German-occupied Europe

German-occupied Europe
German conquests (in black/grey) in Europe, during World War II.

German–occupied Europe or Nazi Empire refers to the countries of Europe which were occupied by the military forces of Nazi Germany at various times between 1938 and 1945.

Some countries started the war as Allies of the United Kingdom or the Soviet Union, and were forced to surrender, or were subdued and then occupied. In some cases, the governments went into exile, or governments-in-exile were formed by some of their citizens, in other Allied countries. Other countries occupied by the Nazis were officially neutral. Some occupied countries were former members of the Axis powers, and were occupied by German forces at a later stage of the war.

Occupied countries

The countries occupied included all or most of:

Country of
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Albania Albanian Kingdom Albania under Germany
Austria Federal State of Austria Anschluss
 Belgium Military Administration in Belgium and North France
 Byelorussian SSR Occupation of Belarus by Nazi Germany
Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia German occupation of Czechoslovakia
 Denmark Occupation of Denmark
 Estonia Occupation of Estonia by Nazi Germany
France France German occupation of France during World War II
 Kingdom of Greece Axis occupation of Greece during World War II
 Guernsey Occupation of the Channel Islands
 Kingdom of Hungary Hungarian State
 Kingdom of Italy Italian Social Republic
 Jersey Occupation of the Channel Islands
 Latvia Occupation of Latvia by Nazi Germany
 Lithuania Occupation of Lithuania by Nazi Germany
 Luxembourg German invasion of Luxembourg in World War II
 Monaco History of Monaco
 Netherlands German occupation of the Netherlands
 Norway Occupation of Norway by Nazi Germany
Poland Poland German military administration in occupied Poland
Polish areas annexed by Nazi Germany
General Government
 San Marino San Marino in World War II
 Slovak Republic Slovak National Uprising
 Ukrainian SSR Reichskommissariat Ukraine
 Kingdom of Yugoslavia Invasion of Yugoslavia

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