Tindale-Oliver & Associates, Inc.

Tindale-Oliver & Associates, Inc.
Tindale-Oliver & Associates, Inc.
Type Engineering & Planning Consulting Firm
Founded 1989
Headquarters Florida: Tampa
Key people Steven Tindale, P.E., AICP, CEO
William Oliver, P.E., PTOE, Senior VP
Robert Wallace, P.E., AICP, VP
William Ball, AICP, COO
Donald Latkovic, CFO
Michael English, AICP, Principal
Andy Núñez, P.E., Senior Associate
Joel Rey, P.E., AICP, Senior Associate
Richard Dreyer, AICP, Associate Principal
Demian Miller, AICP, Associate Principal
William Roll, AICP, Associate Principal
Services Consultants: Engineering, Infrastructure Planning, Public Finance, Transit, Safety and Crash Data Management, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Parking
Website www.tindaleoliver.com

Tindale-Oliver & Associates, Inc. (TOA) is a private consulting firm based in Tampa, Florida that offers infrastructure engineering, planning, and innovative financing services to local government entities and private developments. Areas of emphasis and expertise include Systems Planning & Policy Planning, Development Services, Transportation Engineering, Public Finance & Impact Fees, Transit, ADA Compliance, Safety & Crash Data Management, and Parking. [1] The firm employs more than 50 people in four Florida office locations (Tampa, Orlando, Bartow, and Fort Lauderdale).[2]


Founders & History

Steven Tindale, P.E., AICP, and William Oliver, P.E., P.T.O.E., established TOA in 1989 after extensive experience in the public and private sectors. Both are nationally recognized experts in planning and engineering. Mr. Tindale received the Edward A. Mueller District 10 Transportation Engineer of the Year Award in 2008 from the Florida Section – Institute of Transportation Engineers (FSITE) for his contributions to the transportation profession and is a widely recognized expert on impact fees. Mr. Oliver is a widely recognized expert on Florida’s growth management issues and was appointed in 2009 by Governor Charlie Crist to serve on the growth management committee. Both have authored articles and white papers that have appeared in transportation publications, and other TOA staff also have been recognized for article contributions in journals such as the Florida Engineering Society Journal.



TOA conducts projects and performs studies throughout the U.S., but its foundation is in Florida development and planning. Many TOA projects have guided the growth of Florida areas and contributed to enhanced transportation and related services. TOA is a pioneer in the use of data management systems, public involvement and outreach, and impact fee analysis.

Systems & Policy Planning

TOA is noted for conducting its community and transportation planning business through the use of public involvement and emphasis on local and regional land use goals. In 2007, the Lake-Sumter MPO (comprising Lake County and Sumter County, Florida) hired TOA to create its 2025 Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP), which balanced environmental protection and transportation needs (such as goods movement). The Charlotte County 2030 LRTP faced challenges from inaccurate socioeconomic forecasts and post Hurricane Charley impacts on growth patterns and infrastructure. TOA developed the County’s LRTP, customized the growth allocation tool, and refigured the population and employment forecasts.

Transportation Engineering

TOA’s Engineering services include street and highway design services, traffic engineering, PD&E (Project Development and Environmental) studies, corridor studies, and intelligent transportation systems (ITS) services. In 2005, TOA worked on a Chumuckla PD&E study for approximately 11 miles of local two-lane roadways, including a five-leg intersection. Under the direction of the City of Sarasota and with the assistance of various sub-consultants, TOA conducted several investigations into the potential for roundabouts at several intersections to address issues with traffic signal capacity and pedestrian interactions. The solution was the creation of the Laurent Place/ Hillview Street Roundabout.


TOA’s Transit section conducts planning and evaluation services at all stages of transit system development for transit agencies throughout Florida and the United States. Notable projects include assisting in the development of the “FDOT Transit Development Plan Manual & Training Workbook” in 2008 and implementing a new transit system in Lake County in 2006.[3] Currently, the firm is involved in the creation and operations of the Commuter Services Program at FDOT District 1, which will provide travel choices for residents to ensure mobility, sustain environmental quality, preserve community values, and reduce energy consumption.

2007 FAPA Awards

TOA was the first in Florida to incorporate Transportation Demand Management (TDM) into local development and planning and helped FDOT District 1 win the 2008 Travel Choices Innovative Program Award from the Florida Department of Transportation.

ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance is a focus of TOA’s Transit services; the firm has extensive experience with disability communities and organized group involvement. In 2007, TOA performed an analysis of the Hillsborough Transit Authority (formerly Hillsborough Area Regional Transit, aka HART) and identified accessibility, security, operation and passenger issues, resulting in s the HART Bus Stop and Facilities Technical Design Standards Manual, which enhanced Hillsborough County Transit Service per ADA guidelines. TOA had a direct hand in the New York Metropolitan Transit Administration (MTA) reconstruction of the South Ferry Terminal and the Fulton Street Transit Center, which had to be rebuilt after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, including tasks related to design and construction reviews for ADA compliance. TOA, Gannett Fleming, Inc., and FDOT Districts 1 and 7 earned the 2007 Distinguished Project Award of Merit from the Suncoast Section of the Florida American Planning Association (FAPA) for the “Transit Facility Handbook (2006-2007).”

Public Finance & Impact Fees

TOA’s Public Finance activities address impact fee policy issues and methods, ordinances, financial planning, and administrative procedures. In the late 1980s, TOA introduced the concept of functional population to calculate the demand component of several impact fee program areas and developed a trip characteristic database with over 200 studies and 40 land uses. The firm has conducted more than 100 impact fees analyses for correctional facilities, emergency medical services, fire, government buildings, law enforcement, libraries, parks and recreation, schools, solid waste and transportation. TOA Senior Vice President Robert P. Wallace is a member of the Growth & Infrastructure Consortium (formerly National Impact Fee Roundtable, NIFR), and he and other TOA staff are nationally recognized experts in impact fee development and assessment. [4]

Development Services

TOA’s Development Services focuses on land development, providing traffic and engineering services to developers and other private-sector clients. The Development Services Team has been involved in a number of interesting projects including a parking and event traffic analysis conducted in 1994, for the Tampa Ice Palace (now known as the St. Pete Times Forum). [5] In 2005 TOA was hired to perform a traffic impact study for Elementary “X”, a theoretical elementary school. The study evaluated the peak traffic times, different seasons, the level of service for the roadways for a section of Hillsborough County, FL. The results determined the ideal location and maximum population for a new elementary school. [6]


TOA’s Safety group is recognized for using data-driven methods to solve transportation safety issues. In 2007, District 7 of the Florida Department of Transportation won a Davis Productivity Award for its Crash Data Management System (CDMS), developed by TOA, and two awards in 2008 for expansion of the CDMS and for the Road Safety Assessment (RSA) Program for local roadways. [7] TOA is closely involved with the FDOT District 7 Community Traffic Safety Team, helping the team win the 2007 and 2008 Community Traffic Safety Team of the Year awards from the Florida Department of Transportation. A CTST is a locally based group of highway safety advocates committed to solving traffic safety problems through a comprehensive, multi-jurisdictional, multi-disciplinary approach. [8][9]


In 2001, TOA received the Small Firm Engineering Excellence Award from the Florida Institute of Consulting Engineers (FICE) for their expert testimony for the City of Tampa in a trial involving a major multi-level parking garage in Ybor City, which included documenting current parking conditions, projecting future demands, and proposing parking and traffic circulation programs. Firm president Steven A. Tindale received the Henry P. Boggs Past President Award from FICE for this project.


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