The Nick Adams Stories (book)

The Nick Adams Stories (book)
First edition (publ. Scribners)

The Nick Adams Stories is a volume of short stories written by Ernest Hemingway (July 21, 1899 – July 2, 1961). Hemingway's short stories which featured the character Nick Adams were compiled in one volume and republished posthumously in 1972. The Nick Adams Stories includes 24 stories and sketches, 8 of which were previously unpublished. Some of Hemingway's earliest work such as "Indian Camp" is represented, as well as some of his best known stories such as "Big Two-Hearted River".[1]

The volume is divided into sections:

The first section, called Northern Woods, includes the following stories:

  • "Three Shots"
  • "Indian Camp"
  • "The Doctor and the Doctor's Wife"
  • "Ten Indians"
  • "The Indians Moved Away"

The second section, called On His Own, includes these stories:

The third section, titled 'War, has

The fifth section, 'Soldier Home, consists of

The final section, Company of Two, ends the volume with

  • "Wedding Day"
  • "On Writing"
  • "An Alpine Idyll"
  • "Cross-Country Snow"
  • "Fathers and Sons"

Published after he died in 1961, like his other posthumous work, The Nick Adams Stories may have been reworked and edited in a manner he never intended.[2] One reviewer for The New York Times had this to say about one of the stories:

Alone, "Three Shots" stands as a vignette of a boy's fear, accorded sympathy by his father and impatience by his uncle. As part of the stark and spare "Indian Camp," however, it was clearly excess baggage and, knowing that it was cut out, one can only read it with admiration for the nascent and ruthlessly true artistic impulse that caused its excision.[1]

Contrary to the above are those who welcome publication of the new Nick Adams material which fills in chronological gaps of the autobiographical character's experience, and thus shows much of Hemingway's own life that remained unpublished.[3]



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