Marathon (disambiguation)

Marathon (disambiguation)

A marathon is a distance race of 42.195 km (26 miles 385 yards) and , by extension, in general speech a lengthy, arduous or time-consuming undertaking.

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  • Until 1990, the name in the United Kingdom and Ireland for a Snickers bar
  • Marathon (candy) (unrelated to the candy above), a candy bar that was available in the US from 1973-1982



  • Marathon Motor Works, producers of the Marathon automobile
  • Marathon Oil Corporation
  • Marathon Petroleum Company, subsidiary of the above, formed by the former Marathon Ashland Petroleum, LLC
  • Checker Marathon, an automobile produced by the Checker Motors Company between 1961 and 1982; the best known use was as a taxicab
  • Automobiles Marathon, a French manufacturer of Panhard powered light sports cars in the 1950s



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