Online Production Music

Online Production Music
Online Production Music
Type Music Publishing
Industry Music
Founded 2006
Headquarters London, England, UK
Key people Josh Parker
Products Production Music

Online Production Music (commonly referred to as just OPM)[citation needed], is a production music library, based in London, England

OPM primary focus is digital distribution of production music, not only for convenience and ease of use but also to minimize the waste of space and materials CD's can produce.

OPM tailors each album for film, documentaries, trailers and promos/idents and most broadcast productions. Within the OPM catalogue is the TNT Trailer series, intended for movie trailer music, recorded with live orchestra and choir, the same approach is used for all orchestral albums in the catalogue. OPM’s roster of artists range from well known TV & film writers such as Alan Parker (musician) and Timothy Despic to commercial bands & musicians such as Graham Preskett & vocalist Lisa Abbott to name a few.

The catalogue of music published by OPM can be licensed throughout the world by their sub-publishers. 5Alarm Music & Sonoton are a few of examples of publishers in other territories who represent OPM in particular countries.


International Activities 2009

OPM has representation in the following countries from year 2009: UK, USA, Canada, France, Belgium, Germany, Australia, Denmark, Singapore, Netherlands, Baltics, New Zealand, Malaysia, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Luxembourg, Monaco, Austria, Greece, Mexico, Poland, South Africa, South Korea, China, Taiwan.

Digital Media

All audio and artwork can be viewed, auditioned and downloaded in either format WAV or MP3 from the OPM website. As well as CD box-set of a selection of music and DVD.

OPM also has an extensive range of both official and unofficial fan pages on social networking sites Facebook, Youtube and Linkedin.[citation needed]


OPM is publisher on a new iPhone application due for release in 2010 based upon the TV series This Is Your Life and all secondary exploitation from the new version.

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