Prince Oskar of Prussia (b. 1959)

Prince Oskar of Prussia (b. 1959)
Prince Oskar
Spouse Auguste Zimmermann von Siefart
Prince Oskar
Princess Wilhelmine
Prince Albert
Full name
Oskar Michael Hans Karl Prinz von Preußen
Father Prince Wilhelm Karl of Prussia
Mother Armgard von Veltheim
Born 6 May 1959 (1959-05-06) (age 52)

Prince Oskar of Prussia (Oskar Michael Hans Karl Prinz von Preußen; 6 May 1959) is a member of the House of Hohenzollern and the thirty-seventh Herrenmeister ("Master of the Knights") of the Johanniterorden, having succeeded his father in the position in 1999. Prince Oskar holds a doctorate in history.



Prince Oskar was born in Bonn, Germany, the son of Prince Wilhelm Karl of Prussia and his wife, Armgard von Veltheim (who was born in 1926). He is the great-grandson of the last German emperor, Wilhelm II. He descends through Wilhelm II’s fifth son, Prince Oskar of Prussia (who served as the thirty-fifth Herrenmeister of the Johanniterorden). Despite his grandfather’s morganatic marriage to Ina-Marie von Bassewitz, Countess of Ruppin, Prince Oskar’s dynastic claim is still believed legitimate by some who subscribe to Hohenzollern House Law - alleged invoked by Wilhelm II to formally recognize Oskar's and Ina-Maria's family as dynastic. If this ruling carries legal weight, Prince Oskar is fourth in the current line of succession to the German throne.

Marriage and issue

Oskar was married to Auguste Zimmermann von Siefart (born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, on May 16, 1962) on October 3, 1992. The couple have three children: an older son, Oskar Julius Alvo Carlos, Prince of Prussia (born in 1993); a daughter, Wilhelmine, Princess of Prussia (1995); and a younger son, Albert Burchard Carl Marcus Nikolaus, Prince of Prussia (1998). Oskar and Albert rank fifth and sixth in the line of succession to the German throne.

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