Oswald (surname)

Oswald (surname)

Oswald as surname

  • Alice Oswald (born 1966), British poet
  • Andrew Oswald (born 1953), British economist
  • David Oswald, American football player
  • Debra Oswald (born 1959), Australian writer
  • Denis Oswald (born 1947), Swiss rower
  • Ferdinand Oswald (born 1990), German footballer
  • Gerd Oswald (1919–1989), American film director
  • Henrique Oswald (1852–1931), Brazilian composer
  • Ian Oswald (born 1929), British scientist
  • James Oswald (1711–1769), Scottish composer
  • James Oswald (1715–1769), Scottish politician
  • James Oswald (1748–1814), Scottish politician
  • James Oswald (1838–1908), British politician
  • Jimmy Oswald (1868–1948), Scottish footballer
  • John Oswald (1760–1793), Scottish philosopher and political figure
  • John Oswald (1771–1840), British military officer
  • John Oswald (born 1953), Canadian composer and classical musician
  • John Oswald, Scottish footballer
  • Julian Oswald (born 1933), British naval officer
  • Kai Oswald (born 1977), German footballer
  • Karsten Oswald (born 1975), German footballer
  • Lance W. Oswald (born 1937), Australian footballer
  • Lee Harvey Oswald (1939–1963), American assassin
  • Lucas Oswald (born 1988), American musician
  • Pascal Oswald (born 1980), Swiss skeleton racer
  • Peter Oswald, British playwright
  • Philipp Oswald (born 1986), Austrian tennis player
  • Richard Oswald (1705–1784), Scottish merchant
  • Richard Oswald (1771–1841), Scottish politician
  • Richard Oswald (1880–1963), Austrian film director
  • Rob Oswald (born 1964), American drummer
  • Stephen S. Oswald (born 1951), American astronaut
  • Theresa Oswald, Canadian politician
  • Thomas Oswald (1904–1990), British politician
  • Walter Oswald (born 1955), German footballer
  • William D. Oswald (born 1936), American missionary

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