Elvira of Castile

Elvira of Castile

Elvira of Castile (before 1082?-1151) was the illegitimate daughter of Alfonso VI of Castile, by his mistress Jimena Muñoz, and full sister of Theresa, Countess of Portugal. She married, firstly, Raymond IV of Toulouse in 1094, being mother of count Alfonso Jordan. On the death of Raymond, Elvira returned to Castile and there, before 1117, married count Fernando Fernández, having three additional children, Diego, García, and Teresa Fernández, wife of count Osorio Martinez, whose family inherited many of Elvira's Iberian holdings.

Jimena Muñoz's name sometimes appears as Jimena Nuñez, because of a mistaken assumption that the two names are identical. She has been called sister of Rodrigo Muñoz, founder of the Guzman, but this is chronologically unlikely. However, she may have been sister of a count of the same name.

Elvira should not be confused with her half-sister Elvira Alfonso, wife of Roger II, King of Sicily 1130-1154.

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