Law Courts, Brisbane

Law Courts, Brisbane

The Law Courts Complex is located in George Street and Adelaide Street, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

The Law Courts Complex contains both the Queensland Supreme Court and the District Court. (The Queensland Supreme Court is the superior Law Court for the state of Queensland and is around the middle of the Australian court hierarchy.)

The complex was constructed in two stages and replaced the former Supreme Court building which was partially destroyed by fire in the late 1960s. The first stage of the complex was built in the 1970s on the western (George Street) frontage and at first housed the Supreme Court. Subsequently in the early 1980s the eastern and larger wing of the complex was opened and the Supreme Court was relocated to this part. The District Court was relocated from temporary accommodation in North Quay to the courts formerly occupied by the Supreme Court.

Close by the Law Courts Complex are the conveniently located State Law Building (which is also located in George Street) and the Commonwealth Law Courts building (which is located in North Quay).

Also close by are the Brisbane City Hall the Brisbane Administration Centre and King George Square.

Photos of the Law Courts complex

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