Oute gata oute zimia

Oute gata oute zimia
Oute gata oute zimia
Ούτε γάτα ούτε ζημιά
Directed by Alekos Sakellarios
Written by Christos Giannakopoulos
Starring Vassilis Logothetidis
Ilya Livykou
Lambros Konstantaras
Mimis Fotopoulos
Rena Stratigou
Dina Stathatou
Charis Kamili
Margarita Lambrinou
Distributed by Finos Films
Release date(s) Greece 1954
Running time 90 min
Country Greece
Language Greek

Oute gata oute zimia (Greek: Ούτε γάτα ούτε ζημιά, No Cats, No Damages) is a 1954 Greek black-and-white film directed by Alekos Sakellarios and Christios Giannakopoulos.



A member of a large company Lalakis Makrykostas (Vassilis Logothetidis) is married with a beautiful and younger lady Popi (Ilyi Livykou) in which had romantic ways from a great man Nikos Koutroumbas (Lambros Konstantaras), they fell in love and trusted together. For one day, a friend of Popi, Kiki (Margarita Lambrinou), paid that she believed that Lalakas in his continuous travels that they went along with his lost lady. In between, Lalakis communicated that they left for a clean visit to Thessaloniki. They also had a doubt on their trip, in which did not reacted worstly. A little later from their split from Lalaki, he learnt that from Tasia's service (Dina Stathatou) that Lalakis went to Thessaloniki not only to work but to do something. He think that he went for a trip with Koutroubas to a village in Viotia, Thymaria for that he tried Lalaki. Therem the two lovers welcomed from a station master Stelios Molfetas (Mimis Fotopoulos) which he is an old friend of Nikos and his wife Froso (Charis Kamili). Later on, Lalakis with his ex Lolota (Rena Stratigou) travelled on a train to Thessaloniki. They get off from a train in Thymaria for asking Lolota for an aspirin, and lost. The station master tried to reunited them. Then, Lalakis asked his wife, in which brought like that they were known, and done the same. During the late night hours, Lalakis tried to show himself that he was known that it is his woman in which it foiled. In the morning, Popi with his lover left before Lalakis came and later, Lalakis went back home, Pipi was also there, did that she did not know nothing about yesterday. In which Lalakis knew from the servant on the telephone and Popi began to laugh, thinking that his joke that answered in Thymaria.


  • Finos Films
  • Greek Cinematic Centre/Center

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