Argentine Federal Police

Argentine Federal Police

Infobox Law enforcement agency
agencyname = Argentine Federal Police
nativename = Policía Federal Argentina
nativenamea =
nativenamer =
abbreviation = PFA
patch =
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logo =
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badge =
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flagcaption =
motto = Al servicio de la comunidad
mottotranslated = To serve the community
formed = 1821
preceding1 =
employees =
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budget =
country = Argentina
federal = Yes

mapcaption =
sizearea =
sizepopulation =
legaljuris = opsjuris
governingbody =
constitution1 =
police = footnote
local = footnote
overviewtype =
overviewbody =
headquarters = Departamento Central de Policía, 1650 Moreno Street, Buenos Aires
sworn =
unsworn =
electeetype =
minister1name =
minister1pfo = Ministry of Interior
chief1name = Néstor Vallecca
chief1position = Chief, Comisario General
chief2name = Jorge Oriolo
chief2position = Deputy Chief, Comisario Mayor
unittype =
unitname =
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website = (Spanish)
footnotes = The Policía Federal Argentina, while a federal agency, also provides direct policing to tha capital city Buenos Aires
Phone: 54 11 4378-5800/4346-7000/4809-6100

The "Policía Federal Argentina" (PFA; in English Argentine Federal Police) is a nationwide police force, it is the federal police agency of Argentina, with detachments in each of the country's provinces. Because of this, most routine police work is carried out by the provincial police (equivalent to state police in the United States), with the exception of the capital city of Buenos Aires, where the PFA also assumes the role of the local police. The Argentine Federal Police is being phased out in favor of the newer, more sophisticated Policía Metropolitana de Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires Metropolitan Police) [, Tuesday, Mar. 18, 2008 at 1:44 PM. [ Macri Presents the Metropolitan Police] .]


The history of this police force starts in 1580 and is divided in three stages. The first one includes the "Policía de Buenos Aires" (Buenos Aires Police), for the first three hundred years up to 1880. The second stage (1880-1943) corresponds to the "Policía de la Capital" (Police of the Capital), and the last one to the present PFA (since 1943).

General Organization

The PFA is subordinate to the Ministry of Interior. The organization is headed by the Chief of the PFA, the "Comisario General" Néstor Vallecca, assisted by the Deputy Chief of the PFA, "Comisario General" Jorge Oriolo.

The PFA's main facility, known as the "Departamento Central de Policía", is located at 1650 Moreno Street, Buenos Aires.

The organization of the PFA is as follows:

*Jefatura" (Headquarters)

*"Subjefatura" (Subheadquarters)

*"Superintendencias" (Superintendencies)
***"Superintendencia de Administración" (Superintendency of Administration)
***"Superintendencia de Bienestar" (Superintendency of Welfare)
***"Superintendencia Federal de Bomberos" (Federal Superintendency of Firemen)
***"Superintendencia de Interior" (Superintendency of Interior)
***"Superintendencia de Investigaciones Federales" (Superintendency of Federal Investigations)
***"Superintendencia de Planificación y Desarrollo" (Superintendency of Planning and Development)
***"Superintendencia de Seguridad Metropolitana" (Superintendency of Metropolitan Security)
***"Superintendencia de Personal, Instrucción y Derechos Humanos" (Superintendency of Personnel, Instruction and Human Rights)
***"Superintendencia de Policía Científica" (Superintendency of Scientific Police)
***"Superintendencia de Comunicaciones" (Superintendency of Communications)

**"Direcciones Generales Autónomas" (General Autonomic Directorates)
***"Dirección General Autónoma de Asuntos Jurídicos" (General Autonomic Directorate of Legal Affairs)
***"Dirección General Autónoma de Asuntos Internos" (General Autonomic Directorate of Internal Affairs)

Superintendencies are commanded by a "superintendente", a less common word in Spanish. Both "superintendente" and the much more common Spanish word "comisario" normally translate into English as superintendent, which creates some translation problems when discussing Argentine police services.

Police Ranks

Officer Ranks (in descending order)

Sub-Officer Ranks (in descending order)


ee also

*Albatross Group
*Scorpion Group
*Hawk Special Operations Brigade
*Federal Special Operations Group
*Interior Security System
*Law Enforcement in Argentina

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