No. 415 Squadron RCAF

No. 415 Squadron RCAF
415 Maritime Patrol Squadron
Aircraft Operated CP-140 Aurora
Home Station CFB Greenwood
Motto "Ad Metam" ("To the mark")
Date Founded 1941
Badge Argent a swordfish proper variant
Notable Battle Honours Atlantic 1942, English Channel and North Sea 1942-44, France and Germany 1944-45, Biscay Ports 1944, Ruhr 1944-45, German Ports 1944-45, Normandy 1944, Rhine, Biscay 1942-43

No. 415 Squadron RCAF was an aircraft squadron of the Royal Canadian Air Force that first saw service during the Second World War. After unification of Canada's armed forces in 1968, the squadron continued to provide service within the Canadian Forces.


No. 415 was created at Thorney Island on 21 August 1941 as a torpedo-bomber squadron, armed with Hampdens. It flew from a number of different bases, hitting enemy convoys and shipyards. In October 1943, it rearmed with Wellingtons and Albacores; operating out of Bircham Newton, it became a successful E- and R-boat hunter unit. During the D-Day operations, it used its bombers to lay protective smoke screens for the Allied ships as they assaulted the coastline and landed troops ashore.

In July 1944, the squadron was transferred to RAF Bomber Command's No. 6 Group (RCAF) and transitioned to East Moor. There, it rearmed with Halifax IIIs and began major bombing of German targets on July 28/29, when it attacked Hamburg. For 9 months afterward, it made bombing runs over important enemy targets in a variety of places, until 25 April 1945, when it made its last mission: an attack on the gun batteries on the island of Wangerooge. The squadron disbanded in May, 1945.

The squadron was re-formed at RCAF Station Summerside in 1961 as a Maritime Air Command patrol squadron and flew Argus aircraft. No 415 continued in this role after unification of the Canadian Forces in 1968. In 1981 the Argus was replaced with the CP-140 Aurora and was transferred to CFB Greenwood when CFB Summerside was deactivated. In 2005 the squadron was stood down and consolidated with 405 Squadron.


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