Brian in Love

Brian in Love

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Title =Brian in Love
Series =Family Guy

Caption =Brian cleaning after an accident.
Season =2
Episode =4
Airdate =March 7, 2000
Production =2ACX01
Writer =Gary Janetti
Director =Jack Dyer
Guests =Tom Kenny, D.D. Howard, Sam Waterston
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"Brian in Love" is an episode from the second season of the FOX, animated series "Family Guy". It is the 11th episode of "Family Guy" to be aired. It guest stars Sam Waterston as Dr. Kaplan.

Plot summary

Lois is upset that Stewie has wet the carpet in the living room. Stewie emphatically denies this, but Lois and Peter are convinced that it's a sign that Stewie is ready to potty train. However, it's actually Brian who's wetting the house, and he tries to clean up another accident that night.

After a failed attempt by Peter at getting Stewie to use the toilet, the family goes to the supermarket to buy groceries. In the checkout line, Brian has another accident, revealing that Stewie (much to his own delight) is innocent. This leads to Brian going to see Dr. Kaplan, a psychiatrist. The doctor decides Brian is having a mid-life crisis, so Brian goes traveling and exploring.

Brian feels better, but shortly after returning, Stewie gets revenge and frames Brian by peeing all over the living room. Brian (who believes he has done it himself, albeit claiming he never remembered doing it) is blamed and returns to Dr. Kaplan to find out why this is still happening. After revealing that his last accident happened after watching Lois and Peter have a water fight while washing the car, Dr. Kaplan tells Brian that he is in love with Lois.

Brian and Lois discuss the situation and decide to just remain friends. Peter, who is unaware that Brian's love is Lois, conjectures that Brian's beloved would "probably end up with some idiot."


*Edits made in syndication:
**The part where Stewie mentions the irony of Fred Rogers' name is cut.
**The scene in which Asian Reporter Tricia Takanawa is reporting from a motel room where she will have sex with a man she just met (Quagmire) and states that he's probably in the bathroom doing drugs is cut (the only part that wasn't cut from this scene was Quagmire's line ("I've never had a Spanish chick before. Ole!")Fact|date=March 2008
**Stewie's line "I say, I say, Paco, get a mop. And, for God's sake, will someone get Patches the hell out of here before he decides to bend a fresh biscuit on the conveyor belt" was shortened into "I say, I say, Paco, get a mop".Fact|date=March 2008
**When Stewie is about to kill Mr. Rogers, it goes straight to Stewie shooting him after he says "And now, Mr. Rogers", leaving out Stewie referring to him as Fred and saying that "Rogers" almost rhymes with "eliminate".Fact|date=March 2008
*When this episode premiered, Peter's line to Brian as he's urinating in the store was "Geez, Brian, where do you think you are, K-Mart?". In all reruns and on the volume 1 DVD set, Peter's line was changed to "Geez, Brian, where do you think you are, Payless?"Fact|date=March 2008
**The scene where Brian has an accident and the old lady slips and falls on it is cut. Originally, she begins to bleed, and the other characters just look at her without helping. That part is cut out and it goes to commercial break as soon as she falls.

Cultural references

* A sequence parodies the closing titles of 1960s cartoon series "The Jetsons" in which George Jetson gets caught on his treadmill/dog-walk machine with their dog Astro.
* Brian tells Dr. Kaplan about a dream parodying the 1976 science fiction film "Logan's Run," in which the "Sandmen" kill all people at age 30 as means of population control.
* After Peter says "Lots of crazy people have gone onto lead normal, successful lives", a picture of then-"CBS Evening News" anchor Dan Rather appears on screen. In the UK version, an image of the prime minister Gordon Brown is shown instead.
* Brian runs over a man in the countryside and asks if he is horror author Stephen King. This refers to a car accident nine months before this episode aired, where King was hit by a car while walking down a road near his Maine home. It is also ironic because Dean Koontz is a) blatantly conservative in his writing and political opinions and b) an avid dog lover.
* When Brian sees Tom Tucker’s son he makes the same “puzzled surprise” noise as Scooby Doo.
* When Tricia Takanawa continues her in-depth report on sex, she is shown in a motel room with Quagmire. A picture above the bed is of a woman reclining on the beach and looking at the ocean, a reference to the Coen Brothers film Barton Fink
* When Peter is at the Super Market he pulls out 2 candy bars, "Middlefinger", a play on Butterfinger and "Fat Cat", a play on Kit Kat.
* Peter calls Dr. Kaplan "Sigmund Fraud", a reference to Sigmund Freud.
* The scene in which Tricia Takanawa meets Quagmire is a parody of a scene from the 1974 movie "The Groove Tube".
* When Stewie and Brian are watching TV, the ending from The Price Is Right is shown. Bob Barker says his famous line, "Help control the pet population. Have your pets spayed or neutered!". Brian replies. "Oh, just die already!"

Notable Firsts

* This is the first episode to note that Brian is in love with Lois, the second one being "The Perfect Castaway".
* This is also the first episode that shows the name of the local bar, "The Drunken Clam".
* This was the first episode produced for the second season, as well as the first episode made to have Mila Kunis portray Meg.


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