Nihon no Matsuri

Nihon no Matsuri
Nihon No Matsuri
Status Active
Genre Multi-genre
Venue Japan Genki Community, Telkom Insitute of Tecnology
Location Bandung, West Java
Country Indonesia
First held 2007
Organizer Nihon no Matsuri Event Organizer
Filing status Non-Profit
Attendance Around 2000, in 2010

Nihon no Matsuri (日本の祭り Nihon no Matsuri?)(Japanese Festival) is a Japanese cultural festival which held in Bandung,[1] West Java, Indonesia. This is a big Japanese event organized by Telkom Institute of Technology’s[2] Student Activity Unit of Japanese Culture, Japan Genki Community. Nihon no Matsuri is held every year since 2007. It contains different activity in every year, but the main activity is Band Audition (Band Blast Kyosho), Cosplay Contest, Culture and Self-Defense Show, Charity, and Japanese Language traning for high school students. In the four year journey, Nihon no Matsuri has become one of the most awaited event[3] for all japan-lover in Bandung. In addition Nihon no Matsuri 2 was declared as one of the five big event which attended by most visitors at Cihampelas Walk Bandung.


Daftar Acara

Events of Nihon no Matsuri
Event year Themes Place The Winner of Band Blast Kyosho The winner of Cosplay Cabaret
Nihon no Matsuri I 2007 Festival Pop-Culture Cihampelas Walk Bandung,West Java - -
Nihon no Matsuri II 2008 Let's Feel the Greatest Japanese Event Cihampelas Walk Bandung,West Java - -
Nihon no Matsuri III 2009 Let Evolution Begin with Culture and Technology Cihampelas Walk Bandung,West Java Red Paradise V for Valkyrie
Nihon no Matsuri IV 2010 Minna no Densetsu (みんな の 伝説 Minna no Densetsu?)
Legend of Everyone
Cihampelas Walk Bandung,West Java - -
Nihon no Matsuri V 2011 To be Announced To be Announced - -



Bon Odori that closes the series of events Nihon no matsuri III

Many kinds of Japanese culture become the main event of this festival. Japanese dance and music entertain the visitors from the event started until it finished. Some Japanese dances, such as Bon Odori, suppose to be a major attraction for visitors. The music performance with Japanese traditional music instrument, Shamisen, also become one of the content of Nihon no Matsuri. Several demonstrations or performances of Japanese martial, Aikido, was shown to visitors at the beginning of the event. Starting from the fifth volume, Nihon no Matsuri has planned to held Japanese-theme Competition. The competitions are Japanese Speech Contest, Shuji or Japanese calligraphy Contest, Manga Contest and many more.

Band Performance

One of the band singing Japanese song and wearing traditional Japanese clothing Kimono

One of the main content in Nihon no Matsuri is band performances from various Japanese cover bands in Bandung. The bands that appear in Nihon no Matsuri comes from three categories:

-Bands who pass the Band Competition (Band Blast Kyosho). -Bands who volunteered as talent for Nihon no Matsuri -The guest star who chosen by Nihon no Matsuri’s EO

Band Blast Kyosho is a band competition which band is covering Japanese song (or their own Japanese song). This Competition are judged by judges who have the capability in their field. The fields are talent, music and entertainment. There are some aspect of judgement, examples the sound, interaction skills, preparation, properties, costumes and many more. The best three or five bands will perform at the peak of Nihon no Matsuri. The band that wins will get a trophy and cash prize.

The selection for talent’s band is no less difficult. The band who wants to be the talent must send their band profile include the song and video of them. The EO will select the best band so the talent who appears in Nihon no Matsuri is very worthy and qualified. Usually, The guest star is a band that popular among the Japanese lovers. Before the event started, the EO will ask for opinions and suggestions from the public about who is worthy to be a guest star in Nihon no Matsuri. If that band has many vote then it will be invited to Nihon no Matsuri.

Cosplay Contest

One participant of Cosplay Cabaret featuring characters from the Video GameValkyria Chronicles
Cosplayer that having fun in the end of show



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