Saskatchewan general election, 2011

Saskatchewan general election, 2011
Saskatchewan general election, 2011
2007 ←
November 7, 2011 (2011-11-07)
→ 28th

58 seats in the 27th Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan
30 seats needed for a majority
Opinion polls
  First party Second party
  Brad Wall - Saskatchewan Party leader.jpg Dwain Lingenfelter - NDP leader.jpg
Leader Brad Wall Dwain Lingenfelter
Party SK Party New Democrat
Leader since 2004 2009
Leader's seat Swift Current Regina Douglas Park (lost re-election)
Last election 38 20
Seats won 49 9
Seat change + 11 - 11


Premier before election

Brad Wall
SK Party

Elected Premier

Brad Wall
SK Party

The 27th Saskatchewan general election was held on November 7, 2011, to elect 58 members of the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan (MLAs).[1] The election was called on October 10 by the Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan, on the advice of Premier Brad Wall.[2] Wall's Saskatchewan Party government was re-elected with an increased majority.

This was the first Saskatchewan provincial vote to use a fixed election date, set on the first Monday of November every four years.[3]



On election night, the incumbent Saskatchewan Party won 84% of the seats in the provincial legislature on the strength of 64% of the popular vote. Opposition leader Dwain Lingenfelter was unseated as the New Democrats fell to only 9 ridings. The Saskatchewan Party maintained their dominance of rural regions, in addition to making substantial inroads in the formerly NDP-dominated urban areas of Regina and Saskatoon. The Green Party failed to win any seats – though they ran a full slate of 58 candidates and took third place in the overall popular vote, ahead of the Liberal Party. The Progressive Conservatives made a small gain in popular vote for the second straight election.

Party Seats Second Third Fourth Fifth
     Saskatchewan Party 49 9 0 0 0
     New Democratic Party 9 49 0 0 0
     Green 0 0 52 6 0
     Liberal Party 0 0 3 6 0
     Progressive Conservative 0 0 3 2 0
Western Independence 0 0 0 1 1
Summary of the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan election results
Party Party leader Candidates Seats Popular vote
2007 Dissol. 2011 Change # % Change
     Saskatchewan Brad Wall 58 38 38 49 +11 254,997 64.21 +13.29
     New Democratic Dwain Lingenfelter 58 20 20 9 -11 127,064 31.99 -5.25
     Green Victor Lau 58 0 0 0 - 11,461 2.89 +0.88
     Liberal Ryan Bater 9 0 0 0 - 2,200 0.55 -8.85
     Progressive Conservative Rick Swenson 5 0 0 0 - 1,298 0.33 +0.15
Western Independence Dana Arnason 2 0 0 0 - 63 0.02 -0.11
     Independent 1 0 0 0 - 44 0.01
Total 191 58 58 58 397,127 100.00  

Results by region

The Saskatchewan Party maintained their sweep of the southern and central rural ridings. The Saskatchewan Party succeeded in unseating New Democrats in a number of smaller cities – including Moose Jaw, The Battlefords, and Prince Albert. The Saskatchewan Party won the majority of votes and seats in Saskatoon, which has traditionally been more friendly to right-of-centre parties and candidates. However – and perhaps most surprisingly – the Saskatchewan Party was able to drastically reduce the New Democrats' hold on Regina, in part due to picking up local support from the largely absent Liberal Party.

The New Democratic Party maintained their hold on the two northernmost ridings in Saskatchewan, in addition to three seats in the provincial capital and four constituencies in Saskatoon. NDP Leader Dwain Lingenfelter lost his bid for re-election in Regina Douglas Park.

Party Name Northern Prince Albert Central Southern Moose Jaw Saskatoon Regina Total
     Saskatchewan Party Seats: 11 2 6 12 2 8 8 49
     Popular Vote:
     NDP Seats: 2 0 0 0 0 4 3 9
     Popular Vote:
     Green Popular Vote:
     Liberal Popular Vote: xx xx xx xx
     Progressive Conservative Popular Vote: xx xx xx
Western Independence Popular Vote: xx xx xx xx
     Independents Popular Vote: xx xx xx xx xx xx
Total seats: 13 2 6 12 2 12 11 58







Incumbents not contesting their seats

Retiring incumbents

Saskatchewan Party
New Democrats

Lost nomination election

Saskatchewan Party

Opinion polls

Polling Firm Date of Polling Link Saskatchewan Party New Democratic Liberal Green
Forum Research 02011-11-05November 5, 2011 HTML 62 34 1 3
Praxis 02011-11-04November 4, 2011 HTML 66.7 26.4 * 5.2
Forum Research 02011-10-27October 27, 2011 HTML 66 30 1 3
Insightrix 0Error: invalid timeOctober 25–26, 2011 HTML 60.0 33.3 2.8 3.0
Praxis 0Error: invalid timeAugust 29 – September 2, 2011 HTML 63.4 26.1 5.9 3.0
Insightrix 0Error: invalid timeJuly 6–8, 2011 HTML 58.2 30.8 4.2 5.0
Sigma Analytics 02010-11-06November 6, 2010 HTML 57.3 29.4 8.2 4.8
Insightrix 02010-04-15April 15, 2010 PDF 58.3 28.7 * *
Insightrix 02009-11-01November 2009 PDF 66.6 23.0 * *
Environics 02009-06-01June 2009 HTML 62 35 2 *
Environics 02009-04-01April 2009 HTML 61 30 8 *
Environics 02008-12-01December 2008 HTML 65 27 8 *
Environics 02008-10-01October 2008 HTML 50 37 11 *
Environics 02008-06-01June 2008 HTML 46 41 10 *
Environics 02008-03-01March 2008 HTML 46 41 10 *
Environics 02007-12-01December 2007 HTML 50 33 15 *
Election 2007 02007-11-07November 7, 2007 HTML 50.9 37.2 9.4 2.0

Riding-by-riding results

People in bold represent cabinet ministers and the speaker. Party leaders are italicized. The symbols ** indicates MLAs who did not run again.

All results are preliminary until approved by Elections Saskatchewan.

Northwest Saskatchewan

Electoral District Candidates Incumbent
SK Party New Democratic Green Liberal
Athabasca   Bobby Woods
Buckley Belanger
George Durocher
  Buckley Belanger
Cut Knife-Turtleford   Larry Doke
Bernadette Gopher
Vinessa Currie-Foster
  Michael Chisholm**
Lloydminster   Tim McMillan
Wayne Byers
Meggan Hougham
  Tim McMillan
Meadow Lake   Jeremy Harrison
Helen Ben
Mary Susan Merasty
  Jeremy Harrison
Rosthern-Shellbrook   Scott Moe
Clay DeBray
Margaret-Rose Uvery
  Denis Allchurch**
The Battlefords   Herb Cox
Len Taylor
Owen Swiderski
Ryan Bater
  Len Taylor

Northeast Saskatchewan

Electoral District Candidates Incumbent
SK Party New Democratic Green
Batoche   Delbert Kirsch
Janice Bernier
Amber Jones
  Delbert Kirsch
Canora-Pelly   Ken Krawetz
Rob Carlson
Jaime Fairley
  Ken Krawetz
Carrot River Valley   Fred Bradshaw
Arnold Schellenberg
Spence Bourassa
  Fred Bradshaw
Cumberland   Joe Hordyski
Doyle Vermette
Samuel Hardlotte
  Doyle Vermette
Kelvington-Wadena   June Draude
Graham Reid
Elaine Hughes
  June Draude
Melfort   Kevin Phillips
Ivan Yackel
Melvin Pylypchuk
  Rod Gantefoer**
Prince Albert Carlton   Darryl Hickie
Ted Zurakowski
George Morin
  Darryl Hickie
Prince Albert Northcote   Victoria Jurgens
Darcy Furber
Raymond Bandet
  Darcy Furber
Saskatchewan Rivers   Nadine Wilson
Jeanette Wicinski-Dunn
Paul-Emile L'Heureux
  Nadine Wilson

West Central Saskatchewan

Electoral District Candidates Incumbent
SK Party New Democratic Green Other
Arm River-Watrous   Greg Brkich
Eric Skonberg
Orest Shasko
  Greg Brkich
Biggar   Randy Weekes
Glenn Wright
Darryl Amey
Dana Arnason (WIP)

James Yachyshen (PC)

  Randy Weekes
Humboldt   Donna Harpauer
Gord Bedient
Lynn Oliphant
  Donna Harpauer
Kindersley   Bill Boyd
Peter Walker
Norbert Kratchmer
  Bill Boyd
Martensville   Nancy Heppner
Catlin Hogan
Chad Wm. Crozier
  Nancy Heppner
Rosetown-Elrose   Jim Reiter
Tom Howe
Dianne Rhodes
  Jim Reiter

Southwest Saskatchewan

Electoral District Candidates Incumbent
SK Party New Democratic Green PC
Cypress Hills   Wayne Elhard
Alex Mortensen
William Caton
  Wayne Elhard
Moose Jaw North   Warren Michelson
Derek Hassen
Corinne Johnson
Rick Swenson
  Warren Michelson
Moose Jaw Wakamow   Greg Lawrence
Deb Higgins
Deanna Robilliard
Tom Steen
  Deb Higgins
Swift Current   Brad Wall
Aaron Ens
Amanda Huxted
  Brad Wall
Thunder Creek   Lyle Stewart
Ryan McDonald
Jill Forrester
  Lyle Stewart
Wood River   Yogi Huyghebaert
Randy Gaudry
Amelia Swiderski
  Yogi Huyghebaert

Southeast Saskatchewan

Electoral District Candidates Incumbent
SK Party New Democratic Green Other
Cannington   Dan D'Autremont
Todd Gervais
Daniel Johnson
Chris Brown (PC)
  Dan D'Autremont
Estevan   Doreen Eagles
Blair Schoenfeld
Sigfredo Gonzalez
  Doreen Eagles
Indian Head-
  Don McMorris
Richard J. Klyne
Shelby Hersberger
  Don McMorris
Last Mountain-Touchwood   Glen Hart
Don Jeworski
Greg Chatterson
Frank J. Serfas (WIP)
  Glen Hart
Melville-Saltcoats   Bob Bjornerud
Leonard Dales
Jordan Fieseler
  Bob Bjornerud
Moosomin   Don Toth
Carol Morin
Laura Forrester
  Don Toth
Weyburn-Big Muddy   Dustin Duncan
Ken Kessler
Gene Ives
  Dustin Duncan
Yorkton   Greg Ottenbreit
Chad Blenkin
Kathryn McDonald
  Greg Ottenbreit


Electoral District Candidates Incumbent
SK Party New Democratic Green Liberal
Saskatoon Centre   David Cooper
David Forbes
Daeran Gall
  David Forbes
Saskatoon Eastview   Corey Tochor
Judy Junor
Shawn Setyo
  Judy Junor
Saskatoon Fairview   Jennifer Campeau
Andy Iwanchuk
Jan Norris
  Andy Iwanchuk
Saskatoon Greystone   Rob Norris
Peter Prebble
Tammy McDonald
Simone Clayton
  Rob Norris
Massey Place
  Fawad (Ali) Muzaffar
Cam Broten
Diane West
  Cam Broten
Saskatoon Meewasin   Roger Parent
Frank Quennell
Tobi-Dawne Smith
Nathan Jeffries
  Frank Quennell
Saskatoon Northwest   Gordon Wyant
Nicole White
Luke Bonsan
Eric Steiner
  Gordon Wyant
Saskatoon Nutana   Zoria Broughton
Cathy Sproule
Mark Bigland-Pritchard
Cole Hogan
  Pat Atkinson**
Saskatoon Riversdale   Fred Ozirney
Danielle Chartier
Vicki Strelioff
  Danielle Chartier
Silver Springs
  Ken Cheveldayoff
Cindy Lee Sherban
D'Arcy Hande
Rod Stoesz
  Ken Cheveldayoff
Saskatoon Southeast   Don Morgan
Zubair Sheikh
Sarah Risk
Brenda McKnight
  Don Morgan
Saskatoon Sutherland   Paul Merriman
Naveed Anwar
Larry Waldinger
Kaleb Jeffries
  Joceline Schriemer**


Electoral District Candidates Incumbent
SK Party New Democratic Green Other
Coronation Park
  Mark Docherty
Jaime Garcia
Helmi Scott
  Kim Trew**
Regina Dewdney   Gene Makowsky
Kevin Yates
Darcy Robilliard
Robin Schneider (Lib.)
  Kevin Yates
Douglas Park
  Russ Marchuk
Dwain Lingenfelter
Victor Lau
  Dwain Lingenfelter
Regina Elphinstone-Centre   Bill Stevenson
Warren McCall
Ingrid Alesich
  Warren McCall
Regina Lakeview   Bob Hawkins
John Nilson
Mike Wright
  John Nilson
Regina Northeast   Kevin Doherty
Dwayne Yasinowski
Nathan Sgrazzutti
  Ron Harper**
Regina Qu'Appelle Valley   Laura Ross
Steve Ryan
Billy Patterson
Hafeez Chaudhuri (Ind.)
  Laura Ross
Regina Rosemont   Tony Fiacco
Trent Wotherspoon
Allan Kirk
  Trent Wotherspoon
Regina South   Bill Hutchinson
Yens Pedersen
David Orban
  Bill Hutchinson
Regina Walsh Acres   Warren Steinley
Sandra Morin
Bart Soroka
  Sandra Morin
Regina Wascana Plains   Christine Tell
Pat Maze
Bill Clary
Roy Gaebel (PC)
  Christine Tell

Marginal seats

The following is a list of ridings which had narrowly been lost by the indicated party in the 2007 election. The symbol " * " indicates the incumbent MLA is not running again.

Saskatchewan Party New Democratic
  1. Saskatoon Eastview (NDP) 3.12% (won)
  2. Saskatoon Meewasin (NDP) 3.47% (won)
  3. The Battlefords (NDP) 4.1% (won)
  4. Regina Dewdney (NDP) 5.87% (won)
  1. Moose Jaw North (SK Party) 0.38% (held)
  2. Meadow Lake (SK Party) 0.5% (held)
  3. Prince Albert Carlton (SK Party) 0.78% (held)
  4. Regina Qu'Appelle Valley (SK Party) 1.99% (held)
  5. Regina South (SK Party) 2.6% (held)
  6. Saskatoon Greystone (SK Party) 3.17% (held)
  7. Saskatoon Sutherland (SK Party) 3.2% * (held)
  1. Saskatoon Meewasin (NDP) 5.21% (won by SK Party)

Political parties

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