Anglican Church in Japan

Anglican Church in Japan
Nippon Sei Ko Kai
Primate Most Reverend Nathaniel Makoto Uematsu, Bishop of Hokkaido
Headquarters 65 Yaraicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0805, Japan
Territory Japan
Members 57,003[1]
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The Nippon Sei Ko Kai (Japanese: 日本聖公会, Nippon Seikōkai, "Japanese Holy Catholic Church"), abbreviated as NSKK, or the Anglican Church in Japan, is the religious body in the Province of Japan (日本管区, Nippon Kanku) of the Anglican Communion.



In 1859 two missionaries of the Episcopal Church in the United States of America came to Japan, followed by missionaries from the Church of England and the Anglican Church of Canada. The former Episcopal Bishop of China and Japan, Channing Moore Williams, united these various Anglican missionary efforts in 1878 into the one national church, Nippon Seikokai, whose name he chose. The Synod was created in 1887, with the first Japanese bishops consecrated in 1923.

The Most Rev'd Nathaniel Makoto Uematsu is the current Primate of the Nippon Sei Ko Kai and the Bishop of the Diocese of Hokkaidō.

Notable figures

  • John McKim, Bishop of North Tokyo
  • Yonetaro Matsui, Bishop of Tokyo
  • Yasutaro Naide, Bishop of Osaka
  • Sidney Catlin Partridge, first Bishop of Kyoto
  • Paul Shinji Sasaki, Bishop of Mid-Japan
  • Hiromichi Kato, Bishop of Tohoku
  • Norman Spencer Binsted, Missionary Bishop of North Tohoku
  • Philip Kemball Fyson, Bishop of Hokkaido
  • Kenneth Abbott Viall, Assistant Bishop of Tokyo


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