Nigerian presidential election, 1983

Nigerian presidential election, 1983
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Presidential elections were held in Nigeria on 6 August 1983. The result was a victory for incumbent Shehu Shagari, who won 47.5% of the vote.[1] His National Party of Nigeria had won the parliamentary elections held later in August.[2]


Candidate Party Votes %
Shehu Shagari National Party of Nigeria 12,081,471 47.5
Obafemi Awolowo Unity Party of Nigeria 7,907,209 31.2
Nnamdi Azikiwe Nigerian People's Party 3,557,113 14.0
Aminu Kano People's Redemption Party 968,974 3.8
Waziri Ibrahim Greater Nigerian People's Party 643,806 2.5
Tunji Braithwaite Nigeria Advance Party 271,524 1.0
Total 25,430,097 100


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