One Way (South Korean band)

One Way (South Korean band)
One Way
Origin South Korea
Genres R&B, hip-hop
Years active 2010 – present
Labels Yejeon Media
Young Sky

One Way is a contemporary South Korean R&B/Hip Hop group managed by YJ Media, also known as YJ Entertainment.
The trio consists of Leader/vocals Chance (Michael Kim),vocals Peter (Peter Hyun) and rapper YoungSky (Cho Jun Young). They made their debut on March 6, 2010 on MBC’s Music Core with their promotional single, Magic. Since their recent debut, they have appeared in many radio shows such as MBC Starry Night, TBS K-popular hosted by As One, TBS Music Planet hosted by, and ARIRANG Evening Groove hosted by DJ Dorothy.

One Way is considered to be an up rising R&B group that is garnering not only attention in South Korea but also gaining International attention for composing their own music and their unique "one way sound". They posted up various covers on their official Youtube Channel such as Ne-Yo's Sexy Love and made their official debut on Youtube with their selfwritten track U-Drag, which is also featured on their first episode called One Way Street.

Peter and Young Sky first met in middle school in Sydney, Australia but later on, Young Sky moved to California where he met Chance in high school. All three members are fluent in English and Korean.

One Way's debut in the United States took place at Stony Brook University's K-Night on April 7, 2011 followed by Rutgers University's ProjectKorea - IV on April 8, 2011.




Name: Kim Michael Jung (김 정)
Stage Name: Chance
Position: Leader, Lead Vocalist, Rapper
Birthday: October 22, 1986(Registered Birthdate), June 18, 1986(Actual Birthdate)
Birth Place: Seoul, South Korea. Raised in Los Angeles, California (K-Town)
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 64 kg
Education: Berklee College of Music
Musical influences: D’Angelo (especially "Brown Sugar" Album), Prince, Michael Jackson, Earth, Wind & Fire
Chance was the lead singer of an American band called "Xtacy Xport" before forming the group One Way with fellow members Peter and Young Sky.


Name: Hyun Peter (현 피터)
Stage Name: Peter
Position: Main Vocalist, Choreography
Birthday: December 3, 1985
Birth Place: Seoul, South Korea. Raised in Sydney, Australia.
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 61 kg
Education: Newtown High School (in Sydney, Australia)
Musical influences: Ne-Yo, dancing & singing: Michael Jackson, composing: Musiq Souldchild

Peter had prior experience in the Korean Music Industry in 2008 when he debuted as a solo artist under a different label. His title song and album name was "Showman". Later on, he released the single "Like a Flower". Undefeated Australian 5 time dance champion between 1997–2001

Young Sky

Name: Cho Jun Young (조준영)
Stage Name: Young Sky
Position: Rapper
Birthday: April 4, 1988
Birth Place: Seoul, South Korea. Raised in Sydney, Australia up through Middle School. Moved to Los Angeles, California for High School.
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Education: Korea National Open University
Musical influences: Music in general, starting from classical, jazz, RnB to hip hop

Young Sky's first cameo appearance was in the 2009 South Korean boy band SHU-I's debut MV "Bomb Bomb Bomb". And also, before debuting with One Way, Young Sky was a rapper of duo underground hip hop group called 37 Degrees, along with his older brother, Kazmik Flow.


  • One Way Remix (May 19, 2010)

CD Tracklist:

1. U-drag
2. One-way
3. Magic
4. 없는 번호 (Obneun Beonho)
  • One Way Street (March 4, 2010)

CD Tracklist:

1. U-drag
2. One-way
3. Magic
4. 없는 번호 (Obneun Beonho)
6. Magic(R&B Remix)
7. Magic (instrumental)
8. 없는 번호 (instrumental)
  • One Way Street Philippine Edition (August 6, 2010)

CD Tracklist:

1. U-drag
2. One-way
3. Magic
4. 없는 번호 (Obneun Beonho)
6. Magic(R&B Remix)
7. Magic (instrumental)
8. 없는 번호 (instrumental)

Bonus tracks and bonus DVD Philippines Only Bonus Tracks:

9. Wrong Number (English Version)
10. Wrong Number (Remix)
11. Wrong Number (Collaboration with Christian Bautista)

Bonus DVD - Music Videos of:

1. Magic
2. Wrong Number
3. U Drag
4. One Way
  • Rainy Days (Digital Single) (August 6, 2010)
1. Rainy Days (Feat. Junsu of 2PM)
2. Rainy Days (English Unplugged Ver.)
  • Rainy Days (Full Album) (Jan 4, 2011)
1. The Forecast (feat. One Sound Choir)
2. Rainy Days (feat. 준수 of 2PM)
3. New Drag
4. 빠져
5. Forever
6. Flight 101(feat. As one)
7. Can’t Stop
8. Coffee (feat.
9. Rainy Days (Unplugged English Version)
10. A thousand Words
11. Coffee (Trumpet version) – Bonus Tracks
12. Forever (Harmonica version) – Bonus Tracks
13. A thousand words (Harmonica version) – Bonus Tracks
14. Rainy Days (Radio Edited Version) – Bonus Tracks


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