Nicholas Alamain

Nicholas Alamain
Nicholas Alamain
Days of our Lives
Portrayed by Erik von Detten
Victor Webster
Jackson Davis
(2011; voice)
Cody Longo
First appearance 1992
Nickname(s) Nikki
(childhood nickname)
Aliases Nicholas James Alamain
(full name)
Gender Male

Nicholas James Alamain is a fictional character on the daytime soap opera Days of our Lives. He has been portrayed by Erik von Detten (1992-1993), Victor Webster (1999-2000), Jackson Davis (voice over: April 8, 2011), and Cody Longo (2011).

Brief Character history

1992 - 1999

Nicholas "Nikki" Alamain was brought to Salem by his adopted mother Vivian Alamain. Nikki soon meet his cousin Lawrence Alamain, who he had previously known nothing about. Nikki became quick friends with Shawn-Douglas Brady. In late 1992, Nikki saw Vivian fighting with Lisanne Gardner. Nikki pushed and Lisanne fell and struck her head on a stone cat. Lisanne died, but Nikki never knew he killed Lisanne. Nikki wasn't prosecuted because he had not meant to kill her.

In early 1993, Nikki learned that Lawrence and Carly Manning were his parents. Nikki loved having Lawrence as his father but didn't want anything to do with Carly but did come around. Nikki decided that he would rather have his parents together and he set out to break up Bo and Carly. In 1993 Nikki believed that his mother had died, but he was overjoyed when she returned to him. Nikki, Carly, and Lawrence all left Salem near the end of 1993.

In July 1999 Nikki returned to Salem to be with his Aunt Vivian who was pretending that she was dying to get revenge on Stefano DiMera. Nikki helped her while helping himself to Kate Roberts. He fell in love with Kate, but despite becoming his lover, she wasn't ready to make a commitment to him. He left town again after she turned him down for the last time.

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