Opera Solutions

Opera Solutions
Opera Solutions, LLC
Type Private
Founded 2004
Founder(s) Arnab Gupta
Headquarters New York/New Jersey United States
Area served Worldwide
Employees 600 (2011)
Website www.operasolutions.com

Opera Solutions, LLC is a technology and analytics company mainly focused on capturing profit growth opportunities emerging from Big Data.[1] The firm uses a combination of analytics, technology, machine learning science, large-scale data management, and human expertise[2] to build and deliver analytics solutions to large and mid-sized clients in a number of sectors,[3]including financial services, investment firms, consumer goods, retail, manufacturing, distribution, and government. Opera delivers predictive analytics via cloud-based lean enterprise platforms, custom projects, and strategic affiliations.[2]



Established in 2004 by CEO Arnab Gupta, the firm has 600 employees from over 30 countries[4], including more than 150 scientists.[5] Opera is headquartered in the New York/New Jersey metro area with offices in Jersey City, New York, Boston, London, Paris, San Diego, Shanghai, and New Delhi. The latter three offices support the firm’s analytic and technological activities, developing new models, applications and analytics delivery platforms.


On September 14, 2011, Opera Solutions announced that it had raised $84 million [6] in capital that the company says it will use to build and expand their engineering and sales force. [7] The round was led by Silver Lake Sumeru, with participation from Accel-KKR, Invus Financial Advisors, JGE Capital Management, and Tola Capital. [8]

Netflix Prize

In 2009 Opera participated in the Netflix Prize, a three-year-long analytics competition sponsored by the U.S. online movie rental company Netflix.[9] Opera was part of "The Ensemble", a three-team consortium that finished second, with model performance tied with the winner. The contest attracted 41,000 teams from 186 countries.[10]

Big Data Discourse Series

In April 2011, Opera Solutions began what it calls the "Big Data Discourse Series," a series of discussion events with private sector and government leaders focused on the societal and business impact of Big Data.[11] To date, the series has featured Newark Mayor Cory Booker[12][13] and Michael Chertoff[14][15], the former head of the United States Department of Homeland Security under George W. Bush, as keynote speakers.


Opera Solutions was criticised by Ben Goldacre in a Guardian article[16] regarding the 2011 Opera Solutions UK White Paper, "Realising Savings Through Procurement Optimisation",[17] which stated that local government is missing the opportunity to save 10–20 per cent on procurement spending because of a lack of spending visibility and insight. Goldacre criticised Opera's report as "astonishing, shameless bait and switch", saying "these figures are all presented out of nowhere". The criticism was in response to the promotion of Opera's white paper by UK Communities and Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles MP,[18][19][20][21] as well as the frequent citation of the study in British popular press.[22][23]


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