Kevin Michael Grace

Kevin Michael Grace

Kevin Michael Grace (born July 2, 1955 in Toronto, Ontario [ "The Ambler" blog entry] , 11 July 2006. Retrieved 13 July 2006.] ) is a Canadian journalist and blogger.

He was raised in Toronto, Sudbury and Vancouver. A college dropout, Grace worked at the University of British Columbia library for 12 years. In 1986, a chance introduction led to him becoming a talk radio producer at CJOR in Vancouver. He later produced shows for CJCA radio and CFRN television in Edmonton, KOGO radio in San Diego and for Canada's WIC Radio Network.

From 1994 to 2003 Grace worked for "Alberta Report" and its sister "Report" periodicals as a reporter, editor, managing editor and head of production. He wrote two columns, "Eclectica" (a review of media and society) and "Galaxy 500" (a review of television and society). He has also been published in the "Vancouver Sun", the "Ottawa Citizen", the "Montreal Gazette", the "American Spectator", "National Review", the "National Catholic Register",, "Chronicles", and other publications, and aired on CBC Radio. He has maintained his weblog, "The Ambler", since November 2002, although there have been periodic hiatuses, sometimes of several months' duration.

He currently lives in Victoria. He is a traditionalist Roman Catholic.

Political views

While he travels in generally right-wing intellectual circles, and certainly criticizes the left, he is also critical of much of contemporary conservatism and many conservative figures, particularly neoconservative global interventionists. Grace opposed the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

Grace has worked with Peter Brimelow of VDARE, and "The Ambler" refers regularly and positively to Brimelow and Steve Sailer. Brimelow is a controversial immigration restrictionist, particularly concerned that third world immigration may diffuse the traditional identities of industrialized Western countries; Sailer is a highly controversial writer on race, gender, evolution and biology. Like Brimelow and Sailer, Grace has written for the controversial immigration restrictionist website

Grace is highly critical of Canadian immigration policy, charging that it imports large numbers of inappropriate immigrants, at a considerable financial, cultural and political cost to incumbent Canadians. He blames much of the Canadian political class, particularly the Liberal Party of Canada, for supporting this "transformation of Canadian society", at least out of ideological correctness, or, more cynically, to build itself a pliable voting base. []

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