the Roswell television series,"Pilot episode, origial airdate of October 6, 1999]
* Methuselah [From the light novels Trinity Blood, anime episode 11: "From the Empire" original airdate July 14, 2005. ]
*Minoru Kamiya [From the anime and manga Yuyu Hakusho, manga chapter 122: The Cry of a Shadow!! release date October 4, 1993]
*Naruto Uzumaki [From the anime and manga Naruto, manga chapter 11: Disembark original release June 2, 2000]
* The Orks from Warhammer 40,000
* Peter Petrelli via contact with Claire Bennet [From the Heroes television series,"Homecoming episode, origial airdate of November 20, 2006]
* Players [From the manga Zetman, chapter 80]
* Prometheus, of ancient Greek myth, who regenerated his liver after it was daily torn out by an eagle during his punishment. [ [http://www.theoi.com/Titan/TitanPrometheus.html PROMETHEUS : Greek Titan god of forethought, creator of mankind ; mythology ; pictures ] ]
*Sadako Yamamura [From the Japanese novel, manga and film 'Ring", it's sequel and prequel, "" ]
*Slayers, [Buffy the Vampire Slayer, episode Villains original airdate May 14, 2002] Vampires, [Angel, episode I've Got You Under My Skin original airdate February 15, 2000 ] Demons, [Angel episode I Will Remember You original airdate November 23, 1999] and Werewolves [Angel episodeUnleashed original airdate October 15, 2003] from The Buffyverse.
*Super Soldiers [From the television series The X-Files episode Existence, original airdate May 20, 2001]
*Sylar [From the Heroes television series, "The Second Coming" 3rd season episode, original airdate of September 22, 2008]
*Tatsumi Saiga [From the anime Speed Grapher, episode 13: Ginza the Lawless original airdate June 30, 2005]
*The Twins ["The Matrix Reloaded" due to their ability to become incorporeal, which heals injuries sustained while in corporeal form.]
* Trolls from the Dungeons & Dragons role playing game
* Vampires, Lycans, Hybrids and True Immortals from the Underworld films ["Underworld" horror/action film released in 2003 and it's 2006 sequel, "]
* Vergil [From the "Devil May Cry" video game series]
* Werewolves, unless confronted with silver ["The Wolf Man" film released in 1941 "Cycle of the Werewolf" novella written by Stephen King circa 1983, "The Monster Squad" film released in 1987]
* Willow Rosenberg [Buffy the Vampire Slayer, episode "Same Time, Same Place" original airdate October 8, 2002]
* Yakushiji Tenzen [From the anime and manga , anime episode 22 "The Haunted" origial airdate of September 6, 2005]


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