Northern Loloish languages

Northern Loloish languages
Northern Loloish
Northern Ngwi, Yi
Ethnicity: Yi people
Southern China, Vietnam
Linguistic classification: Sino-Tibetan

The Northern Loloish languages, also known as Northern Ngwi, are a branch of the Loloish languages that includes the literary standard of the Yi people.


Thurgood & LaPolla (2003)[1] list four Northern Loloish (Northern Yi) languages, with no internal subclassification: Nusu, Nasu, Nosu, Nisu.

The Nisu languages, however, are apparently Southeastern Loloish.

Apart from Nisu, Ethnologue 16 lists the following 13 languages under Northern Ngwi, though this list may be missing several languages listed under Loloish (see 'external links' below):

Aluo, Awu, Ayizi, Chesu, Gepo, Katso, Nasu, Wumeng, Wusa Nasu, Nisi, Nuosu, Samatao, Samei, Sanie.


  1. ^ Thurgood & LaPolla, 2003, The Sino-Tibetan languages, p. 8

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  • Ethnologue (2009) mistakenly divides the languages under the synonymous branch names Loloish and Ngwi. The languages listed under Northern Loloish are not in general Northern Loloish languages. This should be fixed in the 17th edition.

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