New Generations of the People's Party of Spain

New Generations of the People's Party of Spain
New Generations of the People’s Party
Nuevas Generaciones del Partido Popular
Chairperson Beatriz Jurado
Secretary General Ángel González
Founded 1978
Headquarters Génova, 13. 5ª planta. 28004 Madrid
Mother party SpainPeople’s Party
International affiliation International Young Democrat Union (IYDU)
European affiliation Youth of the European People's Party (YEPP), Democrat Youth Community of Europe(DEMYC), European Democrat Students (EDS)
Spanish affiliation Consejo de la Juventud de España

New Generations of the People’s Party (Spanish: Nuevas Generaciones, NNGG) is the youth organization of the Spanish Partido Popular. It operates in all Spanish territories and also has structures in other countries such Belgium, Argentina, and Uruguay.[citation needed] They share the same ideological platform of the PP: Centre-right and liberalism, according to their own organization, centro reformista.[1]

Their main objective is to involve young people in politics through supporting the policies, principles and values of the party by developing the 48th article of the Spanish Constitution.[2]

It has around 65,000 members throughout Spain, approximately 65% of young people involved in political organizations.[3].


New Generations was created as New Generations of the Alianza Popular in 1978, supported by the former Alianza Popular, Secretaries, Jorge Verstrynge and Loyola de Palacio. Its first assembly took place on 17 and 18 April that year and Loyola was elected as the first Chairwoman. Later, in September 2006 during the 12th National Congress in Toledo, she was named Honorary Founder President.

On 13 July 1997 Miguel Ángel Blanco Garrido, a member of New Generations and town councillor of Ermua (Vizcaya), was assassinated by ETA.[4]

Demonstration in front of the Court during the trial of those accused of killing Miguel Ángel Blanco

List of chairpersons

  • Loyola de Palacio
  • Alejandro Martín Carrero
  • Antonio Martín Beaumont
  • Gonzalo Robles Orozco
  • Rafael Hernando Fraile
  • Tomás Burgos Gallego
  • Pedro Calvo Poch
  • Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla
  • Carmen Fúnez de Gregorio
  • Nacho Uriarte
  • Beatriz Jurado


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