Bongo–Bagirmi languages

Bongo–Bagirmi languages
CAR, Chad, South Sudan
Linguistic classification: Nilo-Saharan?
  • Central Sudanic
    • Western ?
      • Bongo–Bagirmi

The Bongo–Bagirmi languages are the major branch of the Central Sudanic language family with about forty languages. Principal groups include Bagirmi languages such as Naba and the Sara languages.


The Bongo–Bagirmi languages are for the most part poorly studied, and there is little agreement and to their internal classification. The table below is taken from Lionel Bender, as summarized in Blench (2000).

  • Bongo–Baka
  • Kara (= Tar Gula ?)
  • Sinyar (Shemya)
  • Bagirmi
  • Sara
  • Doba (Bedjond, Gor, Mango)
  • Kaba
  • Vale
  • Yulu (Yulu–Binga)

Ethnologue subsumes all branches but Bongo–Baka, Kara, and Sinyar under Sara–Bagirmi, and many of the languages are placed differently than in Bender & Blench.

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