Badger Lord

Badger Lord

A Badger Lord is the ruler of Salamandastron in the Redwall series by Brian Jacques.

Salamandastron, the mountain fortress on the coast, defends itself and Mossflower Woods from vermin and searats or corsairs. The mountain is populated by fighting hares that serve the Badger Lord or Lady, known as the Long Patrol. Many Badger Lords and Ladies come to find Salamandastron later in their life, guided by their destiny to rule there. Sometimes the mountain does not have a badger ruler for extended periods of time, and then it is only inhabited by the Long Patrol.

The son of a Badger Lord usually, once he reaches adulthood, will go off on his own to wander for a time, as two grown male badgers find it hard to get along sometimes.

Badger Lords and Ladies are often inflicted with the Bloodwrath, a condition which comes upon them in battle that causes them to enter into a berserker rage. While in the bloodwrath, the badgers disregard wounds, their strength is increased, but they cannot distinguish between friend and foe.

Badger Lords

Each Badger Lord is described, followed in parentheses by the novel(s) in which he/she appears.

Urthrun the Gripper

Urthrun is a Badger Lord mentioned in "Lord Brocktree".


pearlady Gorse

Spearlady is a Badger Lady mentioned in "Lord Brocktree".


Bluestripe the Wild

Bluestripe the Wild is a Badger Lord mentioned in "Lord Brocktree".


Ceteruler the Just

Ceteruler is a Badger Lord mentioned in "Lord Brocktree".



The father of Lord Brocktree, Stonepaw ruled at Salamandastron for many years. However, his long reign came to a tragic end when the mountain was attacked by Ungatt Trunn. Old and weary, with only the most elderly hares to command, Stonepaw was soon overcome.

Hiding with his remaining forces in the cellars of Salamandastron, Stonepaw sought a way to escape. However, just as he found a way out, Trunn's horde found their hiding place. In one final bid to defend his hares, the years slipped away from him as he threw himself into battle against his foe. He was slain, but in doing so took a great number of them with him by sweeping them into the net he was entangled in and jumping into a bottomless pool.

Stonepaw's weapon of choice was a javelin. He is one of the few Badger Lords who does not seem to have a memorial in the mausoleum of Salamandastron, because he drowned fighting. However, he is known as the Lord who ruled longest.

("Lord Brocktree")

Lord Brocktree

Lord Brocktree is the father of Boar the Fighter, and the great-grandfather of Sunflash the Mace, also legendary Badger Lords. Like his descendants, Brocktree came to the mountain of Salamandastron, where he lived until the end of his days. His weapon was a mighty sword, double-hilted and so massive that only a badger could wield it.

Brocktree, like all Badger Lords, felt in his young years an overwhelming sense of wanderlust and a need to separate himself from other male badgers, including both his father and his son. He roamed far from his childhood home in Brockhall, located in Mossflower Woods. During his travels, Brocktree met many friends and allies, and (as would his great-grandson Sunflash) had a soft spot for young Dibbuns. However, Brocktree's journeys ended when news reached him of Ungatt Trunn, the wildcat who had taken control of Salamandastron and killed his father.

Gathering an army of friends and allies, Brocktree marched on Ungatt, an enemy first seen in his dreams. The badger drove the wildcat and his horde from Salamandastron, reclaiming it for his own kind. To end the battle, he challenged Ungatt to single combat. Brocktree was victorious, and in his victory founded the famous Long Patrol, bringing the mountain into its golden age. He ruled for many years, the last spent in the company of his son Boar when the younger badger came to the mountain. When Brocktree died, he was placed in the mausoleum of Salamandastron, where his memorial is one of the most prominent, and where his hand points out the hidden entrance to the mountain's treasure chamber. He later appeared in a vision to his great-grandson, Sunflash, along with Boar and Sunflash's father Barkstripe, preventing Sunflash from going to Dark Forest before his time.

("Lord Brocktree")

Boar the Fighter

A legendary warrior, son of Lord Brocktree, Boar the Fighter fathered Bella of Brockhall. After years of ruling Mossflower, he departed for Salamandastron, leaving the woodlands in the charge of his son-in-law, Barkstripe. However, after Boar's absence, the wildcats took over; the battle ended in Barkstripe's death.

When Martin the Warrior came to Mossflower some time later, he set out to find Boar to seek his aid against the wildcats. Boar instructed Martin and his companions, providing them with weapons and reforging Martin's sword. He later saw his fate written on the walls of Salamandastron. Accompanied by Martin and his friends and the hares of Salandastron, Boar did battle with a horde of sea rats led by his sworn enemy Ripfang.

During that last battle, Boar was overtaken by the Bloodwrath. He slew many a corsair, but at the cost of his own life. However, Martin fulfilled his promise to Boar and saved Mossflower, and Boar's grandson Sunflash the Mace later came to take his grandfather's place in the halls of Salamandastron. He also made an appearance from Dark Forest in "Outcast of Redwall", joining his father in preventing Sunflash's death.

("Lord Brocktree", "Mossflower")

unflash the Mace

Born the son of Bella and Barkstripe, Sunflash takes his name from the yellow streak of fur on his head. When he was young he was enslaved by Swarrt sixclaw and gained his freedom from a hawk that he saved from freezing. When the bird tore Sunflash's bonds he tore a hunk from a tree and using the branch as a mace he damaged Swarrt's six clawed hand beyond repair. He later gets his revenge on Swarrt with the help of a mousemaid named Bryony and a young kind mole named Togget.


Background information of Sunflash and his disappearance is given by his mother, Bella. In the epilogue, Sunflash arrives at Salamandastron. His weapon is a deadly hornbeam mace studded with spikes.

Outcast of Redwall

While wandering Mossflower, seeking revenge against the Greeneyes, Sunflash is captured by Swartt Sixclaw and his small troupe. Swartt uses him as a beast of burden, and calls him "Scumtripe".

Sunflash won his freedom from Swartt after saving a kestrel named Skarlath from death, gaining the bird as a friend. Skarlath bit through Sunflash's bindings, and Sunflash attacked Swartt with a tree limb, shattering his six clawed left paw. Keeping the tree limb as a weapon, Sunflash called it his mace. Over time, he shaped and refined this weapon, embedding several pieces of metal and stone in the thicker end and adding a rope loop to the other end to make it easier to carry.

After fleeing for several months, Sunflash became a legend as he righted wrongs across the land. During one of these incidents, he saved two families of moles and hedgehogs who lived together, the Lingl (hedgehogs) and Dubbo (moles) families.

Sunflash and Skarlath took up residence with the family, and Sunflash learned to be a farmer and friend to beasts of all ages. However, Sunflash still felt something missing, which was revealed as he lay sick after being bitten by two adders before he slew them. At the edge of death, he found himself at the gates of the Dark Forest. There, he saw his father Barkstripe, grandfather Boar, and great-grandfather Lord Brocktree guarding the entrance. He was denied entry, for his time was not yet done. Sunflash then saw a vision of his mother Bella, and learned that he was destined to go to Salamandastron.

Leaving Skarlath with the families, but still at his beck and call if need be, Sunflash traveled on. Befriending shrews, squirrels, and otters alike, Sunflash made his way to the mountain. There, he took command, and became a popular Lord because of his ability to befriend creatures of all age groups. He again took up farming, and later wrote his own poetry. Under his guidance, the mountain flourished as never before.

Sunflash's peace was not to last, as Swartt arrived with his new horde in tow. Donning black armor and chain mail, Sunflash was overtaken by the Bloodwrath as he battled his sworn enemy. Defeating the horde, he pursued his adversary to Bat Mountpit, the peak that was home to the bats. Along the way, Skarlath was slain by Nightshade, a clairvoyant vixen working for Swartt. Sunflash, pursuing Swartt in a blind fury, was knocked out when he was struck from behind with a boulder.

Rather than killing Sunflash outright, Swartt decided to torture him, staking him next to a campfire. He was saved by a mousemaid from Redwall named Bryony, who had followed Swartt's son Veil to the camp. Bryony loosed Sunflash's bonds enough that he was able to break them, whereupon he killed Swartt by hurling him over the side of a mountain.

Accompanying the Redwallers home, Sunflash met his mother Bella for the first time in years. He stayed at Redwall until her death, then returned to his mountain. He became a terrible foe for all wicked beasts, known only as the Mace to those who faced him. Sunflash took his title of "the Mace" from his weapon, the oaken branch he had crushed Swartt's paw with while escaping.

He later changed his proper name to the more gentle Sunstripe. His legacy would live on in his great-grandson, Rawnblade Widestripe. Sunflash was unique in his love for all ages, particularly the young children, whom he would play with whenever the chance arose.

Mariel of Redwall

Lord Rawnblade Widestripe is described as a descendant and a mirror image of Sunflash the Mace, but without the golden stripe on his head.

("Mossflower", "Outcast of Redwall")

Rawnblade Widestripe

Rawnblade is the lord of Salamandastron who is featured in the book "Mariel of Redwall". His sworn enemy is the pirate king Gabool the Wild, who killed three hares under Rawnblade's command. Rawnblade commissioned Joseph the Bellmaker to craft the Joseph Bell for him, but it was later stolen by Gabool. Setting out to gain vengeance for his friends and to end Gabool's threat, Rawnblade was overtaken by the Bloodwrath, slaying an entire ship's worth of rats and taking their vessel, the "Waveblade".

Fleetleg comments "No Badger Lord has suffered the Bloodwrath since Boar the Fighter.", however, this would be retconned when Sunflash the Mace came down with the Bloodwrath multiple times in "Outcast of Redwall. Many badger characters in books that occurred after "Outcast" would also come down with the Bloodwrath.

Rawnblade later found Mariel out at sea, and together the two traveled to Gabool's stronghold. Meeting up with Joseph and Mariel's companions, Rawnblade set out to attack Gabool's fortress. He entered into a competition with Mariel, Joseph, and several others, all of them swearing to slay Gabool. In the midst of battle, Rawnblade was overtaken by the Bloodwrath, and made his way to fight Gabool.

Inside the fortress, Rawnblade faced his hated foe. Falling into a trap, he became locked in battle with a giant scorpion. However, Rawnblade threw the beast upward and it slew Gabool. Rawnblade accompanied the freed slaves and heroes back to Redwall, where he gave the Joseph Bell to the Abbey. He later returned to Salamandastron.

Like many Badger Lords, Rawnblade is a skilled swordbeast. He carries a massive blade called Verminfate.

("Mariel of Redwall")

Urthstripe the Strong

Born the son of Urthound and grandson of Urthclaw, both legendary warriors, Urthstripe was the greatest badger warrior ever to have lived, his power could not be matched and his skills and lust for war were twice as great as any other badger. He was orphaned along with his brother Urthwyte the Mighty by the vile Ferahgo the Assassin. Wandering off, the badger found his way to Salamandastron, and took over rule of the mountain fortress. He became good friends with the Long Patrol of hares stationed at the mountain, and like predecessors was a fierce warrior.

Wielding a massive spear, Urthstripe stood against Feragho and his forces when they came to conquer the mountain. After the death of two of his troops and the seeming death of two others, Urthstripe challenged Ferahgo and his son Klitch. Despite a valiant effort, he was beaten by overwhelming numbers. The Badger Lord eventually managed to kill Ferahgo, but at the cost of his own life. Later, clues left by Urthstripe allowed his brother to find the treasure chamber of the mountain, where Urthstripe was laid to rest.

Urthstripe's only living family, aside from Urthwyte and Loambudd, was his adopted daughter Mara. After his death, she went to live at Redwall Abbey as a Badger Mother, and Urthwyte became the next Badger Lord.

- In the book "The Long Patrol" and books, Urthstripe's name is misspelled as Urthclaw; however, it is possible that this refers to Urthstripe's grandfather, though Urthclaw was not known to be a Badger Lord.

("Salamandastron") (Urthstripe's father was Urthound, who's father was Urthclaw.)

Urthwyte the Mighty

Albino twin of Urthstripe the Strong, Urthwyte was orphaned when his parents died at the hands of Ferahgo the Assassin. Urthstripe wandered off to become lord of Salamandastron, but Urthwyte was found and raised by his grandmother, Loambudd who in her youth was a mighty warrior. Growing up with a fierce hatred for Ferahgo, but being rather simple and gentle, Urthwyte was believed to be a ghost by those who saw him.

Urthwyte was pulled into battle when Mara, the adopted daughter of Urthstripe, came looking for him. He came with her and her companions to Salamandastron, and helped face Ferahgo. Sadly, Urthwyte arrived too late to meet his long lost brother, as Urthstripe died. Later, Urthwyte uncovered the treasure chamber of Salamandastron, and laid his brother to rest within.

With Urthstripe's death, Urthwyte became Badger Lord of Salamandastron. He took his brother's damaged armor and hammered it back into shape himself, and wore it as lord of the mountain. He was ceremonially presented with his weapon, a massive club of oak wood. He was also known as "Whiteghost" due to his spectral appearance, a fact revealed in "Marlfox". He is fabled as being the strongest Badger Lord known, for when given the task of moving the boulder that leads into the Hall of Badger Lords, Urthwyte didn't just move the rock, as one hare commented "He's lifted the bally thing!"

In the novel "High Rhulain", Lord Mandoral Highpeak reveals that Urthwyte developed a special talent for forging armor. He crafted the breastplate for the original High Rhulain, with whom he was quite friendly, but it was never given to her. Years later, the breastplate would go to Tiria Wildlough, the new High Rhulain.


Orlando the Axe

Warrior Lord of the Western Plains, Orlando wields the weapon of his name, a massive battleaxe. He has as a battlecry the ancient warcall of badgers and hares, "Eulalia!" His only known of family are his deceased wife Brockrose and his daughter, Auma. Living near the mountains, Orlando's only companion was Auma. In the years before he came to Redwall, he became a skilled cook, though he would never let anyone besides Auma know, fearing that his acquaintances would think he was going soft.

Orlando's happy life was shattered when Slagar came to the plains. Orlando, fearing no beast, ignored the fox and his band, but unwittingly as he passed by them one day, he left a trail back to his home. Orlando returned to find his home in ruins, with Auma gone. Realizing that it was the work of Slagar, Orlando vowed to hunt the slaver to the end of his days, nearly becoming maddened by the Bloodwrath.

Setting out after Slagar, Orlando found himself in Mossflower Woods. After traveling some distance and becoming lost, he ran afoul of a family of hedgehogs, accusing him of kidnapping one of their children. It was this strange sight that greeted Matthias of Redwall and his companions as they came upon Orlando during their own hunt for Slagar.

Realizing that their goals were common, as was their enemy, Orlando and Matthias joined forces. The two became fast friends of similar spirit, the only contention between them the dispute as to which of them would kill Slagar. Orlando's good humor and fighting ferocity were a welcome addition to the band of Slagar's enemies. Despite the occasional disadvantage of his large size, he made friends with the group.

After many adventures, the group arrived in the realm of Malkariss. Orlando attacked the creature's followers with utter ferocity. Many fell before Orlando's weapon, including the slavemaster Wearet, whom Orlando slew after his seeming murder of Matthias. Reuniting with Auma and the other young ones, along with a host of other allies, Orlando defeated Malkariss' horde. As it had turned out, Malkaris was just an old, deformed polecat.

With the battle won, Orlando and Matthias took it upon themselves to destroy the statue of Malkariss. However, an earthquake seemingly buried them, only for a geyser to send them flying through the air. Encountering Slagar, Orlando and Matthias charged at him, only to see Slagar fall into an underground well and die.

Along with Matthias, his newfound friends and the freed slaves of Malkariss, Orlando came to live at Redwall Abbey. He became a good friend to Constance, and the two were seldom apart. During the time he spent at Redwall, his axe hung in the Great Hall. Some years later, Orlando left to go to Salamandastron. This was mentioned by Rollo the Recorder in "The Pearls of Lutra". It is unknown if he assumed the title of Badger Lord, as the tomb of the Badger Lords has not been revisited since before then and he has not been mentioned by any Badger Lords after that period of time.


Cregga Rose Eyes

A young Badger Lady, Cregga Rose Eyes was a dangerous force. She led the Long Patrol of Salamandastron against the Rapscallions of Gormad Tunn and his son, Damug Warfang. Her name comes from her red eyes, and the fact that she is more taken with the Bloodwrath than any creature known before.

After mortally wounding Gormad, Cregga became obsessed with hunting down his forces. Traveling at great speed without pause, she set out with half of Salamandastron's force to destroy her enemy. She eventually discovered them when she sent two runners to investigate a fire, which had been set by Redwall Abbey's defenders. She finally found Damug, and engaged him in battle. She killed him, but at great cost: her face had been wounded by his sword, so much as to blind her for the rest of her life.

For a time, Cregga fell into depression and would not eat. However, while at Redwall Abbey, she encountered the orphan badger baby who would come to be known as Russano the Wise. The two became fast friends, and she taught him much of the ways of badgers, grooming him as her replacement while he served as her eyes. Cregga herself remained at Redwall as the new Badger Mother, and was much beloved for her gentleness.

Cregga served as badger Mother for many years, outliving all her old comrades. She was offered the position of Redwall Abbess several times, but refused. She was much beloved among Redwallers, and her departure was a sad event. She took a vermin arrow in the chest while attempting to defend a small harvest mouse, Nimbalo the Slayer, and survived for a week before dying, happy and content, during a feast held in her honor with newly appointed Abbess Mhera by her bedside (which had been moved under the Tapestry of Martin).

Cregga's chosen weapon was an axe-pike, a long pole with a dangerous head at the end. This head consisted of three sharp weapons: an axe-head, spearpoint, and hook.

("The Long Patrol", "Marlfox", "The Taggerung")

Russano the Wise

Russano was orphaned as a baby by Rapscallions, foul rats serving Damug Warfang. Saved by members of the Long Patrol and a squirrel named Russa Nodrey, he was taken to Redwall Abbey. His name was taken from Russa, who died from wounds inflicted while saving him. He became much beloved at Redwall, as the Abbey had lacked a badger for some time.

Before a battle between the forces of Redwall, Salamandastron, and the Rapscallions, Russano had a vision. He saw the battlefield, with the forces of Redwall asleep. As he watched, he saw several figures of old warriors. The warriors he saw were mice he saw Martin the Warrior, Matthias, Mattimeo, Mariel, Gonff, and the like. Of badgers he saw such great figures as Lord Brocktree, Boar the Fighter, Sunflash the Mace, Urthstripe the Strong, Urthwyte the Mighty, and Rawnblade Widestripe. As the army of Redwall lay asleep when one of the warriors touched them, they would follow them. He in fact had witnessed who will live and who will not live after the battle.

Later, young Russano befriended Cregga Rose Eyes, the blinded Badger Lady who had come to Redwall after the battle. He became her eyes, and she groomed him to become the next Badger Lord. He came to Salamandastron with the Long Patrol, and had as his weapon a unique stick belonging to the late Russa Nodrey.

Russano was one of the few Badger Lords to raise a family in Salamandastron, having a wife named Rosalaun and a son and daughter named Snowstripe and Melanius. He also became an avid scholar, and assembled an account of the coming of Lord Brocktree to Salamandastron. Russano seldom went into battle, but came to Redwall with a thousand hares when Cregga Rose Eyes, in death, visited him in a dream. Russano arrived just in time to save the Redwallers from a horde of Juska, and placed a medallion on Cregga's grave. His legacy would later give rise to the young Badger Lord Sagaxus.

("The Long Patrol", "Lord Brocktree", "The Taggerung")

Rosalaun, Melanius, and Snowstripe

Wife of Lord Russano the Wise, Lady Rosalaun lived at Salamandastron with him. Rosalaun was a kind, understanding creature, often amused by her husband's childlike enthusiasim for his pet projects. She also enjoyed teasing him, threatening to send him off to bed for being naughty. She also encouraged him, and was the one who convinced him to read his account of the arrival of Lord Brocktree at Salamandastron.

Melanius and Snowstripe were Russano and Rosalaun's daughter and son. Melanius was the older of the two, and it is unknown which of them continued the line of Badger Lords to later years.

("Lord Brocktree")

Lord Hightor and Lady Merola

The parents of Sagaxus, Lord Hightor and Lady Merola ruled over the mountain of Salamandastron. They were rather distressed when Sagaxus departed to go off traveling, though they accepted that it had to happen sooner or later, due to the legendary tension that occurs between two full grown male badgers living in the same space. Hightor was rather put off by Sagax's choices, including his friendship with Kroova Wavedog, whom Hightor saw as a bad influence.

Hightor and Merola were most surprised when Sagax returned a season later, sailing a pirate vessel with a crew of Guosim and Redwall creatures. The two were most impressed by how much their son had matured, though Merola was startled by his carrying of a battle-axe. When Sagax sailed off again, Hightor sent a score of Long Patrol hares to accompany him. Following the defeat of the Pure Ferrets, Sagax promised to visit them every season, and also made arrangements for them to visit Redwall Abbey.



Son of Lord Hightor of Salamandastron, Sagaxus is also known as Sagax, and his full name means wise, or wisdom, in some unknown language. It is said that he was named after Lord Russano. Growing up, Sagax's greatest friend was a troublesome and gluttonous hare named Bescarum, Scarum for short. Hanging out with the mischievous hare led to trouble, and finally the two left the mountain to go off on their own. Hightor approved, as he thought it would be a chance for his son and Scarum to grow up.

Setting out on a journey with a sea otter named Kroova Wavedog, Sagax quickly became disenchanted with his hare friend. Scarum's overly gluttonous matter, combined with his fibbing personality and bad manners, led to quite a bit of tension between the two. This, however, was nothing compared to the trouble the gang ran into, as they ran afoul of a gang of Freebooters.

Held captive by the vile corsairs, the three were saved by Trisscar Swordmaid the squirrel and Shogg the otter, both adversaries of the Pure Ferrets, who commanded the Freebooters. Joining forces, the band of five set out for Redwall Abbey. Sagax became good friends with Triss and Shogg, and joined in the search for the lost badger keep of Brockhall.

In the chambers of the great dwelling, Sagax joined his newfound friends in battle with the Freebooters and three evil adders. Overtaken by the fearsome Bloodwrath, he slew the adder known as Harssacss. He helped cleanse the woodlands of Freebooters, and joined Triss as she sailed to Riftgard, home of the Pure Ferrets. Pausing only to stop at Salamandastron and Peace Island, Sagax and company overthrew the vermin and freed their slaves.

Afterwards, Sagax came to live at Redwall with Bescarum. He planned to visit home once every season, and also arrange for his parents Hightor and Merola to visit the Abbey.

Sagaxus' weapon is a massive battleaxe taken from Plugg Firetail, a Freebooter captain who lost it when he died during a battle with a Pure Ferret when he was eaten by three snakes. His name came from the fact that his mother hoped he would grow to be like his ancestor, Russano the Wise.


Lonna Bowstripe

Never having known his mother or father, Lonna was raised by an older badger named Grawn. Born with the gifts of a Seer, Lonna saw that his friend's time was growing short. The two made their way towards Salamandastron, where the old badger could live in peace. However, they were set upon by the vermin crew of Raga Bol, who killed old Grawn and wounded Lonna, giving him a scar across his face. However, Lonna was able to take Raga's left paw.

Left for dead, Lonna was found by a local group of sea otters. After recovering and spending some time with them, he departed in search of vengeance. Along the way, he met a troop of squirrels, and during time spent with them he discovered a love for young ones echoing that of Badger Lord Sunflash the Mace. He later encountered a party of travelers from Redwall Abbey, and spent some time with them.

One of the party carried the sword of Martin the Warrior. Admiring it at night, Lonna met the spirit of Martin, who told him to come to Redwall. The Abbey, under siege by Raga Bol and his vermin, was defended by a gallant few. Joining forces with the beleaguered beasts, he killed Raga and the entire vermin horde. Later, he would complete his journey to Salamandastron, and become Badger Lord.

As his name would suggest, Lonna's main weapon was a massive yew-bow. With arrows large enough to serve other creatures as spears, Lonna was the most accurate archer ever to face vermin. He also carried a long knife, taken from a slain rat. Lonna's most dangerous weapon, though, was his great strength and the Bloodwrath. Taken with this force, Lonna was so unstoppable that he destroyed every vermin who invaded Redwall.


Lady Melesme

Badger Lady of Salamandastron, Melesme ruled the mountain at the time that Gulo the Savage came to Mossflower country. After losing eight hares to the beast's cannibals, she sent along a hundred Long Patrol hares to track them down, accompanied by Rakkety Tam MacBurl and Wild Doogy Plumm. Melesme was a kind old badger, very regal in manner and look, but by the time Gulo had arrived she was old and worn, nothing like the fierce fighter she was in her youth.

("Rakkety Tam")

Mandoral Highpeak

Ruler of the mountain of Salamandastron and commander of the Long Patrol, Mandoral lived in the time of Tiria Wildlough, High Rhulain and Queen of Green Isle. He met the warrior otter when she came to Salamandastron at the behest of her transportation, a hare from Mandoral's Long Patrol. Mandoral greeted her cordially, and brought her into his stronghold.

Mandoral spoke to Tiria in his inner sanctum, speaking to her of her ancestor, the former Queen. He revealed that she had been a friend of past Badger Lord Urthwyte the Mighty, and how the albino badger had made a new set of regalia for her that she had never come to claim. Mandoral then presented it to Tiria, and sent a band of thirty hares with her to liberate Green Isle.

Mandoral later sent a letter to the current Abbess of Redwall Abbey, Lycian, another friend of Tiria's. He told her that he was in possession of two ships: one which Tiria had traveled in, the other liberated by Mandoral from a band of vermin "not fit to walk its decks." The latter was named for Cuthbert Blanedale Frunk, the leader of the forces Mandoral sent to Green Isle. He sent the two ships and their Long Patrol crews up the river to Redwall, where they would take on several Redwallers to visit Green Isle.

Mandoral Highpeak, as a Badger Lord, was a massive and fierce warrior. However, rather like his esteemed predecessors Russano the Wise and Sunflash the Mace, he was a dedicated scholar. His chosen weapon was likely a sword, axe, spear, or club of some kind, typical of most badger warriors.

("High Rhulain")

Lord Asheye

Born Ferlon, the elder and more aggressive of a pair of brothers, Lord Asheye was a beast of the Bloodwrath who ended up becoming the Badger Lord of Salamandastron. Ferlon's name was changed as a result of his terrifying gray eyes, while his younger and gentler brother, Melutar, became a wisebeast known as the Tabura. After years of fighting and taking injuries, Asheye was left blinded, requiring a staff to get about.

Visited by the spirits of past Badger Lords, Asheye was informed that by a certain autumn he would never again be seen on Salamandastron, and that his successor would be found at Redwall Abbey. Dispatching a young haremaid to seek the new Lord, Asheye waited until the badger in question, Gorath the Flame, arrived. Welcoming the newcomer to Salamandastron, Asheye left him in charge of the mountain and came to Redwall Abbey after hearing the joyous news of his brother's continued existence at the Abbey. The two lived out the rest of their lives there, becoming adopted grandfathers to Gorath's daughter, Rowanbloom.


Gorath the Flame

A young badger from the Northern Isles who was seriously afflicted with the Bloodwrath, Gorath lost all of his family but two grandparents as a result of his relatives fighting against vermin. He and his grandparents lived as farmers in the Northern Isles after becoming stranded there, and it was soon discovered that Gorath was afflicted by the Bloodwrath. Despite this, he had not known the life of a warrior until his home was attacked by Vizka Longtooth's pirates, resulting in his grandparents' deaths and a head injury that ended up leaving Gorath with a permanent red scar, hence the addition of "the Flame" to his name. Taken prisoner by the pirates, Gorath was beaten and starved for some time before being rescued by another captive, Orkwil Prink, who had come from Redwall Abbey.

Making his way to the Abbey, Gorath spent a short time recovering from his traumatic experiences and overcoming a debilitating fever. Once fit, he set out to seek vengeance on Vizka's crew, losing himself in the Bloodwrath and attacking numerous vermin, most of them Brownrats unaffiliated with Vizka at the time. Suffering a faint as a result, he was found and cared for by two other badgers: a wise mystic called the Tabura and his young ward, a badgermaid named Salixa. Gorath was immediately enchanted by Salixa, becoming her constant companion at the Tabura's behest. Together, they joined the creatures of Mossflower Woods and Redwall Abbey in defeating two armies of vermin, Salixa helping Gorath to overcome the Bloodwrath. Mastering his affliction, Gorath slew Vizka Longtooth and avenged his fallen kin.

Boarding Vizka's captured ship, renamed the "Eulalia", Gorath and Salixa journeyed with several companions to Salamandastron so that they could take up residence there, having already sworn their love for each other. They then discovered that Lord Asheye, the previous Lord, was in fact the brother of the Tabura. Both older badgers became the adopted grandfathers of Gorath and Salixa's daughter, Rowanbloom.

Like many badgers, Gorath carried a long bladed weapon; however, his differed from the usual in being a pitchfork called Tung, rather than a sword or other implement specifically intended for battle.



Orphaned at an early age, Salixa was held captive by a vermin band at an early age. Rescued by a wise badger known as the Tabura, who proceeded to kill all the vermin, Salixa became his ward and received her name from him, meaning "the slender willow tree" because of her slimness. She spent a number of years with him, learning the art of healing but also how to defend herself with a sling.

Eventually, Salixa and the Tabura came to Mossflower at a time when it was threatened by both pirates and barbarian Brownrats. Nearing Redwall Abbey, they came across Gorath the Flame, another young badger suffering from the Bloodwrath and intent on destroying the fox Vizka Longtooth. Helping Gorath to recover from a faint, Salixa quickly became attached to him, and the two became inseparable as time passed. After stopping briefly at Redwall Abbey, the two young badgers set out together to do battle with the vermin hordes, eventually joined by friends from the Abbey and defeating the enemies. Salixa then accompanied Gorath to Salamandastron, where they became the Badger Lord and Lady in place of the aged Lord Asheye, who was revealed to be the older brother of the Tabura. In later seasons, Salixa would give birth to her and Gorath's daughter, Rowanbloom.



Daughter of Lord Gorath the Flame and Lady Salixa of Salamandastron, Rowanbloom is a young badgermaid born some time after her parents' exploits against the fox Vizka Longtooth. Having heard tales about Redwall Abbey in her youth, she was quite thrilled to learn when she was old enough that she would be going there and staying for four seasons to learn from her adopted grandfathers, Lord Asheye and the Tabura.



*Boar is voiced by Colin Bean in the full-cast audiobook.
*Sunflash was voiced by Simon Smithies in the full-cast audiobook of "Mossflower".
*Rawnblade was voiced by Marc Jacques in the full-cast audiobook.
*In the audio book, Urthstripe is voiced by Paul Braithwaite.
*Urthwyte is voiced by Greg Longridge in the audio book.
*Orlando is voiced by Roy Carruthers in the full-cast audiobook, and in the Redwall (TV series), he is voiced by actor Anthony Bekenn.
*Cregga was voiced in the full-cast audiobook of "The Taggerung" by Beth Cassidy.
*For his cameo appearance in "the Taggerung", Russano was voiced by Ron Meadows.
*Sagaxus was voiced by Ron Meadows.
*Lonna was voiced by Greg Longridge in the full-cast audiobook.
*Melesme was voiced by Beth Cassidy.
*Mandoral was voiced by Gordon Hall in the full-cast audiobook.

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