Official Jetix Magazine

Official Jetix Magazine

Jetix Magazine was a four-weekly publication from Future Publishing and Jetix available in the United Kingdom that launched in September 2004 until August 2009.

It began as Fox Kids' Wicked, but soon changed when Buena Vista's changes finally reached the European regions, and Fox Kids was rebranded.

It served as both a guide and showcase for programmes airing on the Jetix UK digital channel. Catering mostly to younger readers, the magazine was simple in its approach and content, offering up very easy summaries of their programming, and even simpler reviews of recently released video games and films, similar to many other children's games and variety magazines.


Jetix Magazine was one of the few children's publications also to offer a free DVD in every issue, containing usually two episodes per disc, this would also soon include premiere episodes for seasons and series not yet airing on the channel until a few weeks after the issue would come out. Initially starting out as mere pocket slipcases, the DVD package was expanded into a near full sized DVD case with a narrow spine. The DVD packaging has since reverted back to its original slipcase form.

In November 2005, Jetix began adding three episodes per DVD to the package, starting with three classic episodes of their flagship show, Power Rangers, the episodes selected had never before been released commercially on DVD. Jetix would soon follow with more examples of this, releasing never before DVD-distributed episodes of the 1990s X-Men animated series, Spider-Man, and the Incredible Hulk, Digimon Tamers, Funky Cops and Sonic X were also available on the DVDs.

Comic strip

Jetix Magazine's primary comic strip initially centred on Power Rangers, making it the most showcased series on the channel in the strip format (the only other one that rivals PR in terms of use was Digimon back when the publication was Wicked), now written by Transformers comic strip monarch Simon Furman, with art by Andrew Wildman. The strip eventually ended, and Power Rangers eventually acquired its own comic, though the content was written for much younger readers. Furman moved on to write Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) related material for a TMNT comic from the same publishers.

The top strip in the magazine was a UK reprinting of the Archie comics Sonic X title.

Relaunch as Nitro

In September 2009, (due to the rebranding of the Jetix TV channel as Disney XD) Jetix Magazine relaunched as Nitro. While the content of Nitro is very similar to that of Jetix Magazine, Nitro has no direct affiliation with any TV station or other organisation.