Ndong Awing

Ndong Awing

Ndong Awing is

Geographical location

Awing is located about 21 km (13miles) south of the town of Bamenda. Between longitude 10o10’E – 10o22’E of GMT and latitude 5o49’N – 6o00’N of the Equator is located the Fondom of Awing. To the North West of Awing is what used to be the Bafut - Ngemba Native Authority Forest Reserve (today called Government Forest Reserve), Lake Awing (a crater lake and shrine), and Mt. Lefo (which is the 4th highest mountain in the country - 2,550m (8,366.1 ft) and Akum. In the North, Awing shares boundaries with Mendankwe, Bambili and Babanki Tungoh. To the North East Awing shares boundaries with Balikumbat, to the East with Bamukumbit, to the South East by Bamenyam, to the south by Baligham also called Bali-Bagam and to the West by Njong.


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