List of roller coaster records

List of roller coaster records

This list of roller coaster records provides data on current record-holding roller coasters, runners-up, and previous record holders.

Height records

Tallest steel roller coasters

These are the tallest continuous-circuit ["" at Six Flags Magic Mountain is convert|415|ft|m tall and Tower of Terror at Dreamworld is convert|377|ft|m tall, but since these are not continuous-circuit coasters, the cars on both rides go to a height of only about convert|328|ft|m.] steel roller coasters in the world.

Tallest wooden roller coaster drops

Fastest wooden roller coasters

Other records

Colossus at Thorpe Park in Surrey, UK was the first rollercoaster to feature ten inversions, the most inversions on a rollercoaster.

Also at Thorpe Park is the first and only backwards in-the-dark coaster, .

The first ever rollercoaster with a vertical drop was Oblivion at Alton Towers in Staffordshire, UK.

Most roller coasters at a single park

Oldest operating roller coasters

* Oldest wooden operating: "Leap-The-Dips" at Lakemont Park, Pennsylvania - installed in 1902, it was closed from 1985 until 1999Urbanowicz, Steven J. (2002). "The Roller Coaster Lover's Companion;" Citadel Press, New York. ISBN 0806523093.]
*Oldest continually operating wooden : "Scenic Railway", Luna Park, Melbourne, Australia - installed in 1912Fact|date=August 2007
*Oldest steel operating: "Matterhorn Bobsleds", Disneyland, California - installed 1959 Urbanowicz, Steven J. (2002). "The Roller Coaster Lover's Companion;" Citadel Press, New York. ISBN 0806523093.]

ee also

History of the roller coaster

External links

* [ Roller Coaster Record Book] on Ultimate
* [ Roller Coaster Database] - Information, statistics and photos for over 1900 roller coasters throughout the world


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