Elbert Eugene Spriggs

Elbert Eugene Spriggs

name = Elbert Eugene Spriggs
residence = Unknown
other_names = Yoneq

imagesize =
caption =
birth_name = Elbert Eugene Spriggs
birth_date = May 18, 1937
birth_place = Tennessee, USA
occupation = Religious leader
title = Apostle, "the Annointed"
religion = Twelve Tribes
spouse = Marsha Spriggs
children =


Elbert Eugene Spriggs or Yoneq (as he is known within the Twelve Tribes community) was born on May 18 1937.

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* [http://www.chattanoogan.com/articles/article_83886.asp A newspaper article about the Spriggs return to Chattanooga, where their ministry first began]
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