Orbital Technologies Commercial Space Station

Orbital Technologies Commercial Space Station

The Orbital Technologies Commercial Space Station is an orbital space station intended for commercial clients. The station was proposed in 2010 by Orbital Technologies, a Russian aerospace firm, who is collaborating to develop the station with Rocket and Space Corporation Energia (RSC Energia).[1]

Orbital Technologies
Commercial Space Station
Station statistics
Diameter 3 m (9.8 ft)
Pressurised volume 20 m3 (710 cu ft)

As proposed, the station would consist of a single module of approximately 3 metres (9.8 ft) diameter with a usable volume of about 20 m3 (710 cu ft).[1]

As of November 2010, the company was "looking to launch in the next five years or so," ... "in 2015 or 2016."[1]

At that time, several customers were "under contract from the commercial space industry and the scientific community interested in areas such as medical research, protein crystallization, and materials processing, as well as from the geographic imaging and remote-sensing industry. Media projects have also been proposed [as have] tourism."[1]


Financial sponsors

The station is receiving support from the Russian Federal Space Agency, who is also encouraging private participation. It is hoped the station "will attract private investment for the Russian space industry."[1]


The station "will be serviced by Russian Soyuz and Progress spacecraft and potentially other commercially available vehicles."[1]

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