Tiger Island (Dreamworld)

Tiger Island (Dreamworld)
Tiger Island
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Trainers interact with the tigers in the exhibit.
Location Dreamworld
Coordinates 27°51′52.91″S 153°19′4.13″E / 27.8646972°S 153.3178139°E / -27.8646972; 153.3178139Coordinates: 27°51′52.91″S 153°19′4.13″E / 27.8646972°S 153.3178139°E / -27.8646972; 153.3178139
Opened 1995 (1995)
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Tiger Island is wildlife attraction at the Dreamworld amusement park on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.[1] In 2010, the area was home to twelve tigers[2] and two cougars.[3] The exhibit is home to both the Bengal and Sumatran tiger species.[2]



Tiger Island opened in 1995 as one of only two interactive tiger exhibits in the world. The exhibit featured various locations for the tigers to live, swim and play. Just three years later in October 1998, Dreamworld welcomed their first litter of four Bengal Tiger cubs consisting of Rama, Sita, Sultan and Taj. In 2007, the first litter of Sumatran tiger cubs were born featuring Indah and Rahni.[4] A nursery and smaller tiger enclosure were constructed to showcase the younger tigers before being released into the main exhibit.[1][5]


Name Species Date of Birth Sex Colour Weight Other Information Meaning of name Notes
Jaya Sumatran 2008-06-099th June 2008 FFemale.svg Golden with dark stripes 07070 kilograms (150 lb) Jaya was born with two sisters Shanti and Ndari. Victory [6]
Kato Bengal 2001-10-2424th October 2001 MMale.svg Golden with dark stripes 160160 kilograms (350 lb) Born in a wildlife park in Sydney and was transferred less than a month later. Pure [7]
Mohan Bengal 1994-11-22nd November 1994 MMale.svg White with light stripes 180180 kilograms (400 lb) Mohan was born in the United States before being transferred to Dreamworld for the opening of Tiger Island. Charming [8]
Ndari Sumatran 2008-06-099th June 2008 FFemale.svg Golden with dark stripes 07070 kilograms (150 lb) Ndari was born with two sisters Shanti and Jaya. Full moon [9]
Rahni Sumatran 2007-03-3131st March 2007 FFemale.svg Golden with dark stripes 08080 kilograms (180 lb) One of the first litter of Sumatran tiger cubs born at Dreamworld. Her father is Raja. Brave [10]
Raja Sumatran 2003-12-2525th December 2003 MMale.svg Golden with dark stripes 110110 kilograms (240 lb) Due to not being hand-raised, Raja cannot be handled by Tiger Island staff and lives in a purpose build exhibit in the back of house. King [11]
Rama Bengal 1998-10-2323rd October 1998 MMale.svg Golden with light stripes 180180 kilograms (400 lb) Son of Mohan and brother to Sultan, Sita and Taj. Kindly God [12]
Sali Sumatran 2008-04-1111th April 2008 FFemale.svg Golden with dark stripes 07070 kilograms (150 lb) Born in captivity at Perth Zoo. Steadfast [13]
Shanti Sumatran 2008-06-099th June 2008 FFemale.svg Golden with dark stripes 07070 kilograms (150 lb) Shanti was born with two sisters Jaya and Ndari. Inner Peace [14]
Sita Bengal 1998-10-2323rd October 1998 FFemale.svg Golden with light stripes 135135 kilograms (300 lb) Daughter of Mohan and sister to Rama, Sultan and Taj. Goddess of the Land [15]
Sultan Bengal 1998-10-2323rd October 1998 MMale.svg Golden with dark stripes 200200 kilograms (440 lb) Son of Mohan and brother to Rama, Sita and Taj. Ruler [16]
Taj Bengal 1998-10-2323rd October 1998 MMale.svg White with light stripes 195195 kilograms (430 lb) Son of Mohan and brother to Rama, Sita and Sultan. Crown [17]


Name Meaning of name Date of Birth Sex Colour Weight Other Information Notes
Inca Abundance 1995-07-044th July 1995 FFemale.svg Fawn 035Between 35 kilograms (77 lb) and 40 kilograms (88 lb). Born in New South Wales and moved to Dreamworld three weeks after birth with her sister Sierra. [18]
Sierra Mountains 1995-07-044th July 1995 FFemale.svg Fawn 035Between 35 kilograms (77 lb) and 40 kilograms (88 lb). Born in New South Wales and moved to Dreamworld three weeks after birth with her sister Inca. [19]

Tiger Presentations

A tiger drinking milk from a trainers hand during a Tiger Presentation.
One of the tigers retrieving food from the top of a post during the show.

Tiger Presentations are performed twice daily in the main exhibit. Guests can watch as the tigers perform many natural behaviours which showcase their agility. Throughout the presentation the tigers climb 20-foot (6.1 m) trees and jump up to 10-foot (3.0 m) into the air.[20][21]

Dreamworld Tiger Fund

Since 1997, Dreamworld has run the Dreamworld Tiger Fund which aims to support various projects that help save tigers in the wild. The fund has contributed over a million dollars to this cause in the past 15 years. The fund relies on a percentage of profits from merchandise sales, tiger walks and tiger photos as well as donations from the Dreamworld's guests and the wider community.[22]

Shopping & Dining

Overlooking the tiger exhibit exists a merchandise and a dining outlet. Guests can purchase tiger merchandise at Bengal Bazaar and buy food and beverage items at the Bengal Tea House.[5]

See also

  • The Lair (Dreamworld), an adjacent exotic animal exhibit at Dreamworld


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