New Zealand's Next Top Model, Cycle 1

New Zealand's Next Top Model, Cycle 1
New Zealand's Next Top Model
Promotional photograph of the cast of Cycle 1 of New Zealand's Next Top Model
Format Reality television
Created by Tyra Banks
Presented by Sara Tetro
Judges Sara Tetro
Colin Mathura-Jeffree
Chris Sisarich
Theme music composer The Fanatics
Opening theme Models, The Fanatics
Ending theme Models, The Fanatics
Country of origin  New Zealand
No. of episodes 13
Running time

60 minutes (44 without

Original channel TV3 (2009)
Original run 13 March 2009 – 5 June 2009
Followed by Cycle 2
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New Zealand's Next Top Model, Cycle 1 is the original season of New Zealand's Next Top Model which is a reality TV show based on America's Next Top Model. Thirteen young women compete for the title and a chance to start their career in the modeling industry. The prize for this cycle was a contract with 62 Model Management, a 1 year contract with CoverGirl cosmetics, a 8 page editorial in CLEO Magazine, an all expenses paid trip to Sydney to meet with Ursula Hufnagl of Chic Model Management and a trip to New York to meet with NEXT Model Management. The catchphrase for this season is "Our Turn To Turn Heads".

The international destinations for this cycle were Sydney, Australia, where the final seven judging panel was held, and then Los Angeles, United States for one episode with six contestants.

The winner was 16-year-old Christobelle Grierson-Ryrie from Auckland, New Zealand.

New Zealand's Next Top Model, Cycle 1 has aired on TV3 in New Zealand and FOX8 in Australia.


Episode Summaries

Episode 1: (Casting)

Original Airdate: 13 March 2009

The 33 semi-finalists were told to pack their bags and go to Queenstown, New Zealand via home video. Immediately, they meet model and judge Colin Mathura Jeffree, who introduces them to Angela Dunn, New Zealand’s first supermodel. The girls strut on a impromptu runway. Some girls impress and some failed to deliver. The semi finalists meet the judges and it was revealed that Sarah, had left her daughter at home and recently overcame a morphine addcition; Laura, who won a chilli eating competition; Ajoh, who refuged from Africa and revealed how hard her life has been; Olivia and Lucy, two sisters who are competing for the top prize against each other, the hyper-competitive Hosanna; Frankie, who has a blonde 'fro and a killer walk and Rhiannon, who at 16 already looks like a supermodel.

Tensions rise between Teryl-Leigh and Hosanna because of Hosanna's over competitiveness and not making time to make friends; which leaves Hosanna emotional.

The next day, all 33 girls head to the lake for a photo shoot in swimsuits. All girls impressed especially Sarah who arrived late because she was sick. Later 33 girls are cut down to 20 remaining finalists. 20 girls get cut down to 13 finalists who will move into the top model house in Auckland.

  • Featured Photographer: Monty Adams
  • Special Guest: Angela Dunn

Episode 2: The Girls Fly High

Original Airdate: 20 March 2009

The girls arrive in Auckland and go to their clifftop mansion only to find the door is locked. The magic password was "Sara". The girls were surprised to find a strippers pole in the main bedroom. The girls then do their first ever challenge at a wind tunnel with Colin. The girls have to pose in 60 km wind. Olivia, Ajoh, Ruby and Christobelle did well but Sarah impressed Colin the most with her unique poses. The girls then did another challenge, putting together a model look at a Max Store in five minutes. The winner will get an exclusive Max Merino Ad Campaign shown all over New Zealand. Teryl-Leigh comes out as the winner with her classic, professional yet high fashion look. She selects Ajoh and Sarah to share her prize.

The girls went to their first photo shoot, which is an homage to a New Zealand aviation great, Jean Batten. The girls had to embody a 1930's aviatrix on a plane. Christobelle, Teryl-Leigh, Laura, Ruby and Ajoh impressed while Rhiannon, Hosanna and Tiffany struggled.

At judging, the prizes include an 8-page editorial spread in Cleo, a CoverGirl cosmetics contract, and New Zealand representation with Sara’s own agency, 62 Models. The prize also includes a trip to Sydney and New York to meet with top agencies there. The judges love Teryl-Leigh's photo because of her strength and confidence and Christobelle is praised for her variety of poses. Tiffany struggled as the photographer said "it looked like she was working a strippers pole..." Teryl-Leigh gets the first call out; Hosanna and Tiffany end up in the bottom two. Hosanna's dedication is coming across as desperation and Tiffany's attitude is just too much. Hosanna is given a second chance and Tiffany was the first girl eliminated.

  • First Call-Out: Teryl-Leigh Bourke
  • Bottom Two: Hosanna Horsfall and Tiffany Butler
  • Eliminated: Tiffany Butler
  • Featured Photographer: Jackie Meiring
  • Special Guest: Stacy Gregg (Editor-at-Large of New Zealand's Fashion Quarterly magazine)

Episode 3: The Girls Take The Streets

Original Airdate: 27 March 2009

The remaining 12 girls survive their first elimintion, with Lucy realising that this is a competition and there will only be one winner. Rebecca Rose moans about her poor performance. Sarah and Rebecca-Rose blame the photographer for her bad photo. Teryl-Leigh reveals sarcastically, that she would have been sad if Hosanna was sent home. The girls then arrive at a hip hop studio and gets a lesson from hip hop dance group, Urban Beat. All the girls feel uncomfortable and awkward especially Sarah who leaves and refuses to participate. Laura impressed Colin for her effort and participation.

The girls' partake in a rooftop-hip hop inspired runway show in front of Colin and guest judge Angela Dunn. Christobelle, Teryl-Leigh and Sarah were praised for their performance and following the brief of the challenge, which was to strike three hip hop poses at the end of the runway, while the rest got carried away and danced on the runway. Unfortunately owning the attitude meant missing the brief and Teryl-Leigh's subtle poses took home the prize. Back at the house, a misunderstanding occurred between Teryl-Leigh and Ajoh about race and the shower-time Teryl-Leigh has.

The girls go to SnowPlanet for their photoshoot to test their stamina and ability to translate their personality into a photograph. Laura, Rhiannon, Rebecca-Rose, Christobelle and Hosanna impressed the photographer while Ruby's attitude at the photoshoot was questioned. Olivia struggled while Sarah refused to do the photoshoot because of a headache.

At panel, Hosanna impresses; Ruby gets reamed for her attitude; the judges are split about Laura; Lucy could have been better; Victoria’s nerves held her back but her photo scored; Rhiannon’s legs take her from cheesy to hot; Olivia bores; Ajoh’s photo is called a disaster and the judges loved Christobelle's editorial photo. The judges deliberate, and in the end, Sarah and Olivia end up in the bottom two but Sarah’s unreliability sends her home, despite her limitless potential.

  • First Call-Out: Christobelle Grierson-Ryrie
  • Bottom Two: Olivia Murphy and Sarah Yearbury
  • Eliminated: Sarah Yearbury
  • Featured Photographer: Craig Owen
  • Special Guests: Angela Dunn and Urban Beat Dancers

Episode 4: The Girls Get Transformed

Original Airdate: 3 April 2009

The girls receive their makeovers at a Newmarket Salon. Christobelle complains that her platinum blonde weave looks grey, Lucy cries over her hair being dyed brown, something she's not used to, and Ajoh and Laura have a hard time getting used to their new short pixie cuts.

The challenge takes the girls to Kelly Tarlton's Underwater World where they have to showcase Australian fashion designer Kirrily Johnson's latest designs. Teryl-Leigh tells the designer she doesn't know what she's wearing, offending her and Laura describes her outfit as comfortable, making Colin laugh at her unprofessionalism.

At the photoshoot, the girls are turned into underwater creatures and pose in a beauty shot. Chris is impressed with most of the girls who embrace their new looks well but is disappointed with Olivia, Teryl-Leigh and Rhiannon.

During judging, the judges praise Rebecca-Rose's picture and are also impressed by Christobelle, Ajoh, Laura, Lucy and Rhiannon, even though her film was bad. In the end, Olivia and Teryl-Leigh end up in the bottom two, but Teryl-Leigh is spared and Olivia is sent home for her weak photos and inability to showcase her beauty on set.

  • First Call-Out: Rebecca-Rose Harvey
  • Bottom Two: Olivia Murphy and Teryl-Leigh Bourke
  • Eliminated: Olivia Murphy
  • Featured Photographer: Hannah Richards
  • Special Guests: Kirrily Johnston and Paul Serville

Episode 5: The Girls Pose In Haute Couture

Original Airdate: 10 April 2009

The show opens with the girls recalling the elimination. Lucy’s struck by the fact she’s truly in this competition alone now and Teryl-Leigh realizes she can’t keep coasting and needs to step it up if she wants to stay in the competition.

Sara stops by the house for a visit and a game of “most potential/least potential”. Christobelle and Ajoh turn out to be early favorites, as lots of girls pick them to be in the top two. Teryl-Leigh turns out to be everyone’s favorite to go, which really surprises her.

The challenge this week was the requisite five-minute make-up challenge, which is always good for a bit of fun. The judges get a kick out of some of the girls' make-up, and declare Ruby the winner, despite her being so tired and not really into the challenge on the way over. Her prize is a make-up that’s not in stores and a one-on-one session with a professional make-up artist.

The shoot is the girls’ first high fashion shoot. It’s on a beach in West New Zealand and they have to battle the wind and sand as well as bring it in a difficult garment.

On the shoot, Ruby is okay; Ajoh impresses, but gets the one-look criticism again; Victoria tried too hard; Rhiannon was stiff; the photographer really struggled with Lucy; Christobelle was the photographer’s favorite; Teryl-Leigh didn’t bring enough in her eyes; Laura was effortlessly graceful; Hosanna surprised and Rebecca Rose did well. Overall, the photographer was surprised and pleased with everyone.

At panel, the judges are impressed with Christobelle, Hosanna, and Ajoh; are mixed about Ruby, Teryl-Leigh, Victoria, and Rebecca Rose; and are disappointed with Lucy, Rhiannon, and Laura. In the end, Ajoh’s improvement put her on top and Victoria and Rhiannon are on the bottom. The judges send Rhiannon home, as she just isn’t ready to be a top model yet.

  • First Call-Out: Ajoh Chol
  • Bottom Two: Rhiannon Lawrence and Victoria Williams
  • Eliminated: Rhiannon Lawrence
  • Featured Photographer: Karen Inderbitzen-Waller
  • Special Guests: Stefan Knight and Chris Kennedy-Grant

Episode 6: The Girls Are Diamonds In The Rough

Original Airdate: 17 April 2009

The remaining girls are tested on their poise and grace when they are asked to pose on gymnastic items. Most of the girls don't do very well except for Christobelle, Victoria and Laura who excel with their creativity and grace. Ajoh refused to do the lesson because she claimed that in her culture its not okay for girls to open up their legs wide apart. At the end of the challenge, the winner is revealed to be Laura.

For this week's photoshoot, the girls are asked to do a commercial photo for Michael Hill Jeweller in a car and wearing a Michael Hill watch. Most of the girls do okay while Laura excels. Christobelle, Rebecca-Rose and Ajoh are singled out for performing poorly at the photoshoot and receive negative feedback from Chris and the photographer.

At the judging panel, the judges praise Laura's shot and says Lucy's shot looks like a mannequin. In the end, Rebecca Rose and Ajoh land in the bottom two, which shocks Sara as they were both front-runners in the competition. Rebecca Rose-for not being a commercial girl and Ajoh for not performing at the challenge. However, Rebecca Rose is spared and Ajoh is sent home, despite producing a stunning photograph.

  • First Call-Out: Laura Scaife
  • Bottom Two: Ajoh Chol and Rebecca-Rose Harvey
  • Eliminated: Ajoh Chol
  • Featured Photographer: Jackie Meiring
  • Special Guest: Ngahuia Williams, Makaia Carr and Pieter Stewart

Episode 7: Cycle One Rewind (Recap)

Original Airdate: 24 April 2009

A recap on the first cycle of the show, looking over the journey's each of the 8 contestants remaining have been through to make it this far into the competition including never before seen confessions, secrets and arguments that happened in the first 6 weeks of the competition.

Episode 8: The Girls Get Dirty

Original Airdate: 1 May 2009

The girls took part in a music video for the New Zealand band Autozamm. Dancing and acting was required of them. They first wore 1960's style dresses, then circus costumes. Rebecca Rose was told to wear a leopard costume and Teryl-Leigh, a gorilla costume. Victoria was the leading lady who got to kiss one of the musicians at the end of the video.

The girls also practiced their VJ skills on the set of C4 with Jermaine Leef of the show Select. Ruby won the competition and her prize was to be a VJ on Monday with Jermaine.

The photoshoot was with boys from the Cleo Bachelor of the Year competition.

At panel, Christobelle, Ruby, and Laura are praised for their photos while Laura and Hosanna's clips get praised. However, the rest of the girls (Rebecca Rose, Lucy, Teryl-Leigh, and Victoria) get highly criticised for their photos and clips in the music video. Rebecca Rose and Lucy end up in the bottom two, Rebecca Rose for not living up to her high fashion potential and Lucy for her almost too commercial appeal, and Lucy is ultimately saved and Rebecca Rose, one of the former front runners, is sent home.

  • First Call-Out: Laura Scaife
  • Bottom Two: Rebecca Rose Harvey and Lucy Murphy
  • Eliminated: Rebecca Rose Harvey
  • Featured Photographer: Russ Flatt
  • Special Guests: Ed Davis, AutoZaam, Shelley Ferguson, Jaquie Brown and Jermaine Leef

Episode 9: The Girls Go Down Under

Original Airdate: 8 May 2009

Each girl was paired with a student designer, whose task it was to create an outfit out of secondhand clothes that, altogether, came to less than $40. The girls then modelled their outfit down a catwalk. Christobelle's was avant garde. Teryl-Leigh was not impressed with hers. There were two winners of the challenge for this week: Ruby and Christobelle. They were treated to a spa.

For their photoshoot, this week the girls were asked to portray an emotion. The emotion was to replace the often-seen cigarette that featured in photos and in film in the circa 1950s era.

The girls went overseas - to Sydney, Australia - for their elimination. Here they were told that Australia was merely a pit-stop; the remaining girls would travel on to Los Angeles. Lucy and Hosanna were in the bottom two. The wink which Hosanna gave at the end of her catwalk did not go down well with Sara and she was called out for being too fake. Lucy's photo was given negative feedback and the judges wondered if her photos were on plateau. Lucy was eliminated in the end.

Contestant Emotion
Christobelle Anger
Hosanna Fear
Laura Grief
Lucy Despair
Ruby Joy
Teryl Leigh Surprise
Victoria Lust
  • First Call-Out: Ruby Higgins
  • Bottom Two: Lucy Murphy and Hosanna Horsfall
  • Eliminated: Lucy Murphy
  • Featured Photographer: Craig Owen
  • Special Guests: Abby, Scott, Celine [1], April, Jeremy, Ivana, Priyanka and Morgan McGlone

Episode 10: The Girls Hit The Runway To L.A

Original Airdate: 15 May 2009

The 6 remaining girls arrive in L.A and go sight seeing; they then go to the L.A Division of NEXT Model Management to meet with manager, Alexis Borges. He gives the girls advice - Hosanna is too short for the agency hence they would not accept her; Victoria is considered ordinary; Teryl-Leigh and Ruby need to lose weight if they want a high fashion career; Christobelle is wearing too much makeup and Laura is to work on her posture. At breakfast the next morning, Teryl-Leigh makes a healthy choice and eats wedges instead of chips.

The girls then arrive at Los Angeles Fashion District. They have US$75 and thirty minutes to buy an entire outfit. Laura, Hosanna and Ruby showed an effortless outfit as a professional model. Teryl-Leigh is criticized for picking an unflattering outfit. Christobelle and Victoria were late and disqualified. Teryl-Leigh, Christobelle and Victoria have to spend time in a fish tank at their hotel for 3 hours, while making it look like fashion. The challenge this week was a CoverGirl commercial advertising TruBlend Makeup Collection. Ruby and Christobelle really embodied a true and believable CoverGirl; Teryl-Leigh was once again told that she was uninspiring and depressing; Victoria impressed the Cover Girl client; Hosanna was criticized for being crazy and frighteningly scary and Laura for being monotone and lifeless despite looking like a cover girl. Christobelle won the challenge and picked Ruby and Teryl-Leigh to share her prize to go on more sight seeing at night in L.A.

The photoshoot is an alluring, mysterious high fashion shoot under the Santa Monica Pier. The girls are surprised and overwhelmed that their photographer is Nigel Barker. Nigel makes the girls nervous but he inspired the girls to impress and do well. Christobelle, Laura and Victoria are praised for their performance; Teryl-Leigh was battered for being sad and uninspiring; Ruby didn't deliver up to a high standard and Nigel said that Hosanna was crazy and righteous.

At panel, Hosanna breaks down because her craziness and over-exaggerated poses dampened both the photoshoot and the commercial, although she did still have a great photo. Victoria produces an amazing photo and Nigel commented that she has a face that can work on an international level. Laura and Christobelle impress the judges and especially Nigel Barker. Teryl-Leigh's photo was depressing and sad and Ruby just had a mediocre photo that didn't do her body justice. Christobelle was called first and Teryl-Leigh and Hosanna land in the bottom two and Teryl-Leigh is eliminated much to the girls' surprise. As Teryl-Leigh leaves the elimination room, Hosanna is smirking and happy that Teryl-Leigh got eliminated before her.

  • First Call-Out: Christobelle Grierson-Ryrie
  • Bottom Two: Teryl Leigh Bourke and Hosanna Horsfall
  • Eliminated: Teryl Leigh Bourke
  • Commercial Director: Michael Mihail
  • Featured Photographer: Nigel Barker
  • Special Guests: Chris Kennedy-Grant and Alexis Borges

Episode 11: The Girls Go See The City

Original Airdate: 22 May 2009

The 5 girls return from Los Angeles and tension rises as the girls are surprised and puzzled at Hosanna making it this far. The girls then meet with Colin and New Zealand Model, Nikki Phillips at Vodafone, where they find out they are doing go sees. The girls meet with New Zealand's top designers such as Huffer, Trelise Cooper and Zambesi. Christobelle falls at her first go see with Trelise Cooper and is criticized once again for wearing too much makeup. Victoria is criticized for looking too commercial, Ruby failed to impress at the go sees and it was thought that she didn't look like a model. Laura excels in her go sees and Hosanna seems to be to short but impresses with her energetic personality. Laura, Christobelle, Hosanna and Ruby made it back in time but Victoria turns up an hour late and is disqualified. Hosanna wins the challenge and Laura is shocked because she thought she was going to win.

The girls' photoshoot was inspired by 80's Glamour Elite Socialites on Michael Hill's very impressive yacht. Chris Sisarich finally photographs the final 5. Christobelle, Ruby and Hosanna really captured the idea and impressed while Laura fails and Victoria over-thought her poses which disappointed Chris.

Back at the top model house, the girls felt the pressure of the competition and Christobelle, Laura, Victoria and Ruby are realizing that Hosanna is competition and that she might be the under dog of the competition. The girls threw Victoria into the pool head first which started a playful fight. Hosanna then joined the others in the hot tub and the mood changed dramatically.

At panel, Hosanna and Christobelle are praised for their photographs while Laura is said to have had a bad week. Hosanna gets first call out; Ruby and Victoria lands in the bottom two, Victoria because she didn't embody the personality for the photoshoot and not getting booked for any go sees. And Ruby, because the judges felt that she was cruising through the competition and then disappointed at go sees. Ultimately, Victoria is sent home because of her inconsistency.

  • First Call-Out: Hosanna Horsfall
  • Bottom Two: Victoria Williams and Ruby Higgins
  • Eliminated: Victoria Williams
  • Featured Photographer: Chris Sisarich
  • Special Guests: Nikki Phillips, Trelise Cooper, Anna Fitzpatrick, Murray Bevan, Marissa Findlay, Dan Buckley, Yvonne Benetti, Steve Dunstan and Atip

Episode 12: The Girls Get Ready To Rumble

Original Airdate: 29 May 2009

The girls are blown away by Victoria’s grace and class and Hosanna uses this opportunity to trash everyone else in her confessional.

The girls get a chance to meet Wendell, a former gossip columnist. She interviews them and asks tough questions - like about Laura’s DUI, Hosanna’s sports star past, Christobelle’s attitude and Ruby’s weight- then gives them feedback as to how they could have dealt with that better. All the girls bore her but she capitalizes on Laura’s DUI and Ruby’s story about nearly killing Victoria to make great tabloid better.

After that, the girls think they are getting a special treat at a spa. But there’s a surprise twist because after the pampering, the girls learn they need to become spokesmodels for one of the products that was just used on them. Hosanna and Laura just ramble on throughout the commercial. Ruby is okay, but her delivery is flat. Christobelle was her usual sparkly self and she is declared the winner. As her prize, she receives a year’s supply of Nivea products and an advertorial in Women’s Day.

This week’s photo shoot was boxing themed and the girls took turns in the ring. At panel, the photos are all praised. Chris says that Laura self destructing, same with their criticisms for Ruby, who's weight is seen as a problem. In the end, Laura’s stunning photo puts her called first. Hosanna is second and the bottom two are Christobelle - for her weak photo - and Ruby - for her weight. In the end, Christobelle’s stronger overall performance keeps her in the competition.

  • First Call-Out: Laura Scaife
  • Bottom Two: Christobelle Grierson-Ryrie and Ruby Higgins
  • Eliminated: Ruby Higgins
  • Featured Photographer: Craig Owen
  • Special Guests: Wendell Nissen, Merilyn Havler, Atip and Monty Betham

Episode 13: The Girl Who Becomes New Zealand's Next Top Model

Original Airdate: 5 June 2009

The final three do three different photoshoots each for Cleo Magazine. The winner's shots will appear in a 8-page editorial in Cleo Magazine after the show ends. Chris and Colin are both impressed with all the girls and how much they've grown since the start of the competition.

At the first judging, the girls are asked to tell the judges who they think should win and who should go, all the girls said they should win, both Laura and Christobelle singled out Hosanna as the one that should leave and Hosanna told the judges that Laura should be sent home. In the end, it is Hosanna who is sent home and Christobelle and Laura are the final two.

  • First Call-Out: Christobelle Grierson-Ryrie
  • Bottom Two: Laura Scaife and Hosanna Horsfall
  • Eliminated: Hosanna Horsfall
  • Featured Photographer: Monty Adams

The final two do a runway show in front of some of the best of the industry and are surprised to see some of the eliminated contestants who will walk the runway with them. During the runway, Laura does a small slip but recovers well and is complimented by the judges on this.

The judges look over both girls portfolio's and overall improvement before the girls come back into the judging room and Christobelle is announced as New Zealand's Next Top Model.

  • Special Guests: Shelley Ferguson, Trelise Cooper
  • Featured Models in Fashion Show: Sarah Yearbury, Ajoh Chol, Rebecca Rose Harvey, Lucy Murphy, Teryl Leigh Bourke, Ruby Higgins and Hosanna Horsfall
  • Designer: Mix of NZ/International Designers
  • Final Two: Christobelle Grierson-Ryrie and Laura Scaife
  • New Zealand's Next Top Model: Christobelle Grierson-Ryrie


(ages stated are at time of contest)

Name Age Hometown Rank
Tiffany Butler 17 Rotorua 13th
Sarah Yearbury 19 Christchurch 12th
Olivia Murphy 19 Dunedin 11th
Rhiannon Lawrence 16 Blenheim 10th
Ajoh Chol 22 Auckland (Originally from Sudan) 9th
Rebecca-Rose Harvey 19 Auckland 8th
Lucy Murphy 22 Dunedin 7th
Teryl-Leigh Bourke 23 Auckland 6th
Victoria Williams 21 Blenheim 5th
Ruby Higgins 17 Hastings 4th
Hosanna Horsfall 19 Gisborne 3rd
Laura Scaife 20 Wellington Runner-Up
Christobelle Grierson-Ryrie 16 Auckland Winner

Call-out order

Sara's call-out order
Order Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 8 9 10 11 12 13
1 Tiffany Teryl-Leigh Christobelle Rebecca-Rose Ajoh Laura Laura Ruby Christobelle Hosanna Laura Christobelle Christobelle
2 Victoria Ruby Hosanna Christobelle Ruby Victoria Ruby Victoria Laura Christobelle Hosanna Laura Laura
3 Christobelle Laura Teryl-Leigh Ajoh Christobelle Lucy Christobelle Laura Victoria Laura Christobelle Hosanna
4 Ajoh Lucy Lucy Rhiannon Hosanna Teryl-Leigh Hosanna Christobelle Ruby Ruby Ruby
5 Rebecca-Rose Rhiannon Victoria Ruby Rebecca-Rose Ruby Victoria Teryl-Leigh Hosanna Victoria
6 Sarah Sarah Laura Victoria Teryl-Leigh Hosanna Teryl-Leigh Hosanna Teryl-Leigh
7 Rhiannon Christobelle Rebecca-Rose Hosanna Laura Christobelle Lucy Lucy
8 Teryl-Leigh Ajoh Rhiannon Laura Lucy Rebecca-Rose Rebecca-Rose
9 Ruby Victoria Ruby Lucy Victoria Ajoh
10 Olivia Olivia Ajoh Teryl-Leigh Rhiannon
11 Laura Rebecca-Rose Olivia Olivia
12 Lucy Hosanna Sarah
13 Hosanna Tiffany
     The contestant won the reward challenge
     The contestant was eliminated
     The contestant did not participate in the photoshoot and was eliminated.
     The contestant won the competition
  • In episode 1, the pool of 20 girls was reduced to 13 who moved on to the main competition. However, this first call-out does not reflect their performance that first week.
  • Episode 7 is a recap episode
  • In Episode 9, both Ruby and Christobelle were picked as winners of the challenge.
  • In Episode 11 Victoria was disqualified from the challenge for being late

Photoshoot Guide

  • Episode 1 Photoshoot (Casting): Swimsuit in/by Lake
  • Episode 2 Photoshoot: Jean Batten inspired Aviatrixes
  • Episode 3 Photoshoot: Snow Editorial
  • Episode 4 Photoshoot: Fantasy Beauty Shots
  • Episode 5 Photoshoot: Haute Couture on Beach
  • Episode 6 Photoshoot: Michael Hill Wristwatches in Car
  • Episode 8 Music Video and Photoshoot: AutoZamm Music Video / Sensual Pin Up Girls with Cleo magazine Bachelors
  • Episode 9 Photoshoot: 30's Glamour Inspired Portraying Emotions
  • Episode 10 Commercial & Photoshoot: CoverGirl TruBlend Foundation / Alluring High Fashion under Piers at Santa Monica Beach
  • Episode 11 Photoshoot: 80's Inspired Elite Girls on a Yacht (Inspired by Calvin Klein S/S 09 Ad Campaigns)
  • Episode 12 Commercial & Photoshoot: Nivea Visage Beauty / Boxing Shoot
  • Episode 13 Photoshoot & Runway Show: Cleo magazine Editorial / New Zealand Fashion Designer Collaboration


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