Lego Adventurers

Lego Adventurers
Lego Adventurers
Lego Adventurers Desert Logo.png
Sub‑themes Egypt
Dino Island
Orient Expedition
Subject Explorers
Availability 1999–2003
Total sets 56
Characters Johnny Thunder
Dr. Kilroy
Pippin Reed
Sam Sinister

Lego Adventures is a Lego theme based on an 'explorer' concept. The characters explore new areas, and go on adventures. Unlike other lego themes, which take place in a fictional "Lego Universe", most of the Adventurers sets takes places in real-world locations, such as Egypt, the Amazon rainforest, the Himalayas, India, and China. The only fictional sub-theme took place on an island where prehistoric creatures still lived. The theme was discontinued before Lego acquired the license for Indiana Jones, to which the theme had numerous similarities.


Egypt (1998–1999)

Characters introduced:

Johnny Thunder: The leading man in the Lego Adventurers line. He is Australian and is a daring, compassionate archaeologist. He sports a khaki shirt with a red bandanna, black legs, and a bush hat.

Dr. Charles Lightning: One of Johnny Thunder's companions on his epic adventures. He is a professor and is like a father figure to Johnny. He sports a pith helmet, a white shirt with a red bow-tie, and green legs. He was later renamed "Dr. Kilroy".

Gail Storm: The female companion of Johnny Thunder who is a budding journalist, recording all of the adventures. She sports a green jacket, red legs, and either a pith helmet or pilot helmet. She was later renamed "Pippin Reed".

Harry Cane : A companion of Johnny Thunder who is an experienced pilot. He wears a pilot helmet with a leather jacket and black legs.

Baron von Barron: The main villain in the Adventurers line, he seeks to take things he considers valuable, including trapping dinosaurs. He has a scarred face and sports a monocle, khaki shirt with holster, grey legs, epaulets, and a either a pith helmet, top hat, or pilot helmet. His left hand is a hook. He was later renamed "Lord Sam Sinister".

Sam Sinister: Sidekick or partner to Baron von Barron. One of the main villains, he dresses entirely in black and is a representation of the archetypal "villain". He was later renamed "Slyboots".

  • 1094/5900 Johnny Thunder

Minifigs: Johnny Thunder

Animals: Black Scorpion

  • 1182/3020 Little Raft

Minifigs: Johnny Thunder

Animals: Black Scorpion

  • 1183/3021 King Pharaoh the Third

Minifigs: Pharaoh Hotep

  • 2541 Adventurers' Buggy

Minifigs: Baron von Barron

  • 2542/3022/3039 Adventurers' Mini Plane

Minifigs: Harry Cane

  • 2879/5909/5948 Treasure Raiders

Minifigs: Baron von Barron, Sam Sinister, Dr. Lightning, Skeleton, Harry Cane

Animals: 2 Black Scorpions

  • 2995 Adventurers Car & Skeleton

Minifigs: Dr. Lightning, Pharaoh skeleton

Animals: Black Scorpion

  • 2996 The Lost Tomb

Minifigs: Sam Sinister, Pharaoh Hotep

Animals: Red Snake, Black Scorpion

  • 3023 Sinister Car

Minifigs: Sam Sinister

  • 3055 Adventurers Car

Minifigs: Johnny Thunder

  • 3722/5919 Treasure Tomb

Minifigs: Pharaoh skeleton, Baron von Barron, Johnny Thunder.

Animals: 2 Yellow Birds, 2 Dark gray Birds, 2 Red Snakes, Black Scorpion.

  • 5381 Adventurer's Accessories

Animals: 2 Black Scorpions, Red Snake, Black Snake.

  • 5918 Scorpion Tracker

Minifigs: Johnny Thunder

Animals: 2 Black Scorpions.

  • 5928 Bi-Wing Baron

Minifigs: baron von Barron.

  • 5938 Oasis Ambush

Minifigs: Sam Sinister, Pharaoh skeleton, Johnny Thunder.

Animals: Black Scorpion.

  • 5958 Mummy's Tomb

Minifigs: Sam Sinister, Johnny Thunder, Pharaoh Hotep, Dr. Kilroy

  • 5978 Sphinx Secret Surprise

Minifigs: Gail Storm, Dr. Lightning, Johnny Thunder, Pharaoh Hotep, Sam Sinister, Egypt skeleton, Baron von Barron.

Animals: Red Snake, Black Scorpion.

  • 5988 Pharaoh's Forbidden Ruins

Minifigs: Johnny Thunder, Pharaoh Hotep, 3 Skeleton, Dr. Lightning, Gail Storm, Sam Sinister, Baron von Barron, Harry Cane.

Animals: 5 Dark gray Birds, Black Scorpion, Dark gray Bat, Dark gray Crocodile, Black Snake, Red Snake.

Amazon (1999)

Characters introduced:

Señor Palomar: The main antagonist of the Amazon Jungle theme.

Rudo Villano: Señor Palomar's closest criminal partner.

Gabarro: A sailor who works for both the adventurers and a main villain Señor Palomar.

  • 1271 Jungle Surprise/5905 Hidden Treasure (Virtually the same set)

Minifigs: Gail Storm.

Animals: Black Spider, Red Snake

  • 5901/5902 River Raft

Minifigs: Rudo Villano

Animals: Red Snake

  • 5906 Ruler of the Jungle

Minifigs: Achu

Animals: Black Spider

  • 5925 Pontoon Plane

Minifigs: Harry Cane

  • 5936 Spider's Secret

Minifigs: Skeleton, Gail Storm, Señor Palomar. Animals: 2 Black Spiders, Black Scorpion

  • 5956 Air Zeppelin

Minifigs: Rudo Villano, Dr. Charles Lightening, Johnny Thunder, Harry Cane

Animals: Black Spider

  • 5976 River Expedition

Minifigs: Gabarros, Johnny Thunder, Dr. Charles Lightening, Rudo Villano, Señor Palomar, Skeleton, Achu.

Animals: Red Snake, Black Snake, Black Spider, Black Scorpion, Monkey, Parrot.

  • 5986 Amazon Ancient Ruins

Minifigs: Dr. Charles Lightening, Johnny Thunder, Gail Storm, 2 Skeletons, Señor Palomar, Achu, Rudo Villano, Gabarros.

Animals: Black Snake, Red Snake, 2 Black Spiders, Black Scorpion, Black Bat, Green Crocodile

Dino Island (2000)

Characters introduced:

Alexis Sinister The sister of Sam Sinister who helps him with his latest plot against the trio.

Mike A young friend of Johnny Thunder who helps him out on Dino Island.

  • 1278/5903 Johnny Thunder & Baby T-Rex

Minifigs: Johnny Thunder.

Animals: Green Baby T-Rex.

  • 1280/5904 Microcopter

Minifigs: Dr. Kilroy

  • 5911 Johnny Thunder's Plane

Minifigs: Johnny Thunder

  • 5912 Mike's Swamp Boat

Minifigs: Mike

Animals: Brown Pteranodon

  • 5913 Dr. Lightning's Car

Minifigs: Dr. Kilroy

  • 5914 Sam Sanister and Baby T-Rex

Minifigs: Lord Sam Sinister

Animals: Green Baby T-Rex

  • 5920 Island Racer

Minifigs: Lord Sam Sinister

  • 5921 Research Glider

Minifigs: Mike

Animals: Tan Pteranodon

  • 5934 Track Master / Dino Explorer

Minifigs: Johnny Thunder, Dr. Kilroy

Animnals: Red Pteranodon

  • 5935 Island Hopper

Minifigs: Pippin Read

Animals: Brown Pteranodon

  • 5955 All Terrain Trapper

Minifigs: Mr. Cunningham, Lord Sam Sinister, Alexis Sinister.

Animals: Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Green Baby T-Rex

  • 5975 T-Rex Transport

Minifigs: Mike, Johnny Thunder, Dr. Kilroy, Alexis Sinister, Lord Sam Sinister.

Animals: Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Green Baby T-Rex.

  • 5987 Dino Research Compound

Minifigs: Mike, Dr. Kilroy, Johnny Thunder, Pippin Read, Lord Sam Sinister, Mr. Cunningham.

Animals: Light gray Spider, Green Baby T-Rex, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Red Pteranodon, Stegosaurus, Black Scorpion, Black Spider,

  • 1279 Adventurers' Airplane

Minifigs: Mr. Cunningham

  • 1281 Adventurers' Ultralight

Minifigs: Mike


Orient Expedition (2003)

Babloo: Babloo is trying to find the sunstone and save his village from the evil Maharaja Lallu.

Maharajah Lallu: The maharajah is a ruthless tyrant who plans on using the sunstone to take over Babloo's village.

Sangye Dorje: Sangye Dorje is a sherpa with a lot of experience in the mountains.

Ngan Pa: Ngan Pa is a greedy and ruthless yeti hunter. He is happy to help Lord Sinister for a share of the treasure hidden in the mountains.

Jing Lee: Jing Lee is a freedom fighter who helps Johnny Thunder find the Golden Dragon.

Emperor Chang Wu: Chang Wu is a cruel and oppresive Chinese mandarin. He seized control of the city of Xi'an and rules it with an iron fist and a large force of bodyguards. He is known as "the false emperor" by those over whom he rules, such as Jing Lee. He is another of Lord Sinister's partners in crime.


Characters introduced:

  • 7410 Jungle River

Minifigs: Johnny Thunder.

Animals: Red Snake, Green Crocodile

  • 7411 Tygurah's Roar

Minifigs: Dr. Kilroy, Tygurah

  • 7414 Elephant Caravan

Minifigs: Babloo, Pippin, Lord Sam Sinister.

Animals: Dark gray Elephant.

  • 7418 Scorpion Palace

Minifigs: Johnny Thunder, Maharaja Lallu, Lord Sam Sinister, Dr. Kilroy, Guard.

Animals: Light gray Elephant.

  • 7422 Red Eagle

Minifigs: Johnny Thunder.

Mount Everest

  • 7409 Secret of the Tomb

Minifigs: Lord Sam Sinister, Skeleton.

  • 7412 Yeti's Hideout

Minifigs: Pippin Read, Yeti.

  • 7415 Aero Nomad

Minifigs: Johnny Thunder, Dr. Kilroy.

  • 7417 Temple of Mount Everest

Minifigs: Johnny Thunder, Lord Sam Sinister, Sanje, Ngan Pa.

  • 7423 Mountain Sleigh

Minifigs: Dr. Kilroy


  • 7413 Passage of Jun-Chi

Minifigs: Johnny Thunder, Jun-Chi

  • 7420 Thunder Blazer

Minifigs: Johnny Thunder.

  • 7416 Emperor's Ship

Minifigus: Lord Sam Sinister, 2 Emperor Guards.

  • 7419 Dragon Fortress

Minifigs: Johnny Thunder, Pippin Read, Dr. Kilroy, Dragon Fortress Guardian, Lord Sam Sinister, Emperor Chang Wu, Jing Lee, 2 Emperor Guards.

Animals: Dragon Oriental

  • 7424 Black Cruiser

Minifigs: Lord Sam Sinister.


  • The Lego Adventurers, Johnny Thunder, Dr. Kilroy, Miss Pippin Reed, and Lord Sam Sinister (under name Mr. Hates) can be seen on the game, Lego Island 2: Brickster's Revenge.
  • Johnny Thunder, Gail Storm, Slyboots (under the name Sam Sinister), and Sam Sinister (under name Baron von Barron) appear on Lego Racers in courses for the Egypt, Jungle, and Dino Island subthemes.
  • There is a world on Lego Racers 2 called Dino Island, which reflects the Adventurers theme.
  • Johnny Thunder make an appearance in Lego Universe as a Non playable character
  • Multiple characters from the series can be found on various teams in LEGO Soccer Mania
  • There is a land at Legoland Windsor called "Kingdom of the Pharaohs" and a ride based on the series. 'Laser Raiders' follows the story of Sam Sinister who has captured Miss Pippin Reed and plundered the temple of its riches; in 'Scorpion Tracker' the participants zap Sam and his skeleton crew with laser blasters to stop his 'evil plan'.

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