Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Subphylum: Chelicerata
Class: Arachnida
Subclass: Acari
Order: Ixodida
Family: Argasidae
Subfamily: Ornithodorinae
Genus: Ornithodoros
C. L. Koch, 1837
Type species
Ornithodoros savignyi
Audouin, 1827[1]
Synonyms [1]
  • Microargas Hoogstraal & Kohls, 1966 (as subgenus)
  • Ornamentum Clifford, Kohls & Sonenshine, 1964
  • Pavlovskyella Klompen & Oliver, 1993 (as subgenus)
  • Proknekalia Keirans, Hoogstraal & Clifford, 1977
  • Reticulinasus Schulze, 1941
  • Theriodoros Pospelova-Shtrom, 1950

Ornithodoros is a genus in the soft-bodied tick family, Argasidae. The Linnean name derives from ornithos (Greek: ὄρνιθος) and doros (Greek: Δωρόν), meaning "bird" and "gift," respectively. It contains the following species:[1][2]

  • Ornithodoros alactagalis
  • Ornithodoros amblus
  • Ornithodoros antiguus
  • Ornithodoros apertus
  • Ornithodoros arenicolous
  • Ornithodoros asperus
  • Ornithodoros boliviensis
  • Ornithodoros brasiliensis
  • Ornithodoros cholodkovskyi
  • Ornithodoros compactus
  • Ornithodoros coniceps
  • Ornithodoros coriaceus
  • Ornithodoros eremicus
  • Ornithodoros erraticus
  • Ornithodoros furcosus
  • Ornithodoros graingeri
  • Ornithodoros grenieri
  • Ornithodoros gurneyi
  • Ornithodoros hermsi
  • Ornithodoros indica
  • Ornithodoros kelleyi
  • Ornithodoros knoxjonesi
  • Ornithodoros lahorensis
  • Ornithodoros macmillani
  • Ornithodoros maritimus
  • Ornithodoros marocanus
  • Ornithodoros moubata
  • Ornithodoros muesebecki
  • Ornithodoros nattereri
  • Ornithodoros nicollei
  • Ornithodoros normandi
  • Ornithodoros parkeri
  • Ornithodoros porcinus
  • Ornithodoros procaviae
  • Ornithodoros rostratus
  • Ornithodoros rudis
  • Ornithodoros savignyi
  • Ornithodoros sonrai
  • Ornithodoros spheniscus
  • Ornithodoros steini
  • Ornithodoros talaje
  • Ornithodoros tartakovskyi
  • Ornithodoros tholozani
  • Ornithodoros transversus
  • Ornithodoros turicata


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