On Your Radar (album)

On Your Radar (album)
On Your Radar
Studio album by The Saturdays
Released 21 November 2011[1][2][3]
Recorded August 2010–September 2011[3]
Genre Pop, R&B, electropop
Label Polydor, Fascination
Producer Lucas Secon, Tracklacers, Steve Mac, Space Cowboy, Brian Higgins, Taio Cruz, Carl Falk, Rami Yacoub, Labrinth, MNEK
The Saturdays chronology
On Your Radar
Singles from On Your Radar
  1. "Notorious"
    Released: 22 May 2011
  2. "All Fired Up"
    Released: 4 September 2011
  3. "My Heart Takes Over"
    Released: 13 November 2011
  4. "Faster"
    Released: TBA

On Your Radar is the third full-length studio album by British-Irish pop girl-group The Saturdays. The album was released 21 November 2011 under Fascination Records. The follow-up to the 2009 studio album Wordshaker, On Your Radar is the third full-length studio album by the group after the release of Headlines! (2010), a mini-album that was later extended to feature more tracks from their second album Wordshaker. The album was recorded in Los Angeles and London. Steve Mac, who has been instrumental in the production of the band's previous albums, serves as a major collaborator. Additional producers and songwriters include Lucas Secon, Taio Cruz, Labrinth, Tracklacers, Space Cowboy and Brian Higgins.

The band have revealed that the album will feature dance and R&B music, with "clubbier" and "sexier" sounds, as well as ballads. They also said that they have "grown" as artists since the previous studio album, which was released in 2009. The album was influenced by Britney Spears, Rihanna and Katy Perry, as well as Adele and John Mayer and Jay-Z. The album's lead single "Notorious" was released on 22 May 2011. The song was compared to The Black Eyed Peas, Kelis and Rihanna, and received generally positive reviews. The second single from the album, "All Fired Up", was released in September 2011 which also gained positive reviews and third single, "My Heart Takes Over", will be released in November 2011.

The album will be released across Europe in the hope of cracking the European music industry. In order to promote the album, the band performed on the UK's ‘’So You Think You Can Dance’’ and ‘’T4 on the Beach’’. The album consists of duets with Travie McCoy and Chipmunk however, the Chipmunk track was the official remix of “Notorious” and did not appear on the album. After Una Healy announced her pregnancy, fans thought that On Your Radar would be the last album from the band, however they stated they would not split and Healy still had full commitment to the band. Upon the release of the album, the band will take on their third headlining concert tour, All Fired Up Tour. The band confirmed that the tour is set to have a big production.[4]


Background and development

The Saturdays said that the album would consist of Dance and R&B music.

After the band released their Extended play Headlines they announced that it would build or "act as a bridge" between their 2009 album, Wordshaker and the upcoming album (2011).[5] When the band began recording the album, they announced they would start taking risks in their music. Mollie King announced that their new sound is "dance floor" music.[6] Una Healy also said Dance music is massive at the moment so it's a dance track, but it also has something unique behind it. [Notorious] Got this drop-out chorus where it's just the beat and you can only hear our voices - there aren't many tracks like that, so it's a bit different."[6] Where in an interview with Vanessa White she said their new music would be a lot "sexier" and "definitely a different sound" while also saying their sound is more R&B. She also stated that the music is a lot sexier and more exciting than it used to be. She stated; "Our new album’s going to be a lot sexier than our old one, it’s definitely a different sound, we’re really excited about it, We’ve all grown up a bit now and that shows. It’s also a lot more R&B than anything we’ve done before, it’s very cool. Every time I think about the new single Notorious it makes me want to dance."[7] White also said that the band have "grown as artists" since their first album Chasing Lights (2008).

While the band were on The Headlines Tour in February 2011, Rochelle Wiseman confirmed that the band would be working with record producer Labrinth in the hope that he would write and produce a smash hit as he did with Tinie Tempah.[8] They later confirmed to be working with Alphabeat.[9][10] Taio Cruz was confirmed to be having an involvment within the album including writing and producing for the band.[11] Space Cowboy, who co-produced Lady Gaga's smash hits "Just Dance" and "Poker Face", has been confirmed to be working on the upcoming album.[12] On twitter it was confirmed that Carl Falk[13] and Rami Yacoub[14] had been working in the studio with the band and recorded a song titled "White Lies".[14] After it was posted [Falk and Yacoub posted on twitter to Mollie King] "Looking forward to record my song White Lies with u guys tomorrow!" which the pair have been confirmed to have produced.[15] Digital Spy confirmed that the band were working with Xenomania's Brian Higgins.[16] The band also revealed that they have been writing their own tracks for the album. "We've been in the studio writing loads, but we're also going to go somewhere quite remote for a week and just work on loads of songs together".[16] The band also revealed that they have "writing boot camp days" where the band go and write lyrics for the full day. As of May 2011, the band have written eight of the songs recorded.[17] They stressed that they wanted to record as many songs as they could to make sure they give the album the best chance of becoming a hit and making it the best album to-date.[17] It was also revealed by Example himself that he turned down the opportunity to record a collaboration with the band. He stated, "if he does not know them, he will not record with them; it's nothing personal."[18] The band confirmed that this album will be their first to be released globally as they are planning to break the European music market.[19] The album will be released in Germany on the same day as the United Kingdom.[6]

Katy Perry (left) and Britney Spears (right) two of the artists the band took influences from on their fourth studio album.

After the release of "Notorious" the band released a clothing line with high street store Miss Selfridge. The t-shirts feature lyrics from the band's songs "Notorious" and "Higher". The t-shirts were designed by the band themselves.[20] Chipmunk was later revealed to be working with the band on the album.[21] It was confirmed that he would feature on the official remix version "Notorious", the band's first single from the album.[21][22] It was revealed that the band had began working with Miranda Cooper, who has previously worked with Kylie Minogue, and Tinie Tempah producer MNEK.[23] and Tracklacers. The band revealed that a lot of the songs are about love, taking inspiration from their boyfriends, David Gandy [King], Wayne Bridge [Sandford], Marvin Humes [Wiseman] and Ben Foden [Healy].[20] White, the only single member of the band, said "All Fired Up" is definitely the dancingest song we've ever made and it's the danciest track on the album too but there are lots of different styles on the album. We understand that dance music is very big at the moment and when you're a pop act you can venture into different genres. We've done all sorts in the past, Forever Is Over was pop-rock almost and there are lots of ballads on the new album too.[24] She also said in September 2011 that they had "Pretty much finished the album, we're just adding the finishing touches to it now really I think. It's really exciting for us because we've actually written half of this album ourselves and we’re so excited to be selecting the songs that have made it onto the album.[24] The band revealed the their album will be released around Europe however, they do not have the time to promote it, however they will promote it in 2012 after they have finished the tour.[25] The band confirmed that "All Fired Up" sold the most copies in its first three days of release than any of their previous singles. Despite this it only managed to chart at number-three on the UK Singles Chart.[26] After Healy announced her pregnancy, rumour spread that the band would take a two year break after the release of the album, however the band rubbished the rumour and said they were at the busiest they have ever been and "that's the way they like it".[26]

Artwork and titling

The band spoke in an interview with Capital FM about the new album's artwork. The band stated "We cant tell you [the name] yet, but we just made the final approval of our album cover. You won't know what to expect because its so different. We are all naked for a start!"[27] The band confessed that they decided upon going naked for the album cover due to feeling exposed as, having written the majority of the album themselves, it will be a lot more personal than the previous three albums.[27] It was confirmed on 29th September 2011 that the album would be titled On Your Radar, a lyric taken from the album's second single "All Fired Up".[3] They also revealed that the artwork for the album would be released a week from 29 September 2011.[3]

Composition and recording

"Our new album’s going to be a lot sexier than our old one, it’s definitely a different sound, we’re really excited about it, We’ve all grown up a bit now and that shows. It’s also a lot more R&B than anything we’ve done before, it’s a very cool. Every time I think about the new single Notorious it makes me want to dance."

—Vanessa White[7]

The albums lead single, "Notorious" is produced by Steve Mac has been described as "Black Eyed Peas-esque" saying their new music sounds like something The Black Eyed Peas or Rihanna would release.[28] The band described the songs lyrics as "playful" with a "drop-out chorus"[6] and the song is often labelled "it’s a very cool" by the band.[7] Wonderland magazine asked the band to describe their new music in five words. They responded with "current", "fun", "naughty", "girly" and "dancy"[29] When Wonderland questionned the band asking if the whole album would be like "Notorious". Vanessa White said that the album was in working progress. She said they want a massive bunch of songs to pick from and they'll get the best ones from that. Where Una Healy stated, "I think every artist needs to, sort of, reinvent themselves and we don’t want any track to sound like it could have been on our previous albums. It’s going to be a step up from the last album but we’ll keep it The Saturdays-esque."[29] Rochelle Wiseman said that "Notorious" does not influence the albums sound. She said that there are many different styles on the album, and they have records a fair few ballads. She went onto say that the new album will not have the same kind of feel to the previous albums.[19] The band said that there is not a specific sound that is influencing the band. They said they like to into the studio and pick a beat and they build up the track from that moment on. They went onto say they've not thought about influencing on other artists songs as they want them to be all original.[19] Mollie King said that the band get into twos or threes to write lyrics, she said although the band spend a lot of time together they also still have their five separate lives and yet they have so much to talk about, which means they never run out on lyrics as there are "so many dramas" going on around them, as she said "we're five girls after all".[19] While in an interview with Sugarscape the band confirmed that they want the whole album to be "fresh" and have a completely different sound from their previous albums, so it does not sound like the band are releasing the same type of music.[30] They also said that the music would be "current" meaning they will release music which the public are interested in at the moment.[30] However, they did say there would be some type of their "original sound" on the album as they want to "make everyone welcome" on the album.[30]

"Dance music is massive at the moment so it's a dance track [Notorious], but it also has something unique behind it. It's got this drop-out chorus where it's just the beat and you can only hear our voices - there aren't many tracks like that, so it's a bit different."

—Una Healy[6]

It was confirmed that the band been recording at Dean Street Studios, London.[31] and Tracklacers studios in Kent. The sound of the album will have a more edgier and dancing sound from the band.[32] However, the band said that whey will still have thier pop edge, but "this time around" they have taken the album through a bit of a more dancey route. They also went onto say that they want their music to reflect on their live shows, saying they want their concerts to be like "one big giant party" making the show and thier music fun for everyone. They late said that the best night you could have out was at their December tour due to their music being "bigger and better" than before.[32] According to Mollie King on the bands official website the bands influences are coming from Britney Spears' dance-pop style, Adele and John Mayer's pop rock style, where taking a dancier style to Rihanna and Katy Perry's style.[33] The band stated their newest music is "definitely more clubbier" than their previous material. They said that the lyrics has a "lot of man-bashing" singing about how girls are better than boys, then calling themselves feisty on the album.[34] They went onto say that the album sound is not a "typical girlband sound", they also said "the great thing about pop music you get to try lots of different music".[34] The band said that the album tracks which they have recorded so far [June 2011] sounds great and different. They are writing a lot at the moment as they want the album to be bigger and better.[34] "All Fired Up" track was labelled as the band as a "floor filler"[35] "All Fired Up" was explained as think "Ibiza closing party meets Miami poolside rave – the girls continue to blow us away as their signature pop vocals are played over a synth dance beat creating this anthemic dance banger."[23] It was revealed by the band that Travie McCoy would feature a guest rap on the album.[3]

Music and lyrics

"This album is particulary special for me and the girls. It's really personal because we've wrriten half of the album ourselves, and our experiences so we relate to the new album a lot, which we really love.

—Mollie King[36]

The album lead single with the track "Notorious" and the track has been compared to artists Rihanna, The Black Eyed Peas and Kelis, featuring a "drop-out chorus" where it's just the beat and you can only hear our voices - there aren't many tracks like that, so it's a bit different."[6] "Notorious" song is about doing a lot of "man bashing" throughout the song it states that girls are better than boys. The second single from the album "All Fired Up" is a dance-pop song and has gathered comparisons to artists Lady Gaga and David Guetta.[12] The Saturdays revealed that they recorded a dance track due to the dance music being "huge at the moment".[6] The band explained "All Fired Up" by saying, "Ibiza closing party meets Miami poolside rave – the girls continue to blow us away as their signature pop vocals are played over a synth dance beat creating this anthemic dance banger."[23] Critics also wrote, "Vanessa [White] demands in a hazy and heavily synthesised fashion on the intro of 'All Fired Up'."[37] "Their fun, girlish vibe and unabashed pop sensibility has been traded for a cookie-cutter electro-pop sound."[38] The album has got more dance tracks on like singles "Notorious" and "All Fired Up" but the band did stress that the whole album is not like that. They went onto say that they've got some classic "The Saturdays's tracks" on the album, and the album will feature a few ballads which the band intended to welcome everyone on the album.[36]

According to the band the lyrics that they have wrote have took big inspiration from the relationships they are in and their past relationships. Una Healy said "I dig into the past for inspiration and remember all the bad boyfriends I had and all the crap things they did to me."[39] Emeli Sandé said that she wrote a track for the band which was very dark and a strong ballad. She said that the lyrics are dark and very honest.[40] The band admitted that they had focused on a particular sound after some of their favourite artists released that type of music. Rochelle Wiseman said that "Someone Like You" by Adele and "She Makes Me Wanna" by JLS and Dev was a big influence in what they wanted their records to sound like.[41] They later confessed that they wished they recorded "Lick Ya Down" by Cover Drive.[41] The band revealed that there are lot of tearjerkers on the album.[25] Madonna was a big inspiration for the album. Jay-Z had a lot of inspiration for the album also.[42]

This [All Fired Up] is definitely the dancingist song we’ve ever made and it’s the danciest track on the album too but there are lots of different styles on the album. We understand that dance music is very big at the moment and when you’re a pop act you can venture into differ rent genres. We’ve done al sorts in the past, Forever Is Over was pop-rock almost and there are lots of ballads on the new album too.[43]

Recording "The Way You Watch Me" the band heard the track which Travie McCoy sent to them.[44] The band said as soon as they heard the song they fell in love with it, describing the song as "flirty", "fun" and "playful".[44] Mollie King said the song is a "roadtrip" song which people would like to listen to it in a car.[44] Although the band recorded the collaboration with McCoy the band didn't actually meet him.[44] The lyrics of "Faster" have been labelled as "romantic" by the band but with and Uptempo dance beat track.[44] It is a dance with a pop edge.[44] "For Myself" is a track the band co-wrote with Viktoria Hansen, the song is about a turbulent relationship and no matter what you argue a lot.[45] The band said that "White Lies" linked them back to their first studio album, Chasing Lights (2008).[45] "Wish I Didn't Know" is a pop ballad[45] The background of the song is about your ex, who you still love being with someone else.[45] "My Heart Takes Over" is a "sad song" according to the band. They said that the song pulls on your heart strings.[46] "Get Ready, Get Set" was defined by the band as a "feel good uptempo song"[46] The band wrote the song, they said when they were writing the lyrics they were trying to be "steamy" which was "embarrassing" for them.[46] "Do What You Want With Me" was written by Jaz Rogers and he wrote the song to try and extend who "The Saturdays" are.[46] Vanessa White said when she first recorded the song "she wasn't feeling it".[46] The song has a lot of different elements and took a long time to get it right.[46] The song also is a Dubstep song and the band said it was the "coolest" song on the album.[46] "Last Call" is Frankie Sandford's favourite song on the album, she explained the song as a "heart melt ballad".[46] The song was written by Charlie Holmes and Lucie Silvas.[46] The song is about love and the band said the lyrics hit you straight away.[46] And the song is the most personal song to everyone, the band and the song-writers.[46] "Move On U" was written by the band themselves and they wanted the lyrics to be "Sexy" and "Flirtatious".[47] They also said that the song is a "little rude".[47] "Move On U" is also an uptempo track and according but it has the sing-along element to it.[47] "Promise Me" is about a boys who promises stuff, but do not stick to their promises.[47] They defined the song as "very party".[47] "I Say Ok" is a Tongue-in-cheek song.[47] The lyrics of the song are quite basic so everyone knows what the song is about.[47] They said the song is the most pop song on the album.[47]

Marketing and promotion

The Saturdays are doing several festivals over the Summer of 2011.

Upon the release of the lead single from the album, the band began to promote their single by teasing fans with "lyric teasers" revealing a lyric from the song everyday until it was released, they also began to release snipped clips of the music video for the single to large fans. They began to post comments on twitter posting, "Who's Notorious?"[48] or using "#imnotorious"[48] The band appeared on reality tv show, So You Think You Can Dance: The Results Show, where the band performed their new single to help boost the awareness of the new single and upcoming album. It was confirmed that the band would in fact perform at the Enjoy Summer Festival 2011 in Wales.[49] Via the bands official website, they started a competition "Reveal Your Notorious Side!" which fans would enter the competition by telling the band about your most notorious moments. Asking if you're friends classed you as the cheeky-one, the feisty one or the naughty one. The winner of the competition would get the chance to meet the band and "win some fantastic prizes".[50] The band flew to Norway and Germany to promote their upcoming single and album.[29] Upon the release of "Notorious" the band's reality tv show, The Saturdays: What Goes On Tour aired in late May 2011 showing behind the scenes. Una Healy said they wanted their fans to see how it is on tour and what their friendship is like in the band and how they never have argument and they have good banter.[29] The Saturdays also appeared on Great British Hairdresser on Channel 4.[51]

The Saturdays began to promote their album by appearing on talks shows including The Graham Norton Show talking about their album, singles and tour. They also featured a performance on Lorraine, to promote their single "Notorious". They appeared on morning talk and news show, Daybreak, where the band spoke about their upcoming tour and album. They performed "Notorious" on T4 and Friday Download.[52] The Saturdays also confirmed that they would be appearing at a number of Summer Festivals. They first appeared at theme park, Alton Towers at the Alton Towers Live Concerts, where they performed a number of their hits. Due to the band releasing their single, "Notorious" they appeared at the Live Lounge performing a cover of Aloe Blacc's hit single "I Need a Dollar".[53] They were confirmed to be appearing at T4 on the Beach for their third time. As well as appearing at Towneley Festival. During their promotional tour, the band appeared at Glamour Awards where the band won Band of the Year.[54] It was also confirmed by the band that they would, in fact, be performing at the V Festival.[55] They also confirmed themselves to be performing at T in the Park[56] It was later announced that the band would become ambassadors for Nintendo 3DS game, Nintendogs + Cats, which the band recorded a number of tv adverts to promote.[57] It was confirmed by Una Healy herself that she was, in fact, pregnant with her first child to rugby star, Ben Foden.[58]

Editions of the album

The album will be released in various different versions. A Collectors edition was made available through HMV, which sees the album sold with slipcases showing each individual members. A Deluxe Fan edition containing a DVD of music videos, a 16 page booklet with lyrics and a DVD of the bands The Headlines Tour from February 2011, which is not available anywhere else. Also the original stand alone album will be sold on the bands website, HMV, Play.com and Amazon.com



The albums lead single was confirmed to be "Notorious". The track was produced by Steve Mac and written by himself and Ina Wroldsen whom the pair have previously work together on a number of singles for the band including "Ego". The single premiered on Chris Moyles's breakfast show on May 20, 2011 on BBC Radio 1.[59] The song has been described as "big" and that it was "quite amazing" and often getting comparison to music by The Black Eyed Peas, Kelis and Rihanna.[28] Music Entertainment said, The Saturdays are back and they are bringing a tougher, edgier sound."[60] While other critics were surprised at the song calling it "sexy". Radio presenter Aled Jones tweeted, "Just heard the new songs from The Saturdays and Black Eyed Peas :) didn't expect The Saturdays song to sound like it did!"[61] The band flew out to Los Angeles to film the music video for "Notorious"[62] According to the band, they took the music video influences outline from TV series, Ugly Betty.[63] Where PopDash stated the band teased us for the music video all week and seeing them partying in the club as well as they're secretaries scene waiting to clock off for the day; they stated it was a bit like the Boots advert but with a better song on it.[64] The single was officially released on May 22, 2011, a week later it entered the UK Singles Charts at number-eight, becoming the bands ninth top ten hit on the UK Singles Chart. It also entered the Irish Singles Charts at number nineteen. The official remix of the song was revealed to feature guest vocals from Chipmunk.[65] "All Fired Up" was confirmed to be the second single from the album after the band announced their first-arena-tour however, the bands third tour overall. The date is still yet officially confirmed but rumoured to be released in 4 September 2011.[35][4] It was revealed that the song was written by Xenomania who have wrote songs for fellow pop band, Girls Aloud. The song was also produced by MNEK who produced a number of Tinie Tempah's hits.[23] It will receive its first ever airplay on BBC Radio 1 on 22 July 2011, when Scott Mills airs it on his 'Ready For The Weekend' show between 6-7pm.[66] Upon the release of "All Fired Up" it became a chart success after it debuted at number-three on the UK Singles Chart and number six on the Irish Singles Chart. The band confirmed that their will be a third single released before the album in November, the single was also confirmed to be a ballad.[25] It was confirmed on 28 September 2011, that "My Heart Takes Over" would be the third single released from the album. It received its first radio airplay on 29 September 2011 on the The Chris Moyles Show, and a video was shot in Iceland.[67]. It was confirmed on November 21, 2011 by Greg James on BBC Radio 1, that "Faster" is set to be the next single released off the album.[68]


"We don’t want to be doing squats everywhere but we still want to dance and have a good time. Una’s pregnant, but don’t expect her to be sitting down at the back. Una sent us all an email the other day saying: ‘Just because I’m pregnant, it doesn’t mean I’m not going to be doing this and that. Don’t worry, guys!"[69]

While performing on The Headlines Tour in early 2011 the band confirmed that they would in fact be touring again later in the year.[70] The band revealed the tour dates for December 2011 in June 2011 via the band's official website[71] and originally consisted of eleven shows across the United Kingdom. It was later announced that the tour was to travel to Belfast and Dublin[72] taking the total number of dates to thirteen. They said "It's an arena tour so we're forced to go all out for a big production."[2] Mollie King said that fans should expect a lot of bright colors and brightly colored blocks for the production.[2] Una Healy said about the tour; "Well the tour is not until December but we’ve been busy auditioning dancers and we’re planning to discuss choreography in the next few weeks. We’re really busy with the album at the moment and that’s due out in November so it’s a busy time and we’re just trying to fit it all in."[24]


Critical response

Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Daily Express (2/5)[73]
Daily Star (7/10)[74]
Digital Spy 3/5 stars[75]
Newsround (4/5)[76]
The Observer 2/5 stars[77]
Virgin Media 3/5 stars[78]

On Your Radar has garnered mixed reviews so far. Hermione Hoby of The Observer found the Saturdays "perennially short on tunes and heavy on lipgloss" and stated that "they've professed to heading in a "clubbier" direction, which sadly means lots of boring bangers that are more filler than floor-filling."[77] Simon Gage of the Daily Express wrote that "there is not an original thought or sound on this collection", but noted that "whatever The Saturdays’ real input into this new album, it doesn’t seem to have damaged the brand too much."[73] Matthew Horton of Virgin Media called the album "unremarkable" and noticed that "the major issue is an off-the-peg production sheen that lumps On Your Radar with any old pop-rave album on the market right now." However, he praised the songs produced by Xenomania and Steve Mac and labeled the song "Do What You Want With Me" as "the big standout [...], which peaks, dips and soars through glacial chords and shows a bit of endeavour."[78] Lewis Corner of Digital Spy complimented "the girls' newfound enthusiasm for slipping on a pair of Louboutins and hitting the dancefloor" while praising the singles Notorious and All Fired Up, but felt that "their initial energy soon starts to wane at the back-end" and concluded by saying that "the result is a jumble sale of hits and misses which, unfortunately, sees the girls' identity slip steadily off the radar."[75]

More favourable reviews came from John Earls of the Daily Star, who felt that the album will have "a few converts throwing their best girlband dance shapes"[74] and the reviewer from Newsround, who praised the album's abundance of "stomping electro anthems [...] to wave your arms/sing along/shake your body to" and felt that it "certainly doesn't disappoint".[76]

Track listing

The track list was confirmed by Digital Spy on 30 September 2011.[79]

No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "All Fired Up"   Tim Deal, Brian Higgins, Matt Gray, Annie Yuill, Nick Dresti, Miranda Cooper, MNEK Xenomania, Space Cowboy, MNEK 3:13
2. "Notorious"   Ina Wroldsen, Steve Mac Mac 3:12
3. "Faster"   Wroldsen, Mac Mac 3:54
4. "My Heart Takes Over"   Wroldsen, Mac Mac 4:06
5. "Get Ready, Get Set"   The Saturdays, Higgins, Cooper, Nick Dresti, MNEK, Tim Deal, Matt Gray Xenomania 3:28
6. "The Way You Watch Me" (featuring Travie McCoy) Tanya Lacey, Lucas Secon, Carsten Mortensen Lucas Secon 3:29
7. "For Myself"   The Saturdays, Viktoria Hansen David Eriksen 3:24
8. "Do What You Want With Me"   Jarrad Rogers, Bryn Christopher Rogers 3:37
9. "Promise Me"   The Saturdays, Steve Daly, Ali Tennant, Jon Keep Tracklacers 3:22
10. "Wish I Didn't Know"   The Saturdays, Daly, Tennant, Keep Tracklacers 3:42
11. "White Lies[80]"   Wroldsen, Carl Falk, Rami Yacoub Falk, Yacoub 4:02
12. "Last Call"   Una Healy, Charlie Holmes, Lucie Silvas   3:57
13. "I Say OK"   The Saturdays, David Eriksen Eriksen 3:47
14. "Move On U"   The Saturdays The Alias 3:24

Preview Bonus

On 11/11/11 the band released a preview video of the new album with clips from the music videos of Notorious, All Fired Up, My Heart Takes Over and of the Headlines tour from early 2011. After the video had received 1000 'Likes' the track 'Turn Myself In' which debuted during the tour but was dropped from the album became available to watch on youtube. The video shows the girls performance on tour after it was filmed during a date in London

Release history

Region Date Format Label
United Kingdom 21 November 2011[2][3] CD, digital download, Limited Deluxe Edition[82] Polydor

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