Newfoundland Herald

Newfoundland Herald

The Newfoundland Herald is a weekly magazine available throughout Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, published in St. John's. Owned by Stirling Communications International, a company run by Geoff Stirling, the Herald is part news magazine, part entertainment magazine, and includes television listings for the province. It is generally distributed in convenience stores, supermarkets, and through door-to-door delivery.

Founded as The Sunday Herald on May 12, 1946, the Herald was originally a tabloid newspaper with, in Stirling's words, "a little something for everyone".[1] After Stirling's CJON-TV came on the air, the publication's focus gradually shifted towards celebrity and entertainment features, eventually switching to a magazine format, and becoming Newfoundland's primary source of TV listings. (TV Guide was never widely available in the province.) Since the early 2000s, current events-related items and cover stories have been more common, as the publication seeks to reduce its dependence on the TV listings aspects given the growing influence of electronic program guides. Presently, new issues of the Herald are generally released on Monday and dated the following Sunday, with listings running Sunday to Saturday.

The Herald frequently cross-promotes with sister media outlets NTV and OZ FM; NTV programs are featured frequently (sometimes, in the case of NTV's newscasts, multiple times a year) on the Herald's front cover, whereas competing channels' shows are seldom featured.


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