List of protected areas of Nova Scotia

List of protected areas of Nova Scotia

This is a list of protected areas of Nova Scotia.

Kejimkujik National Park, Frozen Ocean Lake
Cabot Landing Provincial Park


National parks

Parks administered by Parks Canada:

Canadian Heritage Rivers

Shelburne River Margarie-Lake Ainslie River System

National Wildlife Areas

Protected areas administered by Canadian Wildlife Service

  • Boot Island National Wildlife Area* (1.44 km²)
  • Chignecto National Wildlife Area* (4.10 km²)
  • John Lusby National Wildlife Area* (10.20 km²)
  • Sand Pond National Wildlife Area (5.32 km²)
  • Sea Wolf Island National Wildlife Area (0.41 km²)
  • Wallace Bay National Wildlife Area (5.83 km²)

National Migratory Bird Sanctuaries

Protected areas administered by Canadian Wildlife Service

  • Big Glace Bay Lake (240 ha)
  • Kentville (200 ha)
  • Port L'Hebert (350 ha)
  • Port Joli (280 ha)
  • Sable River (260 ha)
  • Amherst Point (429 ha)
  • Sable Island (2350 ha)
  • Haley Lake (100 ha)

Provincial Parks (Operational, Designated)

Parks administered by Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources:

  • Amherst Shore Provincial Park
  • Annapolis Basin Look Off
  • Anthony Provincial Park
  • Arisaig Provincial Park
  • Balmoral Mills Provincial Park
  • Barachois Provincial Park
  • Battery Provincial Park
  • Bayfield Provincial Park
  • Bayswater Beach Provincial Park
  • Beaver Mountain Provincial Park
  • Ben Eoin Provincial Park
  • Black Duck Cove Provincial Park
  • Blomidon Provincial Park
  • Boylston Provincial Park
  • Bras d'Or Provincial Park
  • Burnt Island Provincial Park
  • Bush Island Provincial Park
  • Cabots Landing Provincial Park
  • Caddell Rapids Look-off
  • Camerons Brook Provincial Park
  • Cape Chignecto Provincial Park
  • Cape Smokey Provincial Park
  • Card Lake Provincial Park
  • Caribou/Munroes Island Provincial Park
  • Central Grove Provincial Park
  • Clairmont Provincial Park
  • Clam Harbour Beach Provincial Park
  • Cleveland Beach Provincial Park
  • Coldbrook Provincial Park
  • Cookville Provincial Park
  • Cottage Cove Provincial Park
  • Dalem Lake Provincial Park
  • Dollar Lake Provincial Park
  • Dominion Beach Provincial Park
  • Dundee Provincial Park
  • East River Provincial Park
  • Elderbank Provincial Park
  • Ellenwood Lake Provincial Park
  • Falls Lake Provincial Park
  • Fancy Lake Provincial Park
  • Five Islands Provincial Park
  • Fox Harbour Provincial Park
  • Glenwood Provincial Park
  • Graves Island Provincial Park
  • Green Hill Look-off
  • Groves Point Provincial Park
  • Gulf Shore Provincial Park
  • Heather Beach Provincial Park
  • Hubbards Provincial Park
  • Irish Cove Provincial Park
  • Lake George Provincial Park
  • Lake Midway Provincial Park
  • Lake O'Law Provincial Park
  • Laurie Provincial Park
  • Lawrencetown Beach Provincial Park
  • Lennox Passage Provincial Park
  • Lewis Lake Provincial Park
  • Lochiel Lake Provincial Park
  • Londonderry Provincial Park
  • Long Lake Provincial Park
  • Long Point Provincial Park
  • Lumsden Pond Provincial Park
  • Mabou Provincial Park
  • MacCormack Beach Provincial Park
  • Maitland Provincial Park
  • Marie Joseph Provincial Park
  • Martinique Beach Provincial Park
  • Mavillette Beach Provincial Park
  • McCormacks Beach Provincial Park
  • MacElmons Pond Provincial Park
  • Melmerby Beach Provincial Park
  • Mira River Provincial Park
  • Moose River Gold Mines Provincial Park
  • Mount Uniacke Provincial Park
  • Musquodoboit Valley Provincial Park
  • Newville Lake Provincial Park
  • Ninevah Provincial Park
  • North River Provincial Park
  • Northport Beach Provincial Park
  • Oakfield Provincial Park
  • Petersfield Provincial Park
  • Plaster Provincial Park
  • Point Michaud Beach Provincial Park
  • Pomquet Beach Provincial Park
  • Pondville Beach Provincial Park
  • Port Hood Beach Provincial Park
  • Port Maitland Beach Provincial Park
  • Port Shoreham Beach Provincial Park
  • Porters Lake Provincial Park
  • Powells Point Provincial Park
  • Queensland Beach Provincial Park
  • Rainbow Haven Beach Provincial Park
  • Rissers Beach Provincial Park
  • Ross Ferry Provincial Park
  • Rushtons Beach Provincial Park
  • Sable River Provincial Park
  • Salsman Provincial Park
  • Salt Springs Provincial Park
  • Sand Hills Beach Provincial Park
  • Savary Provincial Park
  • Scots Bay Provincial Park
  • Second Peninsula Provincial Park
  • Sherbrooke Provincial Park
  • Shinimicas Provincial Park
  • Shubenacadie Provincial Wildlife Park
  • Smileys Provincial Park
  • Smuggler's Cove Provincial Park
  • Southwest Margaree Provincial Park
  • Spry Bay Provincial Park
  • St Anns Provincial Park
  • Summerville Beach Provincial Park
  • Tatamagouche Provincial Park
  • Taylor Head Provincial Park
  • Ten Mile Lake Provincial Park
  • The Islands Provincial Park
  • Thomas H. Raddall Provincial Park
  • Tidnish Dock Provincial Park
  • Tor Bay Provincial Park
  • Trout Brook Provincial Park
  • Uisage Ban Falls Provincial Park
  • Upper Clements Provincial Park
  • Valleyview Provincial Park
  • Waterside Provincial Park
  • Wentworth Provincial Park
  • Whycocomagh Provincial Park

Provincial Wilderness Areas

  • Alder Grounds Wilderness Area
  • Boggy Lake Wilderness Area
  • Bonnet Lake Barrens Wilderness Area
  • Bowers Meadows Wilderness Area
  • Canso Coastal Barrens Wilderness Area
  • Clattenburgh Brook Wilderness Area
  • Cloud Lake Wilderness Area
  • Economy River Wilderness Area
  • Eigg Mountain-James River Wilderness Area
  • French River Wilderness Area
  • Gabarus Wilderness Area
  • Gully Lake Wilderness Area
  • Jim Campbells Barren Wilderness Area
  • Lake Rossignol Wilderness Area
  • Liscombe River Wilderness Area
  • Margaree River Wilderness Area
  • McGill Lake Wilderness Area
  • Middle River Wilderness Area
  • North River Wilderness Area
  • Ogden Round Lake Wilderness Area
  • Pollets Cove-Aspy Fault Wilderness Area
  • Portapique River Wilderness Area
  • Scatarie Island Wilderness Area
  • Sugarloaf Mountain Wilderness Area
  • Tangier Grand Lake Wilderness Area
  • Terrence Bay Wilderness Area
  • The Big Bog Wilderness Area
  • Tidney River Wilderness Area
  • Tobeatic Wilderness Area
  • Waverley-Salmon River Wilderness Area
  • White Lake Wilderness Area

Provincial Nature Reserves

  • Abraham Lake
  • Bornish Hill
  • Duncans Cove
  • Great Barrens and Quinnan Lakes
  • MacFarlane Woods
  • Panuke Lake
  • Ponhook Lake
  • Quinns Meadow
  • River Inhabitants
  • Roman Valley
  • Spinneys Heath
  • Sporting Lake
  • Washabuck River

Provincial Protected Beaches

  • Aulds Cove Beach
  • Ballantyne Cove Beach
  • Bartletts Beach
  • Bayfield Beach
  • Beach Meadows Beach
  • Beatty Marsh Beach
  • Big Pond Beach
  • Black Point Beach
  • Bramber Beach
  • Bridgeport Beach
  • Cape Jack Beach
  • Carters Beach
  • Catalone Gut Beach
  • Chance Harbour Beach
  • Cherry Hill Beach
  • Cheverie Beach
  • Christies Beach
  • Church Point Beach
  • Collindale Beach
  • Conrods Beach and Lawrencetown Beach
  • Cooks Cove Beach
  • Crecent Beach
  • Dominion Beach
  • Dunns Beach and Monks Head Beach
  • Fancys Beach
  • Florence Beach
  • Fox Island Main Beach
  • Fox Point Beach
  • Framboise Beach
  • Gabarus Beach
  • Glace Bay Beach
  • Green Bay Beach
  • Hadley Cove Beach
  • Half Island Beach
  • Hampton Beach
  • Harrington Beach
  • Hirtles Beach
  • Inverness Beach
  • Iona Beach
  • Isaels Cove Beach
  • Jersey Cove Beach
  • Johnstons Pond Beach
  • Kingsburg Beach
  • Larry's River Beach
  • Lily Pond Beach
  • Linwood Beach
  • Little Dyke Beach
  • Livingstone Cove Beach
  • Lower Cove Beach
  • Lower Debert Beach
  • Lower East Chezzetcook Beach
  • Lower Half Island Cove Beach
  • Lower Ardoise Beach
  • Mahoneys Beach
  • Main-A-Dieu Beach
  • Majors Point Beach
  • Malcolm Cove Beach
  • Malignant Cove Beach
  • Margaree Harbour Beach
  • McCormacks Beach
  • Meisners Beach
  • Merigomish Beach
  • Middle Harbour Beach
  • Noonans Beach
  • North Bay Beach
  • North Harbour Beach
  • Partridge Island Beach
  • Point Michaud Beach
  • Pomquet Beach
  • Pondville Beach
  • Port Greville Beach
  • Port Hood Beach
  • Port Morien Beach
  • Queensport Beach
  • Ragged Harbour Beach
  • Riverside Beach
  • Rockey Bay Beach
  • Sand Beach
  • Sand Point Beach
  • Sand River
  • Sandy Bay Beach
  • Schooner Beach
  • Scots Bay Beach
  • St. Catherines River Beach
  • The Hawk Beach
  • Tor Bay Beach
  • West Apple River Beach
  • Westhaver Beach

Provincial Game Sanctuaries

Provincial Wildlife Management Areas

Municipal Protected Areas

Municipalities own many small parks but also operate de facto protected areas in the form of protected municipal water supply areas.

Private Protected Areas

Private Protected Areas are owned by Nova Scotia Nature Trust, the Nature Conservancy of Canada the Nova Scotia Bird Society and Bowater Mersey Paper Company

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